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Divination Share – Feeling It

IMG_2321There is something to be said about a daily “ritual”.  Every morning after I get the few chores done I do early and am ready to sit down, I follow the same process.  It is reassuring to do something the same everyday and to work with spirit first thing in the day.

Upon sitting down at my workspace, I will light my jar candle with a stick of incense then place the incense over on my altar.  Sitting back down I will pull my Conscious Spirit Oracle card for the day and then two Chrysalis Tarot cards.  Since we recently added two kittens to the household I have had to take down much of my daily altar at my workspace and opted for simplicity in a single jar candle and a quartz point.  The candle sits on my larger altar tile.  Near that will be both decks and my datebook.

With my space for “stuff” reduced it is interesting to see that the overall clutter is lessening as I feel compelled almost to just keep it clear and clean everyday.  This is not a bad thing just a little different for me.

Today I decided that I’d do this extra entry to share my readings.  I started with the Oracle card and the affirmation there is “I speak my truth and encourage others to speak theirs”.  Whenever I get this type of card it is generally the kind of day that inevitably causes some hurt somewhere because in speaking my truth I offend or cause hurt somewhere along the line.  It’s not intentional or even desirable for that to happen but sometimes my truth is not compatible with others.  In seeing this I wanted to pull a pair of Tarot cards to supplement the meaning for today.  I got the Ace of Mirrors and the Acrobat.  The Ace of mirrors again is drawing on feelings and speaks to us of new beginnings somewhere so it reinforces the speaking or feeling of truths.  The Acrobat is there to inspire you to rise above your troubles and “vault into a fresh reality” It seems it is about perspective combined with mobility and play that comes from lessons.

All in all this is not a bad thing today at least not as cringeworthy as I initially thought it would be.  I will be mindful of my words, as I always try to be but also be inspired to continue working and moving forward in my path and life.  I’m feeling it and acknowledging it through words and actions today.

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It’s very elemental – Air

Air Elemental - art by Iriloth This image to me is both evocative and fully representative of what this exercise is like for me.

Air Elemental – art by Iriloth
This image to me is both evocative and fully representative of what this exercise is like for me.

There is something to be said for having an accountability partner in writing.  It is keeping me “honest” with writing everyday and working out subjects together can be quite awesome. 🙂  Do you want to see her writings too?  Be sure to visit her on her Witches Diary.  If you like, we’d love to have you join us! Want a witches diary as well?  Just contact me and I will set it up for you!

For the next several days we are going to be talking about the elements.  I’ve decided to start with air, as I would in calling a circle.

During my studies with Sacred Mists, in the first degree, we did a series of exercises called “Elemental Absorption”.  The goal of these exercises was that through meditation we completely absorb what it is to be “one with an element”.  This does several things, it helps us, as witches, become more balanced within the elements themselves and to find areas of imbalance or “weakness” and work within that particular element to find balance.

Today I focus on Air, I know that this is an element that I am strong in. The wind is my breath, the breeze my heartbeat.  To get the ball rolling I will first share the modified Absorption exercise.  Modified?  Yes, I took the original exercises and modified them slightly to work a little better for me.  This is that modified version.

Absorbing Air:
Close your eyes. See yourself sitting calmly. Nothing exists but you. Feel the weight of the air around you. See how the air moves with each breath you take. Breathe deeply, the air does not become diluted, but appears to be swirling gently around you. It is creating a circle of air around you. Know that you are safe in this circle of air. The Air cannot harm you, but is protecting you. Nothing exists but you and the circle of swirling air which has surrounded you.

Continue breathing deeply, with each breath you are being filled with the Element, you are breathing in the element itself. Slowly the Element begins filling your being. Count each breath in, Keep this count, see this as a bead, how many breaths does it take for Element to fill your being? Remember this number. The characteristics of Element have filled your being. Where does the Element not swirl evenly? Where does it become broken, where does it not exist or swirl too quickly? See these areas and what they correspond to. Mentally and emotionally allow the Element to help repair the damage and the Element will exist evenly and throughout.

Once your Element is swirling evenly and steadily, you are ready to project that element back out of your being.

Continue breathing evenly. With each breath you project a bead of Air. You will project the same number of beads of the element that you breathed in. With each exhalation of the element you remain balanced with this Element. Count again the number of beads, you must exhale exactly the same number of times you inhaled.

Conscious Spirit Oracle Card and Chrysalis Tarot Card for 10/24/2014

Conscious Spirit Oracle Card and Chrysalis Tarot Card for 10/24/2014

The modifications I made to this exercise help me find the exact spots within my body that are, essentially, deficient in the element of air.  This exercise does not take very long generally and it’s one that I try to remember to do at least once a month.  Granted, lately it has been longer in between doing them and I can certainly tell that is the case.  When I did this today I found a great many places that the air did not move freely through my body.  Most prominently was within my “root chakra” area that area that controls safety and security as well as my “sacral chakra” which when imbalanced can lead to feelings of insecurity and helplessness.  Yes, this makes sense to me.  So I spent a few minutes focusing on the air in those areas and freed up some of the movement.  I should do this exercise at least once a week for the time being.

In addition to this exercise I did pull my Conscious Spirit Oracle Card and a card from the Chrysalis Tarot.  Today’s reading is representative entirely of where I am in my life and day and makes sense.  My Oracle Card is “Balance” with affirmation “I understand and embrace the opposing forces in life that bring about balance”  This absolutely makes sense to me as I work to regain balance in my life from being knocked about and over consistently.  My Tarot card is the Ten of Scrolls which depicts a regal tiger surrounded by the scrolls. This is about restriction and finding oneself surrounded by the trials of life.  The strength and will of the tiger will aid in getting through these issues.

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Beginning anew

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve sat down to write.  The thing is, I get started and do really well for a while then I just stop.  The full stop is not due to any one reason I just seem to stop for no reason and don’t pick it up again for a while.  I know writing is good for me and I know that it helps me stay balanced.  Today I begin anew my daily writing.  This time I am bringing a partner with me to help keep me accountable and I will help keep her accountable as well.  Wynter is a cool chic, check out her Witches Diary Wynterwonders.  Part of our accountability is that we write within an hour of getting up.  I am a little bit more than that so that might have to be adjusted for  weekday mornings when I take Keith to the ferry for work.

To work on getting back into the writing habit I thought I’d pull a card from my two go to decks currently, The Conscious Spirit Oracle and The Chrysalis Tarot.  The oracle deck provides me some visually stunning imagery combined with elemental, chakra energies AND an affirmation.  The Chrysalis Tarot is just absolutely stunning and I connected to it much easier than I anticipated from the pictures I was initially hesitant but WOW love the deck.

Chrysalis + Conscious Spirit Reading as I begin writing anew! October 23, 2014

Chrysalis + Conscious Spirit Reading as I begin writing anew! October 23, 2014

My reading today is pretty interesting.  I wanted to do a reading that sets my day up and what kinds of energies I can expect to be key in my day.

My Conscious Spirit card today is Crystal Ascension with affirmation “I am attuned to the universal wisdom and energy of the crystal kingdom.”  Rather awesome for me since I work with crystals, gemstones + minerals everyday.  Often the energies of stones will guide me in the day to keep me even and balanced.  So very nice to see that for my affirmation today.  It will be a spirit filled day for sure!

My Chrysalis Card today is The Lovers.  Visually this card is just vibrant and filled with such amazing depth.  In it you see the lovers gazing into one another’s eyes with such deep feeling.  Behind them appears a tree, possibly the Tree of Life in the way it is depicted with the sun on one side the crescent moon on the other.  In front of the lovers are a pair of white doves for peace and unity, a horned stag, a horse, an owl, a rabbit, a sheep, an orange tabby cat and the wise old magician.  There is a lot going on here with the animals and their energies combining gives me the amazing sense of intuitive unity between spirit and life.  There is some knowledge at hand that will lift my spirit and personal evolution.  It brings with it the desire to bite into the forbidden fruit, furthering knowledge, wisdom and my path.

The day ahead of me promises to be one filled with some bumps as knowledge and wisdom comes at a price; however, I have the energies of the animals to lean upon and help me through it.  Not a bad start to getting the writing going again and I see this lasting long.

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Working with Chrysalis + Conscious Spirit ~ Celtic Owl + Maiden

Chrysalis Tarot + Conscious Spirit Reading for 8/14/14

Chrysalis Tarot + Conscious Spirit Reading for 8/14/14

Continuing on through my days and working on writing more I have a new oracle deck that I am using as an affirmations/daily lesson deck that will go along with my new tarot deck.

This morning I sat down and carved my last Eye of Newt candle (bright orange with sage, sandalwood and peppermint, sad that it’s been discontinued by the chandler) for peace, strength, joy/love and connection to my coven + circle at Sacred Mists, projecting that blessing into that.  You can see a little of the candle in the picture but it’s a 3×6 and just lit so it’ll be a while before the flame is visible in the pictures. Once I lit my candle I looked at my cards for today, unsurprisingly they make sense for me today.

Working with Chrysalis: Celtic Owl – The Hanged Man

What a fascinating card they have made the hanged man into.  Dominating the Card is a beautiful owl with his wings draped across a celtic knot on one side and you can see him gripping it on the other.  Situated upon his brow is another celtic knot that is reminiscent to me of a heart with a spider woman in the center of it.  The hanged man is that of rebirth and to open your mind to new ways of thinking.  The celtic knot is a reminder to see and be mindful of the intricacies of life and it’s interconnected nature.  In the heart knot, I see the spider, the weaver and connector of the webs of life.  In the position and the look of the web this shows me that I must connect the webs of heart and spirit to accomplish my goals and to do so with the patience of Spider awaiting their prey to the web.

There are a great many things that I wish to accomplish so this card shows me that with dedication and the determination of heart I can achieve this.  I must not rely solely on myself to achieve my dreams but allow others to offer their assistance in building my web and dreams.

Working with Conscious Spirit: Forest Frolic – Maiden

This new oracle deck is absolutely stunning in the vibrancy of color and imagery.  A beautiful dryad stands upon a mushroom with her arms stretched. She has taken the form of a winged fairy so that she might play with the butterflies above.  You see joy on her face as a squirrel (!) watches on with a keen bit of interest in her play.  The affirmation here is “I acknowledge my inner child and open my heart to the joy she brings”.  Again I find a card that is very appropriate for the position in my life right now.  Too often we do not stop to relieve ourselves of our burdens and chores to simply play as we did when we were children.  Now is the time for some fun and joy.  It’s a time to return to childhood and enjoy what you did then no matter what it is.  Did you enjoy art, dance, playing in the rain, trees, ocean?  Get out there and do it!  Sing and dance to your hearts content today to relieve your sorrows.

Life, as of late has been filled with things I must do and if we are at all honest with ourselves this is not what we want to do but in order to get things done we must.  Today, I will play.  Today, I will sing.  Today, I will be young!

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Working with Chrysalis ~ Ace of Mirrors

Ace of Mirrors - Chrysalis Tarot

Ace of Mirrors – Chrysalis Tarot

I purchased a new tarot deck recently.  This is the first time I have bought a deck in, well years.  I got the Chrysalis Tarot (, as I was drawn to the vibrant colors and illustrations in this deck.  I had no idea whether I would connect with it or not but, I did from the first pull.  The cards are a little bit bigger than my hands are 100% comfortable with (I have smaller hands I think) but they are just gorgeous.

I continued my daily pull even when I was not posting it but I am trying to post more often. 😉

Today’s pull is the Ace of Mirrors.

Keywords – Feelings

The Ace of Mirrors heralds a new beginning.  The “mirror” suit in this deck is so far very watery and emotional, which brings me to look within for answers and for transformative changes.  In this card there are two candles (one on either side of the mirror).  The mirror is decorated with shells and seahorses and is being held by a beautiful sea nymph.  Surrounding her you see coral, a turtle and several fishes including two that are moving together in a way that Pisces does.

This card speaks to me in that by looking within I can find the answers I seek.  Two candles symbolize (to me) the wonderful relationship and love I have with my husband.  Seahorses, in animal magick,  evoke chivalry + protection as well as nurturing and acting as a bridge between the spirit world and the waking world.  Seeing them on the mirror brings all of this into my reflection.  The turtle signals creative forces and beginning a new creative project.  They are also a teacher of grounding and a reminder that while walking in the spirit world, to remain grounded so that you can return to the waking world.

All in all this card tells me that from within I will be starting some new creative projects in conjunction with spirit and this could mean channeling to some degree.  I must remember that the answers are within and not get lost in spirit through grounding regularly.

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Four of Wands ~ Celebrating

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Four of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Four of Wands

July 8, 2014
Shadowscapes Insight
Four of Wands

In brilliant yellows, blues and pinks this card is a celebration!  Four unicorns serve as the heralds of joy and the essence of this card.  They lead a procession of faerie as they take off from the blooming and flower filled world below.

The four of wands calls for celebration, early successes + achievements have brought in joy and hope.  Now is the time to sound the trumpet of joy.  Harmony + peace are ready for blooming.  Revel in your victory for it is hard won.  Keep the forward motion you have worked hard to attain to keep the joy lit in life.  Let go of the fears and self-imposed limitations upon yourself in order to embrace the fire of joy, peace, harmony, prosperity + life.

This is an interesting time to pull this card to me.  I’ve been struggling for so long against depression that I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel “normal” but I have had a week of feeling pretty good overall and that is amazing to me.  It has been refreshing to not feel as if I am underwater.  My altars are cleared off and clean.  They are being used daily again and I finally feel like I have shed a layer of emotion that was holding me down.  It’s lovely to feel change in such a keen way and on so many levels.

A side note is that there may indeed be celebration coming to me with some time away with my wonderful husband for a night of fun in the city.  I hope that works out, it would be lovely to do and then spend the day just relaxing and doing touristy stuff in San Fran with him.  The trumpet has sounded and I hear the clarion call of change.  Prosperity, joy, peace + harmony for the summer and into fall when I will harvest these things fully!

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Ace of Wands ~ Daily Tarot

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Ace of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Ace of Wands

7/3/2014 Shadowscapes Daily Insight
Ace of Wands

A truly vibrant + beautiful card!  Three foxes of apparent varied age surround a tall wand that has been planted in the earth.  Behind them the sun burns brightly and illuminates the crystal of the wand.  On the ground, surrounding them are fallen leaves and among the leaves and rocks are sylphs + faery.  These beautiful beings are hidden by normal daylight but in this illuminated world they are seen and watch on while enjoying the radiance of creation.  The eldest appearing fox bears the mark of the sacred spiral.

In this card, I see the Triple Goddess calling me out from the shadows of introspection and personal work.  I feel the warmth + vibrancy of life, creativity and manifestation.

This card is a beacon of light, calling forth a challenge to step forward with confidence and self-awareness.  Foxes are beings (guardians) of fire, intellect + wit.  With their sleek + fast bodies they charge forward blazing a trail behind them.   They are calling for creativity, excitement + adventure.  The message is clear, “Let the fire catch + blaze forward with creative and adventuring spirit!”

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The Hermit ~ Insight

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ The Hermit

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ The Hermit

July 2, 2014 Shadowscapes Insight
The Hermit

This is another stunning card that elicits from me many emotions and interpretations.  The hermit is a seeker that has turned his back on the noise of “life” and the city to seek solace within.  The hermit ventures into the darkness, carrying a lantern that will help find the way.

Continuing on this journey, The Hermit shows the value of solitude and introspection.  In working with the self and the shadow personal + spiritual evolution can truly begin.  This inward journey is often filled with pitfalls and painful emotions.  It is in the dark that we realize the lantern we carry, is lit from the light of our spirit and the stars. This illumination from within will never lead me down the “wrong” path and I will always find my way home.

Adding to this is the loon, who are respected and seen sacred, often finding feathers in Native headdresses.  They represent the culminated knowledge of sky, sea and forest and can access ancient wisdom with their haunting cries as they fly over the Earth.

I see many things in this reading today and acknowledge that it is through the darkness that my spirit has learned it’s way to whatever will come my way next in this path and I will be able to access the tools needed to continue my own personal + spiritual evolution.  With this work I freely share the knowledge + inspiration granted to me through the many roles in my life as wife, friend, teacher, student + crafter.  I am on the correct path for me, most definitely!

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Shadowscapes Insight ~ July 1

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Four of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Four of Cups

Shadowscapes Daily Insight
July 1, 2014 ~ Four of Cups

There is something ethereal and dreamy about this card.  An undine rests atop a rocky outcropping with her hand in the water.  She watches the ripples move away, each taking with it a dream making  a willowy reflection.  She is the sea and the sea is her.  Watching on with amused looks are sylphs carrying cups filled with her daydreams…almost in a comical fashion as if mocking her self-absorption.

This card represents introspection and comes with a caution.  If you search within for too long you may “get lost” and find that the vibrancy of life has become gray.  A reminder that while work within and on one’s self is essential, it is also important to live outside the dreams and the work in the shadow or mirror.

An interesting card to choose today as I have been delving more deeply as of late within to help find a way out of the shadows and to be more kind to myself.  Perhaps today I will spend a few moments outside in the sunshine watching the birds as they eat from the various bird feeders in my yard or take a short walk around the block.

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Shadowscapes Insight ~ June 30

Shadowscapes Tarot - The High Priestess by Stephani Pui-Mun Law

Shadowscapes Tarot – The High Priestess by Stephani Pui-Mun Law

Shadowscapes Insight ~ June 30
The High Priestess

The High Priestess opens herself to the sky.  She basks in the radiance of the stars.

The keywords invoked in this card are wisdom, learning, knowledge, intuition, purity + virtue.

The High Priestess holds the seeds to life, light and darkness.  In her hand rests a pomegranate, her hair flares like the sun.  Her scarf reveals her connection to the moon.

She carries the keys to the universe within and is guided by the wisdom of the owl.  She is the embodiment of the Goddess + the balance of life.

This is an amazingly beautiful card filled with so much imagery it would take me hours to sift through all of it.  In the message of this card I see the path laid before me.  I will be mindful of my journey + temper myself with compassion with all my dealings and interactions today.  It is Monday so that is manic enough but combine that with end of month and it is a recipe for a seemingly neverending amount of work to be done.

It is with perfect love + perfect trust I move today.  I will achieve balance and allow my spirit to radiate to all whom I encounter.

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