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Today is the first day that I’ve had time to devote to bringing my daily practices back since the move.  I retrieved my tarot bag which contained my deck, cloth and journal from my laptop bag and began to set back up on my desk.

The set up is a little different than before as it seems with the way I sit now the monitor is pulled forward a little, leaving less space up front for me to keep “stuff”.  This is not a bad thing just a different way for me to do this.  I’ll have to wrap up my cards each day and then put them away instead of leaving them out on the desk. 😉

Today’s card is quite a powerful one to pull, The Tower!  Lightning crashes across the sky and strikes the tower above  the home.  The home is built within a majestic tree with branches that reach out with  a community feel to the landscape.  Embers from the blaze, set by lightning, fall to the community below with some sparking fire to the homes below.  Still the foundation remains strong with no damage.In pulling this card, I must first state I disagree with the meaning the author has given this card.  In this card I see a brilliant or sudden change that shakes the foundation of life yet does not destroy the foundation.  This remains strong in faith, family and friends to support and steady things as they continue their transformation.  Now is a time to pull together to get the work of rebuilding done.  While you can do it alone, the work of community, friends and family will further strengthen the foundation to bring a lasting light and joy to the home/community.

I see a lot of things currently happening around me that this can be a revelation into and I am both excited and fearful for change, as most of us are.  I will stand tall and assist where needed, I will dig in and do the work to rebuild and strengthen the bonds of family.

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2 Comments to “Daily Tarot – The Tower”

#1 Posted by Crystal @ FP (29.08.12 at 22:02 )

I love that you have your own sense of the card’s meaning. I have felt that same pull with my cards when reading…like the meaning intended was different than what the author of the card intended. Honestly, I’m still fairly new at Tarot and wasn’t sure how to handle that. I’m glad to know that it’s ok to “go with instinct” on that now.

#2 Posted by Lilyth (30.08.12 at 12:37 )

I think that intuition plays a big part in reading with Tarot. I’ve been doing it off and on since I was 16 and still don’t have the traditional meanings memorized. This is in part because the deck I use now just is pure intuitive for me. I do look at what the artist and the author intended in the book but it seems that often I disagree with the meanings based on what I see in the cards. Nothing wrong with that. 🙂