Dealing with Disappointment

I consider myself a very lucky person.  I have a great job working for Sacred Mists which is an amazing small company to work for.  My boss is my mentor, Lady Raven Moonshadow.   It really is an amazing thing and place to work for.  I am nurtured both spiritually and able to work for a company I belive in and can fully support at the same time.

Nothing is ever perfect but this comes pretty close.  I am able to use my creative talents to bring more to the table as well as my technical skills to improve the way we work and handle issues.

My latest is that not only do I get to work for a wonderful and fulfilling place, I get to create and build products in my off time and sell them to the Shoppe wholesale.  This is an amazing opportunity to allow my skills to reach so many people.  Like anything it’s slow going since I do work full time and this is something I do in my spare time.  I have suffered my first set back in this venture.  The latest shipment has been lost by the Postal Service.  I now am scrambling to  re-craft everything while not compromising quality of the product and get it reshipped by the middle to late part of this week.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement, I am disheartened and heart sick at the same time.  I do hope that the package shows back up at some point  In the mean time I make due with what I can and craft.

Summer is in full swing in South Florida.  The days are oppresively hot and stuffy.  The sun on the courtyard of our townhome is beautiful in the sunlight.  It’s just too hot to be IN the sun for too long.  I had wanted to work on a Drawing Down of the Sun this summer, but I am thinking the timing is off and I will be doing it in the Winter to bring the warmth back with the next turn of the Sun around Yule/Imbolc.

Thoughts and ideas bubble and brew in my head and I walk ever forward in my Path and Life.

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