Every once in a while you have to sit and take stock of what is happening around you.  You must accept ownership of your actions, your reactions and evaluate what is needed going forward.

Lately, I have been in a funk.  This morning (last night I had a really bad headache) I performed my Shadow Quest for the New Moon.  I re-discovered a few things about myself and discovered some new ones.  Some of the hardest lessons I have gone through in the course of my studies have involved my feelings of not being good enough, trying to do too much as a result of that and falling on my face.  Ah yes the dreaded Wonder Woman Syndrome. LOL  Continuing on, I discovered that I still am feeling the repercussions of the days when I turned away from all my natural gifts and talents to be something I was not.  The result of that is that my talents are watered down and I have to really work hard at some things in order to actually see results when I remember them being much easier long ago.

It seems that now is the time for a Soul Retrieval to bring the shards missing and fractured back to the whole.   In addition to this, I seem to have a focus ahead of me that will change the way things are for me in both my spiritual and professional lives.  These changes are not so much a change as they are a metamorphosis and growth process into something of the next stage.

Seems to me that I have a bit of work ahead of me that involves a great deal of spiritual healing.  Guess I will be calling Marisol soon and getting an appointment with her.  I will allow the healing to begin and shall go into the crysallis for it allowing it to envelope me and evolve me.  When I emerge…I am not sure what is going to be there but I am rather excited to begin the process.

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Posted on 29 April '10 by , under full moon, meditation, shadow quest, Spirituality.