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Change in the Dark Night

Not for the sake of change, but because change is inevitable, we as humans must learn to cope and adapt to the things in our lives that change.  For a little while now I have been walking through a “dark night of the soul”.

The concept of the Dark Night may not be familiar to everyone and it may just sound intimidating and rather frightening.  To those of us on a spiritual journey in this life we will go through periods where we feel utterly alone, where we question every aspect of our path.  It’s isolation, it’s pain and the eventual re-join with the joy of life and spirit.

I have been neck deep in my own Dark Night now for several months.  It has seemed that no matter which direction I turn it’s the wrong avenue, it’s the wrong decision, it’s just plain bad.  Each step has been through brambles.  Each time I reach out, I am greeted by thorns and nettles.  As the year and the current Earthly cycle comes to a close from dark to light on yule, I feel too that my dark nights are coming to a blissful and well-learned end.

It’s almost as if I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Pieces are falling into place for me and though there is much work still to be done between now and the end of this cycle and dark night…the threads that existed between each event are being seen for the first time.  They are all connected and the lessons will be with me for my lifetime.

To me it seems rather synchronous that my own dark night is being worked through as the Wheel of the Year turns towards Yule, the longest night of the year.  At this point, When the light again begins to take rule over the days slowly reaching towards me, that I too come from inside this darkness and step into the new born light.

One of the constants throughout this journey has been the support of my High Priestess, Lady Raven and my sister Raushanna.  My coven mates within Sacred Mists have been there for me throughout this trying time and helping me to see that while I have felt isolated I am not.  Within Sacred Mists, I have found brothers and sisters that are available to me when I need them, friends, coven mates and soul sisters or brothers.  Each a Priest or Priestess in their actions and service.  It is a wonderful thing to have their support and caring.  It is a rare thing to find in a real life coven let alone a virtual one.

As I have journeyed down this darkened path, I have discovered again the things in my life that I wish to hold dear, the talents I have and those that I have forgotten through disuse.  At the crossroads i stand seeking direction and it is given.  Forward I shall continue through the hard work ahead so that when the light begins to shine, I can stand in it’s warmth and feel embraced and joyful.  I may actually at long last be looking forward to the holiday’s this year.

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A dark night rambling

Tonight I had planned on heading to bed at a decent hour so that I might not be so exhausted tomorrow.  Alas this is not how it is going to be.  I was nearly asleep when I was jarred awake by a muscle spasm. Lying there my mind started to wander through my day and everything that I have been doing as of late.  The Dark Night of the Soul that I have been going through has been intense.

I’ve been weighed down and in some ways feeling a titch bit lost in some respects. I have been doing some reclaiming of myself throughout this dark night things that I love doing.  In my spare time I have begun to blend Incenses and Oils for the Sacred Mists Spellbound Wearable Potions & Anointing Oils line.  To date we’ve had but two available that have been for sometime.  This is changing.  We will have Sabbats, Goddess, God, Esbat and Altar Oils available.  I completed the Goddess oil today.  The evaluation one ounce bottles will be shipped to the store and if Lady Raven loves them as I do, they will be added.  I will have coordinating herbal jars of incense & resin mixtures.  Each blend will be unique and exclusive to Sacred Mists.

A challenge that I have been dealing with is staying balanced in this crazy holiday time.  One would think that people would be more generous of spirit during the holidays but it seems to me they are more and more aggressive, rude and all around not nice to their fellow human beings.  When confronted with this horrific behavior I am reminded that I am a creature of spirit and growth.  I am trying to choose to rise above the petty behavior and return with smiles and kindness.  I want to be a good example of a Sacred Mists Priestess.

Tonight I have lit two candles on my desk.   The one shown above is my Goddess Affirmation candle, purchased at the  Sacred Mists shoppe, hanging on my altar oil cabinet are my Amethyst and Obsidian Prayer/Affirmation strand with the Triple Goddess Symbol in Silver.  To the right of my position I have my Sacred Mists Tradition Pillar burning directly  before my Freya statue.  Freya has been calling to me for sometime and I have been working to learn of this Goddess and  her ways.  She calls me to be her Priestess now and I am learning all about what that means to her and how to put this into my own path.

Freya is said to be a Goddess of Love and Fertility.  I have, in my own workings with her, discovered her to be a sensual Goddess.  She loves to be offered fresh, strongly scented flowers and likes to have beautiful music playing.  A part of my daily workings include playing or singing a Goddess Chant.  I am going to write one just for her, not something I am good at by any means but I feel it is appropriate.  She rules over the heavenly after life field, Fólkvangr, where she receives those who die in battle but do not go to Valhalla.  By her being associated with those who die heroically in battle, she is sometimes shown as a Valkyrie in the battle fields.  She radiates beauty and wisdom.

In my workings with her I am learning (as I did with Athena in past workings) when to choose my battles so that I might be victorious and not slain.  When I do fail, my choices leave lessons that resemble scar tissue and the part of me which has failed, rises above and becomes that of a heroically slain warrior for I have passed from what was to what is with great suffering and pain (of the heart or spirit).  She is also teaching me that I must love myself most completely.  Now while I do love myself and honor myself, I do have many things that I feel are failings.  Daily affirmations are helping me overcome this as are working on the failings to turn them into something more than just a piece of me which is overly criticized.

Tonight, as I finally begin to grow weary of the day once more, I will take these thoughts of Goddess, of Sacred Mists, of my Spirit to bed with me.  I will dream vividly.  I will find the answers hidden within the dream symbols that will help me find my way through the remainder of this Dark Night.  I walk the path of the Priestess for no reason other than it is a calling a duty that I must do and one that I am committed to.  I am further committed to walking the Priestess Path within Sacred Mists and in my community serving.

May the light of the Goddess shine to your heart, may she bring you peace, love, laughter and joy.  May your path be lit and your dark night be less frightening.  You are beloved and never alone.

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…no there is too much

Once upon a time there was a girl… Don’t you just love stories that start out like that? *laugh*

It seems not a small thing that life goes on and changes quickly, so quickly that we seldom notice sometimes the changes until we have a moment to breathe.  Yet in each of the small things that change something larger and more complex emerges.  Much like the seed that is planted.  It lies dormant until the right environment urges it to grow, this is how our lives are.

Many years ago I began a journey to shed the shackles of what I was supposed to be, what was expected of me to truly learn and become who I am at heart and spirit.  I have both succeeded and failed throughout the years as I continue on this journey of my life.  I strive to experience life, to truly live it with zest and joy as a child does.  In this day’s world being joyful is sometimes difficult if not all but impossible.  People think you are hiding something if you smile, if you are polite you must be deficient in some way.

I used to be an easy to temper young woman.  A short fuse and filled with passion (not always the good kind), I would rise to any and all challenges regardless of the outcome or whether I truly desired something.  It was a challenge so I went after it.  Eventually I began to see that these were the actions and reactions of someone who was insecure, tired, scared and lonely.  Someone who did not truly love life or

even experience it.  It was all about the destination and never the journey.

In early March of 2002 I truly began to change and reshape myself into an image that I can be proud to carry and a person that I want to be.  This first step was by joining Sacred Mists, An Online Wiccan College.  Little did I know, that it would be a step into a world I had left behind a long time ago and would forever change me.

One of the greatest things I learned initially was that I was not alone and that I did not have to be alone.  I could be me.  Over the course of the last 9 years I have become a sponge in everyway that I can.  I learn by absorbing the material put before me, next to me under me, above me and around me.  I soak it all in.  I incorporate it into my life.  Sometimes that sponge might fall off the counter, but look there’s more to absorb and become a part of me.

As I continue to move forward in my path, I grow, I absorb and I become something more beautiful than I was.  I found peace, I found challenge, I found love, light and Goddess.

Everyday I am thankful for my path, my teacher, my friends, my brothers & sisters, my High Priestess Lady Raven and the opportunities that I have had and been allowed to experience in my life and path.

I look forward to what the next years will bring me and what I will allow myself to feel and experience.  Who’s coming with me?  I don’t know but I welcome them.  All of them.  Let’s go on a journey called Life!  Let’s fill it with meaning!

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Time keeps slippin’

There are so many things on my mind these days from the state of things at home to family to my spiritual commitments and joys.

This holiday season started out a little later than I expected it to at work and strengthened quickly and in bursts of OMG.  It has left me with very little time to spend with my friends and family yet somehow the important things are tended to.

I have officially moved upstairs into the ‘office’ area, with an altar set up on my desk. This is what the altar area proper looked like when I first built it out.  It’s a little different now with some added stones, an altar tile, my wand, snuffer and some feather flowers.  Burning is my Yule Log Pillar.  It’s my favorite Yule Candle and I get one every year from Sacred Mists Shoppe.  They are sold out now but they are fantastic, a definite good candle for next year.  Anyway you can see the corner of my Bone Finish Freya Statue on the right.  My oils are put away into the oil cupboard next to my monitor now too. 🙂

All in all it’s nice to have a nicer desk altar than what I had downstairs and my stone shelf is simply amazing too.   Everyday I am able to feel the connection to my path a little more deeply and my inspiration for “Things I want to do” is growing more and more specific and fine-tuned.

Time is the one thing we all crave and swear there is never enough of it.  I myself fall into that trapping.  The truth of it is, time is finite and we never know exactly how long we have.  With all that in mind I am working towards  spending every moment in the now, living and infusing my life with spirit, joy and sharing that with everyone that I can.

I guess my thought for rambling today is that…I knew 2010 would be a year of transformations.  Transformation is never easy as it does often involve a bit of destruction in the process.

From the ashes of 2010 I will rise and continue to grow and *be* that which I am and that which I shall be.

Every step I take is with the Goddess at my side. We are constantly moving forward. Together we are invincible.
~Sirona Knight, Goddess Bless!

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Revisiting old ways

My life has forever changed.  I can never walk back the way I came.  Sitting here in my living room this morning after I returned home from getting my allergy shots reminded me of where I came from and where I have been in the last few years.

I have seen great depression in my heart and spirit.  I have lost friends as well as gained them, I have shared much laughter and I became lost to who I am and where I come from.  There is nothing like sort of just waking up one day realizing you have been in a depression rut and that you no longer want to be in that unhappy place.

Finally I am ready to be the change I want in my life.  I can no longer allow life to simply pass me by and always be running around trying to catch up.  I must accept myself, my choices and live my life to the fullest.  Big, big changes are coming my way and for that I need to be open and willing to accept that which I may not choose full-heartedly.

One of the biggest changes we are making at home is the moving of the computers and desks back to the upstairs “spare” room.   When we first moved in our desks were upstairs.  In order to do anything on them such as gaming etc we had to be upstairs to do so which meant up and down to get drinks and being away from the computers so that we actually had a life.  This was a time when people came over and hung out on occasion and we would watch movies and just enjoy the company of one another and others in our living room.    Our desks are moving back upstairs this weekend.  We went to Office Depot and got two new desks that have hutches that we will put on the non-corner side.  There is a lot more room on these desks than the ones we put together from IKEA that had rollers on them so we could be lazy and sit at the couch and ignore life by sitting at our computers.  After the desks are set up we can start looking at re-arranging the downstairs living room and maybe going back to a L type couch so that company has a comfortable place to sit when visiting and all the cats and dog should they be allowed/want/wanted to come on the couch have the option to do so.  I am sorta partial to this couch set from RTG, anyway we are moving away from being on computers 24×7.  Once we complete this delivery of Nutrisystem we are going to stop it and I will go back to cooking healthy meals at home.  I am up earlier than I have been in years (thanks to Ariyana -the cutest Retriever ever), there is no reason that since I am up that early that I cannot do the dinner preparations and eat home-cooked meals that are not heavily processed.

The list of changes are massive and go back to a simpler way of life, one that I used to enjoy a great deal.  It is one surrounded by friends, love, books, nature and my spirit.  These are things I am all bringing back into my life.

Sitting on my patio in my $19 plastic patio chairs the other night on the full moon with nothing but the sound of crickets, our voices and the patter of puppy and cat feet I felt a great peace settle over my soul.  One that touched me so deeply that it changed me in an instant.  I almost did not notice it, it happened that fast.  The profound peace I found watching the moonrise from my patio, the joy in my heart has been ever-expanding.

I may be revisiting the way I used to live but I can never go back to it.  I embrace it as a new way, a new fork in my path, a new me.  Yes these new things have been forged by my past experiences, by the paths I have visited over the years.  I have emerged from the shadows of depression and life to find a renewed sense of purpose with my head held high I see the light through the trees.  Healing started two months ago and continues to this day.

Though I may not be able to see where this new path will take me, I know I will be walking it with some very special friends who are my family.  Chosen by spirit, bonded with love.  I made a vow that I take very seriously.  I will always stand by my vows and will walk hand in hand with my Arch Priestess Lady Raven ever forward.  She continues to teach this old dog new tricks and ways everyday.  Along the path my friends have helped me.  I am thankful for each of them no matter how I came to be friends with you.  If you are reading this know that I speak of YOU and think of YOU always in my heart.  An imprint has been made upon my spirit, for that I am grateful and thankful to YOU.

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Of this I am certain

There are few things in life that I am certain of.  This is one of those things.  In adversity, in our we find our strength and our inner light.  We find our ability to shine and be more than what we were before.

This year for me has been very trying on so many personal levels that I cannot begin to adequately describe them all and give them the time that they are due.

We are approaching Samhain and I find that once more as the Wheel turns so too do my thoughts and I begin looking at my own life and the lessons of the year. When the Wheel turned past Samhain in 2009, I knew I was in for a bumpy ride between then and now.  I started saying that 2010 was a year of Transformation and boy was I right on the money about that.  Nothing is the same that was in 2009.

Early on in the year thigns started to shift and I was becoming much more project based at work and the daily to-do’s were handled by another employee.  I was truly enjoying my projects and was working on letting everything go that needed to be let go when the annoucnement came that we would be opening a physical location to go along with the online Sacred Mists Shoppe.  I volunteered my time to help get things up and running by offering to fly out to California for a couple of months to do the work needed, whatever it might have been to see it come to pass.

Little did I know how much work that would really be.  Early on in this major project things at work shifted and all that I had been letting go, again came back to me.  I had no idea how I was going to keep up with this work as well as the very intense project work associated with the Store opening.  I did poorly.  I stumbled and fell repeatedly.  Not only that but things went undone as there were just not enough hours in the day to do the physical work that had to be done in conjunction with all the other tasks that needed to be done to keep the online stuff going.  I was squeaking by…barely for about 3 months.

In those 3 months I went through a lot personally from losing a very dear friend who meant the world to me and all the trauma that went along with that.  I am choosing to not go into it as I consider it a very private matter and not one that I need to air or share with the world.  What happened, happened and I am doing my best to heal and move on from it.  Perhaps one day we will be able to talk about it but that will be between us and until then…silence is golden.  I was missing my husband more than I can even articulate.  He is very much my partner and the love of my life.  Everyday without him was a difficult one, and that is putting it gently.  During the few moments that I was able to steal away for myself (often in the middle of the night when I could not sleep), I continued to finish working on my final lesson for the Third Degree.

There is much that could be said about these three months, but for now, I simply cannot put it all into words.  My spirit was broken and trying to heal.  I was reaching out and finding my family…my chosen family that I stayed with, that of my beloved High Priestess Lady Raven Moonshadow, there everystep of the way to help me through the hard times and the depression.

On September 8th, I experienced the most beautiful Ritual I have ever experienced and that was my Initiation, naming and vow to continue to walk the Path of Wicca in the Sacred Mists Tradition as a High Priestess.  The next day I left for another life changing event.  I left for the Goddess Festival (which I rambly posted about here).  After which it was time to come home.

Once I got home I was home a scarce few days before taking off again for my Gramma’s Memorial in Ohio.  I got home again on 9/29/2010.  That was one week ago.  I have been inside my head most of the last week and looking at what I have experienced I can say I am no longer the same person I was 3 months ago.   I feel somehow brighter, lighter and ready to tackle my next challenges as I fight to finish playing catch up.

Again I have gone off in a rambly tangent of one kind or another, hopefully it makes a little sense.  Things are most certainly different now than they were.  I feel different.  I feel stirred in a direction that I must go.  I have a deep thirst once more in my spirit.

Perhaps, things are not as ‘bad’ as I thought they were but a short week ago.  There is afterall a light at the end of my tunnel down the way and who knows what will lay before me when I come out.

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Changes in heart and life

For two and a half months I left home.  I left home to be a part of a new home and an event that would forever change my life.

This time away from home shaped me in ways that I could not have predicted or even believed if I had been told.  What was this trip I am speaking of?  To those who are new to my writing, I visited the Sacred Mists Covenstead for two and a half months helping the wonderful Lady Raven Moonshadow open the first physical location of the Sacred Mists Shoppe.

When I tell you that the work ahead of us was unimaginable that’s an understatement really.  It seemed impossible when I arrived on 7/2 that we would be able to accomplish all that lay before us.  When the product from the old warehouse finally arrived, our spirits were dashed because of the shape it arrived to us in after being delayed in the trek across country.  I have never in my life seen such utter disregard for how another person’s property was treated except perhaps by thieves or vandals.  The state of many of our inventory, rendered it ‘ugly’ at best and at worst a complete loss.  We began the repurchasing and eventual re-picking of customer orders from boxes.

Learning new systems provided us a great deal of difficulty and errors as a new team was trained to do what we had not done in house for several years.  We are still working through the horrible backlog and clearing things out as quickly as we can and I am pushing myself daily to meet the expectations of our customers.   This is neither here nor there at the moment.

We worked very long days and we worked everyday without exception.  We met our deadline and opened to a beautiful splash on August 27th.   It was absolutely amazing to see it all come together as everyone worked long days and nights to meet a deadline.  The teamwork involved was without a doubt there and every person wanted success!

Once we were open we were able to see where things really stood with shipping and began the arduous work of clearing out and contacting customers and working hard to keep our customers happy.  In some cases we were able to do so, in others not so much.  There is a limit and we learned ours.

Time was approaching and only one thing remained to be done.  We had our talks, we finished my work and the last thing was…my initiation.  Over the course of many late night dinners Lady Raven and I would talk of the Coven, of my path, my dedication, my Great Work, my journey.  I have a very strong sense of dedication to MY PATH.  My path lies along side her path.  I am called to SERVE Sacred Mists, the students within her and failure is not an option.  My CALL is so loud and strong to my heart, it brings me tears of joy and happiness to feel a part of something that is so beautiful and to be a part of so many paths.

On September 8th, the day before I left for the Goddess Festival in the Santa Cruz Mountains, organized by Z. Budapest and Susan B. Anthony Coven #1, this was the night that would push my direction even further.  The work I had done in the store, was very affirming, very spiritual and well a lot of hard work to boot.  The work I do for the Circle, School and Coven, is intensely spiritual, hard work, and LIFE AFFIRMING.  Both pieces came together in harmony and joy while I was there.

My initiation was intensely personal and private.  I sat in a circle of Crystals, Light and shimmering energy with Lady Raven and laid my heart and spirit before her.  My path bound to hers.  My spirit sister made sister.  What I can share with you of my initiation is this.   While intensely personal it was also about the Coven and Circle.  To become a High Priestess of a Tradition means you OWN it in your heart and you will always do what is best for the Coven.  It means you feel things that affect the Coven intensely in your heart and truly your heart joins with the Heart of the Coven, with Lady Raven and with me for anyone who follows me.

If you feel called to serve as I do…it’s not an easy path to walk.  To get through the tangles, snarls and brambles that life will throw in the way is truly difficult.  There will be times that you wish to “chuck it all in” and walk away.  If you are called, those thoughts quickly are banished and you struggle forward through each mistake you make.  Through each failure and fall, you get up, you brush yourself off and you learn to forge on and incorporate that lesson in your path.

Let me tell you brothers and sisters, that’s not an easy thing to do.  I’ve made some whopper mistakes, some falls that I thought would break me.  By working within my path and my faith I was able to move forward and become a better person.

Since my trip, I feel more intensely.  I hear more sweetly.  I speak more gently and with more compassion.  Each feeling, each sound, each word is meant truly from my heart.

Since Lilyth Avexyn left her home on July 2nd, she grew into a different spirit (the spirit was there, just waiting for the time to emerge through Lilyth).  On September 8, 2010 I became that Spirit.  I took on a responsibility and role I have wanted for a very long time to a path I am absolutely called to.

I became Lady Lilyth Amicia Moonshadow.

About my name.  Over the years (and many of you remember the plethora I will speak of), I have had many different names, trying out what suited me and what might work for me.  Eventually I became Lilyth and had a variation of middle names.  I had never taken on a surname.  I was Lilyth Avexyn for among the shortest.  Avexyn was a placeholder for a name I knew that began with an A but did not see yet.   That name was given to me on 9/8/2010 and it was Amicia.  Amicia envelopes a gentle spirit who carries innocence and experience both tempered with joy, love and the wisdom needed to serve.  I decided to take Moonshadow on as my surname to honor my High Priestess Lady Raven and let it be known that I am proud of Her, my Coven, my Path and walk it with grace.   Oh don’t get me wrong I will still fall flat on my face but I will always pick myself up.

I will share my journey with you along the way and hope you will share yours with me.

Brightest Blessings,
-Lady Lilyth

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Where the path evolves

For the last two and a half months I have been away from home.  I have been missing my family, yet I have enlarged my family and become more aware that family truly that which we have chosen for ourselves.  The family which we choose starts before we are born and we come to find them throughout our lives as we need them.  Hang onto your family for they will always be family and be there to help you through life with joy, sadness, heartbreak and laughter.

I am sitting scrunched in a lower bunk of a bunk bed at the Goddess Festival charging my batteries from my laptop and realizing that I have truly grown a great deal.

Eight and one half years ago I embarked on a leg of my life’s journey that would lead me to fulfill a longstanding calling.  I felt called, truly called to the Goddess.  I wanted to serve in the path of the Priesthood within Wicca and I wanted to find a place to call my spiritual home.  It was eight and one half years ago that I found that place I call home.  That place was Sacred Mists.

I started this post about two weeks ago.  Time has been flying past me between attending the Goddess Festival, then flying home then leaving to go to Ohio for a Memorial for my Grandma, I have not been able to finish my thoughts and feelings on all that has gone down in the last little while.  Anyway I digress.

When I started Sacred Mists it felt amazing and wonderful to find a community that not only taught but helped me grow.  I had looked into and even joined another school but the community aspect was severely lacking.  I jumped in head first and found that most of the basics that were covered I was well versed in already as I had come from a local coven and years of Solitary Study.  In order to make the most of the lessons that were presented I researched additional aspects, I found more to do and to give to my homework and studies.  I began quickly to want to take an active role in leadership and began facilitating study groups (which at that point were non-existent) and then applied to join the Student Council.

A great many things have happened over my eight and a half years at Sacred Mists.  Things that shook me to my very core, things that made me angry, sad, hopeful and content.  Each thing had an important lesson attached to it that was just for me to take me to the level my spirit demanded of me.  Some of these things were extremely hard to swallow and work through.  There were many times that I considered walking away and not being a Priestess.

To be a Priestess is something you must feel in the very core of your being.  The road is not easy, it will never be easy and it will bring you the greatest spiritual rewards of doing something greater and more beautiful than serving yourself.  For me it is about serving others, helping them find their path, teaching them and being involved at a very spiritual and meaningful level.

Walking away was not an option when I got right down to it.  I could no sooner walk away from my life than I could stop being a Priestess.  Just when you think you have a handle on what you need, you are thrown a new lesson and a new loop in the path you are walking.  It’s been an amazing journey and I look forward to the many years I will serve my community as a High Priestess.

On September 8th I took the next step into my journey and was elevated as a High Priestess of Sacred Mists.  The initiation ritual that I went through with my High Priestess was absolutely amazing, personal and tearful.  I pledged myself to the Coven, the Tradition and my path.  My sacred vow is something that I will walk with always and never forget or walk away from.  Just because the road gets difficult and tries you from every angle does not mean the road will not again become smooth.  I will serve my community and the community beyond it as best I can.  I will always be honest and loving.  I will aid those who seek me out to the best of my abilities and beyond.

My name is Lady Lilyth Amicia Moonshadow, this is my path, my calling and my heart.  I will write again soon of my elevation, the process I have undergone both before during and after.

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In the Twilight…

The last few weeks have have been pretty stressful as I have mentioned previously.  It has been chaotic to the extreme.  Each day is spent in a flurry of activity and running from one task to another.

Tonight we got off at a decent hour, which was truly a delight and a rarity.  I am hoping that if we can meet our weekend goal tomorrow we might get a full day off on Sunday.  This would be a true blessing as we are all working extremely hard to bring the store up and we have one week to do it as we open on the 27th.

This opening is the culmination of nearly two months of work since I have arrived in Napa.  The work has been long and difficult and often lonely as I do miss my husband terribly.  In the last nearly two months I have learned a great deal about myself and my own goals and path.

My Great Work is one of teaching, learning, counseling and healing.  I am devoted to Sacred Mists and Lady Raven.  She has been an amazing teacher and mentor over the last eight and a half years.  There are several of my fellow students who also have inspired me to reach higher and grow in ways that I have never imagined.  I am a very different and significantly less angry person than I was eight years ago.

It has been humbling and blessed to have my friends, old and new travel this path with me.  They inspire me, they challenge me and they provide me their shoulders when I need them.  Though I have had many challenges over the years that test and try my ability to trust and just be myself, I find that as I emerge in the time of Dawn, that so long as I am true to my instincts, I cannot be led wrong.

Yes I may not listen, yes I may get hurt.  Through it all I learn and grow.  That is what my path is all about.

Last night before bed I sat with my Amethyst point and free-form meditated and in that meditation I found moments of ah-ha and peace.  I will repeat the actions tonight and tomorrow, while I will be LOW on sleep, peace will be found and the day will be filled with laughter and light.  Even if I become frustrated I will simply bring myself back to center, re-anchor and keep on moving.  Like a surfer catching a wave, I will stay ahead of the darkness and allow the blessings of the Goddess to enter into my life.

Afterall, I have many reasons to feel blessed.  I have a family that loves and supports me, it has gotten bigger since I came to California.  It is lovely to be surrounded by a family that is wonderful, loving and supportive yet at the same time will tell you when you are being stupid and trying too hard or doing too much.

Today my affirmation will be:
I am surrounded by family, love and the blessings of the Goddess.

I will draw on the Goddesses I have worked with over the years once more to regain that which is lost, that which is hidden and to live with love and joy.

For you, I wish for you to be surrounded by joy and laughter today and all days.  Be blessed and well.

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Travel, Growth & Life

In a very short two days I will be hopping on a plane and heading to the Pacific Coast.  The last time I was in California I was there for a retreat weekend with some very good friends and it has been 3 years since that trip.  There is something truly beautiful about the Pacific…

In three years time I have seen much growth in myself that I can scarcely recognize the person in the mirror.  In this last trip I visited with some Coven Sisters, we had ritual together, we journeyed together and we had some amazing fun together.  The women involved carved such an amazing place in my heart and spirit that this weekend stands out amongst many as a perfect and beautiful weekend of spirit.  I was timid, I was shy.  In ritual I spoke softly, my musical instrument spoke volumes of me but yet there was a bit of shyness in my actions.  I did not allow the boldness of spirit to float fully forward out of fear. I let my confidence wag behind me instead of full on in my face and heart.

In this trip, I do not see this being the case.  Yes I am very nervous, I will be staying at my Covenstead for over two months.  This is a huge thing for me personally as well as spiritually.  I am not afraid to show who I am, Lady Raven already knows who I am, I have studied under her for 8 years now as well as worked for her for 2 years and change.  I am nervous because in this time, this visit, I will receive my next initiation as a 3rd Degree Priestess of Sacred Mists.  I am so honored to have made it this far through my hard work, perseverance and strength of will through everything that life has thrown at me over the years, it’s amazing to have come out on the other side knowing that you can indeed handle whatever life throws at you.

As I started to say then got side-tracked.  I am not the same person as I was on my last trip to the Pacific.  I am not afraid to speak up, I am not afraid to be present in ritual with other people around me.  At some point we all go through a period of shyness when we are coming out of our shells and becoming more comfortable in our own skin and emotions.

No matter who you are, no matter what you look like, you are here for a purpose.  That purpose is something you can figure out.  You can share your light with those you love, those who you choose to allow in your life.  Make a difference.  Be yourself, I know I will always be.

OK so I got a little side-tracked and babbled…it happens, especially when I have so much on my mind.

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