Daily Draw 12/10 – 9 of Pentacles

It’s been a couple days since I have had time to sit and write about my daily draws, it was SO busy for me yesterday. Today like all days I took a few minutes to sit down and draw a card for myself.

I lean away from traditional meanings with this deck (Tarot of the Secret Forest) as they do not seem to work quite as well given the intense imagery and I work with an intuitive standpoint.

Today’s card is the 9 of Pentacles.  The imagery on this is intense.  Inside the side of a tree leaning out is a faerie.  he is greeted by a white bird that resembles almost in looks an albino crow or other Corvid.  In the talons of the bird is a message scroll tied wtiha red ribbon.  The background of this card is very organic in a rocky sort of way in the background I can easily see the face of a blind woman and hre hand rests above the faeries head.

In the unspoken conversation between the three entities in this card you get a sense of comfort, familiarity and compassion.

The three communicate wordlessly as words are not necessary when you are in tune with those around you.  You know and not only understand but feel the same.  You are in fact one with those around you, relishing the connection of life.

I am one with the universe and my family (both chosen and birth), may the day be blessed and filled with love and compassion.

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Posted on 10 December '09 by , under Growth, Life, Spirituality, Tarot.