From the Spring Rains

This weekend saw much rain here.  The rain that falls in the Spring is slightly cool (too cool to be outside playing in) with a gentle breeze behind it allowing it to reach in and around screens, sheds and pots to saturate the ground in it’s entirety.

These rains were gentle and steady with the Sun peeking through to check on the handy work of the Rain only to then wink behind the clouds in approval.

Before running errands on Saturday I was greeted by a lovely snail that was crawling through and out of a puddle on the top of our shed. This precious little one wanted to get out of the strong early day sun and find his way to a cooler place after having had a renewing bath.

Eventually he found his way underneath the shed and continued his journey onward.  It was absolutely awesome to behold this snail’s trek as he slowly made his way leaving a trail behind him.

This was a gentle reminder that in order to experience life and all that it has to offer us we must remember to take time to enjoy the showers and sunshine before returning to our journey.  We absolutely need to take time to enjoy all the wonders that life has to offer us.

It is at the meeting places of Rain and Sun that we are gifted with moments to treasure.  I was in a great deal of pain this weekend thanks to my much abused knees.  I still took time to enjoy the trek of this lovely creature before I rushed off to get things done that were on my list of to-do’s for the day.  As I was reminded to stop and watch to absorb the journey of life which I am currently engaged in, I found the many blessings in my life that I have despite the pain and struggles that may be present in other places of my life.

I have a wonderful job that is richly fulfilling to me spiritually and emotionally.   Each day I am given the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.  To reach them and offer them some peace, some blessings and a reminder that they are *not* alone that there is someone out there that thinks of them and wishes them well.  I have a wonderful husband who supports my choices for career, spirit and life.  He gives me unending amounts of love and joy as I make my own trek through this journey I call Life.

Though this Path offers me much challenge, many bumps and even some ‘drama’, from each bump and challenge I am offered a lesson.  A way for my own growth to peek through and evolve my spirit.

There is never a day that I do not feel thankful for some aspect of my life and my path.  Even when I am being tried and sometimes convicted of something, there is indeed a blessing.  I accept ownership for my growth, my path and my journey.

While I move at my snail’s pace through this path, I receive amazing amounts of support from my environment and from those in it.  Journey on Snail Friend, I shall join you in this and thank you for the reminder.

Posted on 19 April '10 by , under Training.