Ego vs. Confidence

Something I have noticed recently is the growing trend of enlarged ego’s.  In part I believe this to be a side effect of social media and everything being accessible.

It is easy for me to ‘friend’  this or that famous person and “Interact” with them. Further to that end is that there will always be people who like to drop names and toot their own horns.

While some degree of this is acceptable, to me it seems superfluous and egotistical when all you do is toot your own horn, when all you do is Me, Me look at Me.  Perhaps I am the odd bird out.  I don’t want to confuse self-worth and confidence with the growing look at me culture that seems to be cropping up.

I feel it is vital to a healthy life and magical practice that you have confidence in yourself and your abilities in the spiritual realms; however, when is it too much?

How do you walk the tight rope of confidence vs. ego?

For me personally, I live and practice my path every single day.  I am a real person with real feelings and real goals.  Sure I know some people, sure I have worked with some people but they are not who I am.  Absolutely they taught me wonderful things, absolutely I will always remember the interactions and will thrive on future interactions.  These interactions do impact and shape my path because I allow it and desire it to be so.  These interactions are not the whole of my path.

What are my goals?  Continue training and working at Sacred Mists.  Continue training and interacting in public events.  I live my path as I see it to be and it is always growing.

This is turning into a ramble and before it gets too far lost I had better stop 🙂

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Posted on 18 March '10 by , under Growth, Life, Spirituality, Training.