Daily Affirmation – 11/27 ~ Chariot

Chariot-EverydayGoddessAffThis morning I started a little differently than normal, mainly because I slept in a bit today.  I worked until nearly 8pm last night so I was quite exhausted (after having started at about 8:30).  There was a stack of things to check in at the warehouse as tall as me nearly (5’2″ for the boxes), so YIKES.  Then there was the shipping.  I got a majority of it done but am heading over early today to get the rest done along with the checkins there and then do some cleanup.  So yah, slept in.  Got dressed and all that then sat down with my Starbucks Frapp. bottle and pulled my card.  Today’s card is the Chariot.

The affirmation gives me some pause this morning as each has done in turn this week.  “I wisely use my personal power and my power of choice to do good work in the world”  I reworded it a little but but not a lot, just so it sticks with me better this morning.  The imagery of this card is quite lovely.  In the background is a crescent moon, positioned near the woman’s head almost crown like while she sits atop a black horse.  Overhead, I originally took the bird to be an owl for wisdom appears to be a type of Raptor for far-seeing and spotting of opportunities.  In the distance is a castle (across the lake).  There is a lot of beauty in this card.

Each day we are given opportunities to do positive things in our lives and in the lives of others through our interactions.  Today is going to be another very long day for me but I will be rising to the challenge with a smile in my heart.  I will greet each person that I encounter with the same and hope the interactions are things that touch the goodness and it spreads throughout the area.  I will be aware of each decision I make today and each step will be balanced with my spirit.

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