Full Moon Blessings

This full moon unlike many of the ones of the recent past I see many things taking shape within me.

We are working with a Full Moon in Scorpio a sign of intensity and passion.  A wonderful time to reach down into the underworld of our emotions where they are raw and true.  Here you find the hidden meanings of your anger and frustrations as they lie deep within your emotions.

From BeliefNet:

This Full Moon features a “T-square” with a conjunction of Mercury to the Sun, suggesting that the mind is to be fully engaged at this time with reason and that understanding playing a key part in the dance.

A square of Mars to the Sun/Mercury conjunction on the one side, and the Scorpio Moon on the other, completes the T-square with a powerful burst of energy and aggression. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and this tight aspect to the lunation heightens the emotional intensity that is present at that time.

Seems to me like a perfect time to do some Shadow Questing to reach deep within to resolve deep hurt and the anger that hurt has caused.

Today during the day I have my desktop altar set and prepared for doing some Shadow Questing tonight as well as the work that I do throughout the day.  Currently burning is my Deep Blue Sacred Mists Votive which I use as a focal during the day to bring healing and other energies to those in my Coven & Circle as they have requested.

You can see the bottle of Beltane Oil sitting to the left (the red oil) waiting to be used and barely see behind my tray that is used for incense and salt my Beltane Candle, both ready to be used this weekend for my Beltane Ritual.  To the front of my tray and bowls you see two black votives.  These are the candles that I will burn for Shadow Questing tonight.  Sometime ago, I wrote a Shadow Quest Meditation for the Third Degree Course at Sacred Mists to confront and overcome a fear.  I am working on a modification of this Meditation to find the hidden meaning and source of the frustration that I have been feeling as of late.  The frustration must be resolved so that I can continue forward on my journey.

My goal is to recover my personal power and revoke the frustration so that my days once again become smooth and without drama (well minimal drama truly would be fantastic).  I can almost feel an intense and path altering transformation just ahead of me.  I am not sure what it means as I come to a close (soon) of the Third Degree coursework and continue on through my next pathway.  I don’t know what lies ahead for me but I have a deep desire to continue on, to teach, to work in the local community and to attend and facilitate events.

We shall see what happens but it’s big and it’s coming for me.

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One Comment to “Full Moon Blessings”

#1 Posted by Aurora )O( (28.04.10 at 15:05 )

My dear sister, all I can say is that once again you have inspired me to do more, to be more, to reach for things I have not done in some time. Shadow working being one of those things.

I love your altar and can see that you truly have put much thought into your intentions for the day and this beautiful Full Wind Moon tonight.

Thank you for being my beacon of light in the darkness.

I love you my Sister, Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, Always.

Aurora )O(