Gemstone Spotlight ~ Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite Wand image courtesy Sacred Mists Shoppe |

Astrophyllite Wand image courtesy Sacred Mists Shoppe |

Astrophyllite can assist in the activation of the entire chakra column and assists the body in resonating with a full spectrum of Light Energy.  It can further assist in the acceptance and working with the shadow self and is one of the gemstones on my list of to obtain.  I originally saw this stone when doing gemstone shopping for work and researched it to write the info on it for the SM Shoppe.  I researched in The Book of Stones and online and am absolutely in love with the synchronicity that this stone can bring into life.

Astrophyllite is a complex mineral that forms in bladed crystals,which often appear as starbursts.  The starbursts are most often a coppery bronze but can also be golden yellow with some bluish tones.

This is a fantastic gemstone ally for navigating in the astral realms.  It can help achieve the state of lucidity where one can make choices for purposeful actions.

The famous words of the Oracle at Delphi, “know thyself”, might be the concentrated message of Astrophyllite.  It can reveal the hidden pattern of one’s divine blueprint or purpose in this life, if one is willing to work with it a while, in a meditative state.  If you carry or wear this mineral, pay close attention to the “random” events that happen in your life and see the synchronicities to assist in determining your focus as it is unveiled to you by the Universe.


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