Daily Affirmation – Judgement

judgement-goddess-pamela-wellsI managed to not sleep in this morning, there was no fighting it and no going back to sleep despite the rough night sleep I had. Up at o’dark thirty, saw Keith off to work, read a little bit then fed the animals and did litter, oh and did the dishes too.  Finally decided to make myself breakfast and here I sit with my daily for today along with a few small things to do like finish cutting and putting Color Magick Sizzling Spell Papers together for the Sacred Mists Shoppe this morning and bag up some free gifts.

Today’s card is Judgement and a card that can typically mean many things but almost in every case I get a sense of time for reflection to remove old habits which do not serve you or may even cause you harm.

The affirmation for this card is “I awaken to the timelessness of body, spirit and soul.  All illusions are shattered”, I modified this a little for my own use “I awaken all aspects of myself, illusions are dispelled and a new light enters”.  This will definitely work for me today.

I have a lot on my plate at work right now and it will simply not do to allow old habits to creep in or for the troubles of life to seep into my spirit and darken it.  I reflect on the nature of life, love and spirit allowing for my own growth to come from the light.  When you are so busy, it’s hard to remember to take time for yourself and in some ways this card reminds us that it is necessary to take time for introspection to allow for hurts to heal and to allow for a better tomorrow.

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One Comment to “Daily Affirmation – Judgement”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (06.12.13 at 11:40 )

“All illusions are shattered.”  I love that.  I’ve been throwing Judgement a lot too, both upright and reversed.  LOL, today five of my six cards (including Judgement) are reversed.  But the only upright card makes me understand why: The High Priestess.  Yessss!

Old habits often try to creep back in, but your Judgement card is reminding you that you’ve paid that invoice already and cleared it from your system.  There is no benefit in allowing those old habits to get a finger hold, and I’m sure you will be able to look forward rather than to the past.  Remember, there are only two days in your entire life that you can’t control: yesterday (because it is over and done with and you can’t change it) and tomorrow (because it is not happening yet and you can’t change it).  Today is the day!  Today you can release what no longer serves you, and clear the decks for great things.