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New 1st…on it’s final stages

Over the last couple of months I have been actively re-editing and formatting the new First Degree Lessons for Sacred Mists.  I was a part of the original creation and editing so falling into edit mode with this was absolutely fabulous.

It has been amazing to sit down and re-read these new lessons which were written by Sacred Mists for Sacred Mists.  Some of the writers have gone on to other things; however, the lessons and legacy they leave behind is absolutely beautiful.

My goal is to have this completely ready for release within the next 4 weeks to new students and anyone who wishes to switch over from the old lessons.  I’ve submitted a roll-out plan proposal to see if my ideas for the roll out are feasible and in line with what Lady Raven wants for this.  Adjustments made and everythign put into place. 🙂

For now I am off to work on the new syllabus for the lessons which, I cannot say enough about.  They are much more in depth, they include practical exercises and so much information!  XOXO

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A time of Zoom!

I started this post on Monday morning intending it to be a weekend of zoom where the weekend quickly vanished with barely touching me.

Today is Friday.  Where on earth have the last 5 days gone?  Gosh it seems like just yesterday the week was starting out and I was getting things rolling for another full and busy week.  Well I got the full and busy part right for sure.

I’ve begun working with Lady Raven on assisting with the review and feedback/grading of third degree homework.  This is all a part of my current batch of lesson work and come my time in California, I shall be initiated as a Third Degree Priestess of Sacred Mists and from there we can discuss where my next steps will be taken and what all my path shall entail going forward.  I foresee much meditation in the coming weeks as I try to prepare myself for something that is truly heart felt and emotional.

Over the last 6 years (yes it’s taken me that long as life does so enjoy throwing monkey wrenches to slow you down) I have enjoyed each lesson I have begun.  Each has brought me closer to my path, my coven and my circle.  I truly feel the very breath of the Coven when I begin my work day.

With every chance and in every breath, I am beginning to feel as if a fog is being lifted from around me.  To realize that I have been walking through a Dark Night of the Soul brings many “ah-ha!” moments along with it.  First the ah-ha from realizing that’s where you have been and in a transitional state.

What will I find on the other side?  I don’t know but apparently I have been fearing to take that step.  Nope no more, I am making the call today and will finally do what I have not yet been able to do.  I will bring my spirit back together and make it whole again.  I will not shun my talents and gifts.  I will continue to grow and live my path.

The Dragonfly symbolizes renewal and in general the power of life and living.  A sense of the self that comes with age and maturity, great change and growth.

Dragonfly is one of my primary Power Animal’s and has been for quite sometime.  I honor dragonfly and the spirit of growth, change and the happiness of new beginnings that this power animal brings to my life.  It is once again time to step through the veil and emerge stronger, lighter in spirit and begin to grow even further.

The dream of my death, was but a warning of sorts to not fight the flow of events, to work within what I am given and I will emerge stronger and in a sense reborn.  yep time for that phone call.  I guess this turned into more than I had intended.  Hehe.

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Achievements and the trail they blaze

On Monday of this very week, a major project and accomplishment was unveiled.

For sometime now I have been working very closely with Lady Raven on the creation of an online source for our Third Degree Coursework.  This has all been very individualized with these very components for a while now but not in an online format.  Each component was presented to the individual to work on, as they came forward wanting to work.

This new program is not so different than what it was as the components are the same but they have EXPANDED into absolutely beautiful pathways for the Priest and Priestess to choose how and what they wish to specialize in.  There are several distinct pathways; Seer, Teacher, Counselor, Historian, Spell Weaver, Solitary and Healer are the pathways choices that you have after you have completed the first part of the Core curriculum.  This first Core was what we just released.

It was truly an honor being able to work so closely with Lady Raven on this project and I look forward to being able to continue to do it.  This single project has left an undeniable marking on my heart and spirit.

I feel a wind at my back as I move forward on my path, my hopes and dreams are visualized and coming to pass.  I see things coming at me and I am so happy to embrace each of the challenges that are lining up for me to tackle.  I am invigorated.  I am renewed.  My wings of life unfurling and casting me upward and onward.

I have a very strong sense of myself, my voice, my goals and seeing them all come to pass as a result of the building block achievements to date.  The release of this online version of the Third Degree is but the foundation for that which is coming ever towards Sacred Mists, towards Lady Raven, towards me.  EXCITED!  The rains are coming and cleansing away the stuffiness and fog to reveal crispness and life!

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Yesterday was a pretty busy day all around.  I was pretty exhausted and went to bed early Wednesday  night knowing that around 10 Pacific I would be receiving a Reiki Attunement for Levels 1 & 2 by Lady Raven Moonshadow of Sacred Mists.

I have been attuned previously, several years ago by a local woman who while quite lovely could not attune me the way I felt it should be done.

I slept exceedingly well for going to bed when I did (with a headache- which I woke up without).  I had many vivid and lucid dreams that night, which is not entirely unusual for me.  When I rose to start my day I noticed small things.  Colors appeared more vivid, sound more bright and loud, scents came to me quickly and at such a low saturation and lastly my sense of touch and my skin in general appeared to be very sensitive.  It was as if someone turned UP my senses.  There have been occassions in the past where this happens to me and it will last for a little while and then subsides.  This is day number 2 and I am still feeling life more vividly.

Don’t get me wrong the person that attuned me before I am sure did a great job and exactly what she was supposed to do, this just feels like MORE.  It is hard to describe in words yet that is what I wish I could do.  I feel pretty amazing when I look around.  Connections are tangible to me.  I see more, I hear more in the songs of the birds in the trees outside my doors.  I feel new-born.  Everything is amazing and grand.

Today perhaps I will sit and meditate with one of my favorite stones and see where the free-form meditation will take me.

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On Payment…Sacred Mists

This entry is not strictly about my path but it does play a huge part of my path.  There are many blogs and entries all across the internet that are absolutely against anyone that receives payment for courses or services.

For the record, in case you are newer to my blog, I am not against this.  I embrace this.  Each Tradition has the ability to make itself self-sufficient.  I belong to an Online Wiccan College.  One that charges a monthly tuition fee for learning.  I have no problem with this.  In fact, I LOVE SACRED MISTS so much that I recommend it to other people who may wish to walk the Wiccan Path but not have the ability or desire to seek anyone out locally.

There are in fact local classes, they are spiritual in nature but do not cover Wicca specifically.  I have belonged to local covens, the politics and drama outweighed any benefit.

I thrive in my solitary environment and from the Online Community which I belong to.  Not only am I a student but I am a member of the Coven and fully intend to be able to teach others locally at various events and gatherings.

Now back to the issue at hand.  The one that involves the exchange of money.

I in no way feel that everything should be freely given without an exchange of payment.  Payment for local classes and events is monetary, I must pay for the use of the property, materials the teacher needs as well as their time. This is no different in an online environment.  I am instead paying for Servers, Data Transfer, Development, Site Maintenance and Services.  I am being taught a specific Tradition of Wicca and one that I hold close to my hart for it fits my own beliefs and path quite well.

What is the difference between helping a local Coven maintain property, coven materials and cost of lessons versus doing the same thing via an online venue?  I do not distinguish the two at all.  Perhaps I am a bit more progressive than traditional.  This is ok.  I do not begrudge anyone their path nor do I bad mouth it, speak against it or tell them it’s wrong to give things away for free.  It is but an alternate path and one I am accepting of.  It works for them but has never worked for me.

This is not to say that we must blindly accept everything and everyone, that is not the case I am just saying that we should not insult the intelligence of people who knowingly make a decision to pay for their spiritual education.  Shouldn’t we not really judge the path that works for another?  We don’t have to accept the path and beliefs as our own but if they are happy in the path they have chosen then who are we to say it’s not valid or it’s bad because for instance they charge for the lessons…

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Cycles & Seasons – Growth over the year

I am in an interesting state of mind so please forgive me if I do not make as much sense as I am hoping or intending.

I’ve undergone a great deal of self-discovery over the course of the last year.  Both regarding my path and where I ‘fit in’.  As it is December I am becoming more and more introspective on my life, my path and where I am heading.

For quite sometime I have been on the outside looking in with regards to my path and my life in general.  Life is not a spectator sport; however, I had been a spectator for a while just watching as life passes me by.  This started changing mid-point through the year.

I could no longer do that.  Small things begain to change, I’ve started facilitating growth, change and taking on roles which I love.  This is but a small piece of the changes I feel happening within me.

I began to feel more empowered about my own life and my own path.  This is very interesting because I have always felt ‘in control’ of my path but that simply was not the case I discovered.  I was afloat going through the motions, doing the things I was supposed to do but without as much feeling as I used to.  It seemed I was doing things for the sake of habit and not really MOVING forward as a person.

A great deal of growth has come from this realization and I have once again started moving forward on my path.  I am continuing my quest for knowledge and growth on my path.  Books are creaking open, Kindle is stocked full of resources and my notebook is not far from my desk.

Last night I ran some errands and worked a little when I got home.  I crafted, I answered emails, I cleaned.   Once all was said and done, I managed another 3 chapters in my current study book.

All in all I feel like I am starting to move forward after the stagnation of depression which is slowly lifting and retreating from me.

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Initiation & Sacred Mists

Tomorrow several of my brethren from Sacred Mists will be initiating into our Tradition.

This is something that as an Initiated Priestess I take very seriously and to heart. The path of a Priest and Priestess is not an easy one and may not always be what you expect it to be.

A part of the curriculum is to write an essay detailing what you believe a Priest or Priestess to be.

Many years ago I wrote this:
Miriam-Webster defines a priestess as:

Pronunciation: ‘prEs-t&s
Function: noun
Date: 1693
1 : a woman authorized to perform the sacred rites of a religion
2 : a woman regarded as a leader (as of a movement)

A priestess is by her very nature a nurturing leader. One to who people look to for advice, lessons, and information in general. As priestesses it is our divine duty to work in the service of the Lord and Lady in any way that they may seem fit be it as a teacher; knowing not only the ways, but the history of our ways and the ways of other traditions or sects; someone to help stamp out misinformation, a leader in the Sacred Rites, a knowledge base for those seeking. For me to be a priestess is to be a mother to all those under the service of the Lord and Lady, to be an advocate of our causes, to lead and to be led, to teach and be taught. A priestess is a physical representation of the Goddess and must be true to herself and the Craft, must love and be loved. As we grow within the Craft and within ourselves we take on more and more of the Goddesses aspects both light and dark seeking to bridge the gap and balance our lives more effectively. We must be in tune with the world around us, be wise and yet child like at the same time, remembering the powers which bind us to the world and to each other.

When I wrote the above I was very new to Wicca and boy does it show and my goodness how I have grown.

What is a Priest or Priestess of the Sacred Mists Tradition?
Each person who gathers as a part of the Sacred Mists Community regardless of whether initiated or not.

As a Priest or Priestess of Sacred Mists you have walked a path very similar to everyone around you. You were led or guided to join Sacred Mists, you have walked a thorned, brambled path that was filled with difficult decisions, this one no less than any others you have faced and no more than others yet to come. Within your spirit you have found a joy and dedication to a Path and Tradition at Sacred Mists. You are called to become a Priest or Priestess of this Tradition. What does this really mean?

You are dedicated to the Spiritual well-being of yourself, your Circle, your Coven-mates and Sacred Mists in General. You find the Tradition to be one that you can follow with the whole of your spirit. You embrace the Eclectic Nature of Sacred Mists. As you walk and continue your education with Sacred Mists you will teach, you will mentor, you will befriend new and old friends alike. You will uphold the integrity of Sacred Mists through your actions both public, on the forums and in your community.

In addition to all this you may hold yourself as accountable for your education, for your path, for your Circle and will count yourself as a Brother or Sister to each Coven and Circle Member of heart and spirit.

Each of my fellow students, whether they think I know them or not has touched me in some way and I am grateful for that and thankful for their part in my path and my part in theirs.

This I wrote today as I prepare myself to be present for tomorrow’s Initiations at Sacred Mists.  As a Third Degree Dedicant, this is something I truly take very seriously and to heart.  It is important for both my growth and their growth to be present and to be available always.  Willing to lend an ear, willing to learn, to teach, and be taught.

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Sacred Mists & I, A New Day Dawns

I am on an amazing journey of Spirit and the Wiccan Path.  I am a member, as you may have previously read of Sacred Mists Coven & Tradition.  This for me is a beautiful path and I grow everyday.  In addition to being a 3rd Degree Dedicant I work for the Sacred Mists Shoppe, online store and Student Administration for the Circle.  This allows me to have contact on a meaningful and assistance based level with students as well as customers.  I work long days and very hard to improve processes and help faciliate smooth operation and student acclimation.  I am thankful everyday for this because I feel like I am actually doing something, I am making a difference and working with the skills I have honing them and improving them along the way.  It’s a glorious feeling to accomplish this.  I used to not get this amount of joy and delight from working.  You see, I used to work in Corporate America making significantly more than I currently make.  I was miserable.  My spirit was squashed daily.  Now I feel fulfilled.  I am able to create and share my creations with the community.

As I walk this path I open more and more to the true sense of Community.  This is not isolated to just the Sacred Mists Community but my community as well.  I am very active in the local Library system via donations of books no less than once per quarter.  They are always so happy to see us pull in with our Rubbermaid totes of books that fill their rolling expandable cart.  In an effort to be more efficient at home and more green we are donating our old books and replacing them slowly with eBooks via the Amazon Kindle.  We both have Gen 1 Kindles for quite some time now.  NO I am not wealthy, we are simply comfortable as my husband makes a very good living as a Systems Administrator for a large web hosting company locally.  This allows me to have a few luxuries and take care of debt from my younger and far more frivilous ways.  Soon I personally will be debt free and hopefully within 2 years we will be as a household completely debt free save our home payment.

Anyway, I have been increasingly active in my local community via Book Drives, neighborhood clean up (when folks do not throw things away properly), I recycle, I freecycle, I donate to GoodWill, I attend local classes and offer my support as the only Wiccan in general that attends local classes. 🙂  I am improving myself to be more Spiritual and Spirit based.  I am acting like a Priestess in many ways now that I had not noticed previously.

You may question this. You may see me as a horrible person because I am not poor.  Well let me tell you, I’ve been there.  I have been homeless, I have not known wehre I get my next meal but you know what? I worked my ass off to recover from that and I will not go back to that.  I am not asking to be wealthy, just comfortable.  I want to be able to help people who need it.  I want to continue to be able to support my local Library, GoodWill, AVDA, local Food Banks and whatever else in my community I can manage.  Since I come from a world where we got by growing up and landed in a world of homelessness to crawl out of it and not be jaded about it but want to help others, I feel pretty good about that.

Am I misled?  Am I delusioned? No I do not feel this way.  I feel amazing and greatful for the opportunities which I have been granted.  I offer always my support, blessings and love to everyone.  If you do me wrong, I wish you no harm, I wish you peace.  If I can make it right, I will.  I will at least always TRY to make it right.  Sometimes I am not successful at this and I learn from those mistakes.  I will try again.

I guess I am growing up.  I look forward everyday to what the day holds for me.  What opportunities I can make for myself and what I can do to help others.  Can I help you?

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Dealing with Disappointment

I consider myself a very lucky person.  I have a great job working for Sacred Mists which is an amazing small company to work for.  My boss is my mentor, Lady Raven Moonshadow.   It really is an amazing thing and place to work for.  I am nurtured both spiritually and able to work for a company I belive in and can fully support at the same time.

Nothing is ever perfect but this comes pretty close.  I am able to use my creative talents to bring more to the table as well as my technical skills to improve the way we work and handle issues.

My latest is that not only do I get to work for a wonderful and fulfilling place, I get to create and build products in my off time and sell them to the Shoppe wholesale.  This is an amazing opportunity to allow my skills to reach so many people.  Like anything it’s slow going since I do work full time and this is something I do in my spare time.  I have suffered my first set back in this venture.  The latest shipment has been lost by the Postal Service.  I now am scrambling to  re-craft everything while not compromising quality of the product and get it reshipped by the middle to late part of this week.

To say I am disappointed is an understatement, I am disheartened and heart sick at the same time.  I do hope that the package shows back up at some point  In the mean time I make due with what I can and craft.

Summer is in full swing in South Florida.  The days are oppresively hot and stuffy.  The sun on the courtyard of our townhome is beautiful in the sunlight.  It’s just too hot to be IN the sun for too long.  I had wanted to work on a Drawing Down of the Sun this summer, but I am thinking the timing is off and I will be doing it in the Winter to bring the warmth back with the next turn of the Sun around Yule/Imbolc.

Thoughts and ideas bubble and brew in my head and I walk ever forward in my Path and Life.

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