Crazy Busy

We are definitely upon the holiday season as things are getting more and more crazy as time ticks away.  At the moment I have bags and boxes with Solstice Gifts in them ready to be wrapped then delivered.  I will not be attending the Christmas Eve celebration with my local adopted family as we have a new addition to the family by way of our new pup, Lilie and she simply needs us present for her training and growth.

I wrote the paragraph above on December 17th.  That is how crazy it’s been for me.  I haven’t had much time to really breathe and sleep.  Now that Solstice is over it’s about the time that I take stock of the year and the holiday rush and the post holiday “clean up”.  This year to me feels especially rough.  I’ve been a lot more alone than I am used to or happy with and while I have my wonderful little family, this year I am missing things like family time with parents and the like.  It was absolutely wonderful on Solstice that Jenn & Leon came over for a bit (it was Keith’s birthday) and then Xandria came for an overnight visit.  It was simply lovely and I was feeling content for all the busy-ness that life has been lately.

I scarcely know where to begin but let’s start with the crazy work schedule of the holidays.  Work, yes all the time. LOL.  Aside from this I’ve been trying to snatch bits of sanity here and there by visiting Dive into Color in Napa for ceramic painting with my friend Pam Littlebird.  Then suddenly life changed on Friday the Thirteenth of December.  That’s when Lilie came home to us.  She’s such a wonderful bundle of energy and love added to our family that it’s just amazing.  Of course having a puppy under three months old also means potty training and denning.  As a family we are all denning in the living room until she has some potty control.  I do not want accidents on our tempurpedic and the living room is closer than the bedroom.  Keith is on one of the couches and I have a mattress on the floor.  We all sleep together in the great and huge living room.  In short time she’s become an amazing part of our little pack and Ariyana just loves her to pieces.

This of course is what led us to not spend the holiday’s with our adopted family here.  I will admit that things are not quite as happy and joyful as I would prefer.  I am stressed and missing my best friend.  She’s very busy right now too and I hope that sometime soon it calms down so we can have some time.  Of course I also miss my bed. *laugh*

With Yule and Christmas both over and New Years rapidly approaching I hope to have some sanity in life and regularly posting again very soon.

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