Choosing Health

This is me, my husband and in-laws in 2008.

This is me, my husband and in-laws in 2008. Click the image to see the “full size”

For a while now I have been working on improving my health and overall wellness.  It’s not an easy thing; however, it is something that I feel is vital for myself on many fronts.  Without a healthy body, the mind and spirit are not healthy is truly one of the foremost reasons   Combine that with I do not wish to vacate this body any earlier than I absolutely have to.  I love my friends and family and wish to spend as much time as possible with them.  That time, is precious and good health is preferable.

When I say for a while, I mean for a LONG time of back and forth.  I have traditionally gotten on and off the wagon repeatedly over the years.  When I worked at Verio, I had access to a top notch gym daily and used it.  I was much healthier for a long time and then sometime, I guess around 2006 or 2007 I started to become quite miserable at work and things went down hill for me health-wise from there.  I stopped caring, I stopped going to the gym.  When I left Verio, I was infinitely happier but no healthier and I continued gaining weight at an alarming rate.  Well it would have been alarming had I given even two bits for myself at the time.

Sometime around 2010 I started caring again a little and started walking a little bit.  My knees are fairly well shot after a fall around 2008 or 2009 so short distances was all I could manage.  In 2011, towards the end of the year, I stopped caring again and the weight started to come back.  Mid 2012 I decided I’d had enough and was done with roller coastering with my weight and health.  I started walking regularly with the dog.  I started riding my bike…then I moved across the country.  If I thought I was serious before, I think I was kidding myself.

I've lost some weight and am starting to have shape again other than blob.

I’ve lost some weight and am starting to have shape again other than blob.

Once we reached California I saw the world through new eyes and was this world different from the one I was used to.  Yes people like me are more accepted but I was really unhealthy.  WE all started walking together on weekends.  First slowly by walking laps at the dog park.  Each lap was a quarter mile.  At first I could only do one lap.  Next we graduated to Hann’s Park which had some lovely elevation.   That was where the challenges really started for me.  I started pushing myself so hard that the next day I’d be lucky if I could walk and there was always knee pain.

We’ve been living in Vallejo for 5 months.  I’ve lost about 2 sizes and can walk much further now.  We still walk every weekend, and we’ve added in working out with the Kinect twice a week now with optional weekends.  The Kinect is only a week and a half old in our house and I can see and feel a difference.   Dance Central is my game of choice.  It’s fun, I look ridiculous  it’s music.  I get a full body workout with some intense cardio.  It’s FUN!

I don’t really know where this journey is going to take me for sure but there is a huge difference in how I look and feel, even only 5 months later.  My confidence has returned, my smile is effortless, I laugh more and I feel the blessings that this life has allowed for me.  I’ve been gifted an amazing chance to turn my health around so that I *can* live longer, so that I *can* do things that are fun with my friends.  I’m not about to even waste this chance with being totally lazy.

I have days where I hurt a lot still but I push through with some advil and keep at it.  I COULD say that I hurt too much to go for a walk.  I COULD say that I hurt to much tonight to play Dance Central when we finish with dinner since my knees are cranky from the cold that rolled through last night.  I will simply tell you, dear friends, what I WILL do.

Tonight I will make chow mien for dinner that will have vegetables in it to balance it.  I will dance with my honey with great laughter and joy.  I will not care that I look foolish.  I will not care that I hurt today.  I will live in the moment with joy in my heart.  I will embarrass myself, I will dance like no one is watching and if someone happens to see me in some bizarre chance…well I just don’t care.

I don’t care that you may think I am fat and look redonkulous.  I don’t care that you have rhythm and I don’t.  Above all, I simply care that I got off the couch and away from the computer to do something.  The rest does not matter.  I got up.  I did something for my health.


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