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Saga ~ Divination, Kindness

Norse Goddess Saga, as depicted by Dylan Meconis, a cartoonist and artist.

Norse Goddess Saga, as depicted by Dylan Meconis.  Dylan is a cartoonist and artist, he can be found on Tumblr.  Click the image to be taken to his post on Saga.

I’m trying to pick up my Goddess 365 work again, starting today.  Ultimately, I’d like to get back on track with everything…including daily writing.  Today’s goddess is one that I have never worked with, named Saga.  Saga is of the Norse pantheon and an attendant to Frigg, her themes are foresight, divination, inspiration, femininity, kindness, tradition and psychic abilities.  Saga’s symbols are a cup, fishes and water.

As an attendant to Frigg, Saga is a student of the universe who is consistently instructing us about the value of keen observation.  Of interesting note she is directly connected to the astrological sign of Pisces which governs artistic expression and empathy.

Another source, cites that Saga could often be found near a waterfall and stream with her golden cups drinking the fresh water and gossiping with Odin.  Both sources credit her with connections to the arts, words and divination.

The Empress "I see and honor the sacred in all beings, including myself"

The Empress “I see and honor the sacred in all beings, including myself”

Today, tend your sacred journals to honor Saga.  Write about your path, where you see yourself going, where you have been and similar topics today.  Saga, lives in those words, guiding you to write them, to inspire you now and in the future.  Invoke any of her attributes today by simply observing.  Today I have marked to be mindful of interactions, words and the world around me.

For my affirmation card today, I’ve pulled the Empress.  This card goes along brilliantly with Saga.

“I see the sacred in all beings and myself”

In this affirmation I can see the blending of my day of observation and honoring the divine in those around me, all the while, not forgetting myself to be included.  Today will be a beautiful day filled with many realizations, joyful acknowledgements and the magick of words.  May your day be blessed!

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Blessings & Life

It’s been a week or more since I have sat down long enough to do any sort of work with my Goddess 365.  I might have to go back and do some extra work to get to know the goddesses I’ve missed.  Life has been interesting and rather busy as of late.

The puppy is growing up and in that means lots of play time, puppy time and now we have started her puppy training as well.  Weekends have been extremely busy and filled with things to do and almost desperate “do nothing” for a few hours just for peace.  Work is steadily keeping me busy and it’s nice to not be super behind for a change, despite a head cold that got in the way. All in all I cannot be the least bit upset about the turns and twists of life this year.  I am growing and evolving as a Priestess, a woman, a friend, a wife, a human.

As the first day back in my Goddess 365 project, today we work with a Chilean goddess of the moon, Auchimalgen.  She protects us from all evils and disasters that lie in wait for the coming month.  Her themes then are protection and blessing with her symbols being silver, water, lunar items, white flowers.  As a goddess of protection and blessings, Ms. Telesco offers us the exercise to count our blessings and give thanks for them.  Today I will burn jasmine incense and keep a candle lit today.  Throughout today on my facebook I will give thanks for various things individually to spread my blessings to others around me. Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 8.41.35 AM

My affirmation card for today is the Hanged One with affirmation “My sacrifice will strengthen my devotion to the divine and deepen my compassion for all things”.  As a part of my blessings for today I will offer randomly something of myself to people in sacrifice and thanks for my blessings.  I will spread my blessings this way.  In doing this I welcome Auchimalgen and honor my connections around the world.

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Change on the horizon

mielikkiMy weekend was pretty rough.  I did not get a chance to do my Goddess 365 work at all.  I was either too busy or too tired from being too busy.  I will have to figure out how to make it work on weekends. *laugh*

Today’s goddess is Mielikki, a Finnish goddess of game, hunting and the forest.  She protects our resources during the remaining cold season by keeping our pantry filled.  As the Goddess of Abundant Grain, she also encourages the return of fertility to Earth.  Additional research shows that she is also quite adept at healing.  While her domain is that of the woodlands and nature, she is quite willing to help humans, who know enough to ask for her aid.

Her themes are providence and change with the symbols of the bear, grain and woodland plants.  Today Ms. Telesco gives us an exercise to encourage resource blessings & preservation.

Go into your kitchen and get a small handful of any grain-based cereal.  Take this outside and release a pinch of it to the Earth, saying,

“Mielikki, see this grain and bless, return to Earth in fruitfulness.
Hear the prayer that fills my heart; to my home providence impart.”

Take the remaining pinch back into the house and store it in an airtight container, symbolically preserving your resources.

Star-Aff-CardI think rather than doing this what I will do is take a handful of bread bits and rice krispies (it’s the only cereal in the house).  I will take this outside and add it to the compost area in our backyard to feed the birds and bless my yard with fertility.  I will take a pinch of this and store it until Imbolc in a baggie, I will take another pinch of it and consume it.  The blessing I will recite: “Mielikki,  I call to you in times of change and cold, Of my home and hearth I ask for healing and providence.  May your wisdom guide us.”

Today’s affirmation card is the Star.  Aptly drawn this morning with some challenges that popped up over the weekend and with the guidance of Mielikki I may preserve the situation.  The affirmation is “I am always growing with wisdom and spiritual knowledge”.  I’ve many challenges to overcome today so I am modifying this to “My wisdom grows and through it I share my knowledge with others”.   It is not quite right but it will serve for today.

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Peace & Reconciliation


Today’s Goddess focus is Irene.  She is a Greek Goddess of Peace, Cooperation and Reconciliation with the symbols of a peace sign, gates & entryways and the color white for it’s purity and peaceful intentions.  Irene is daughter of Zeus and one of the three who preside together over matters of peace, order and justice.  The Horae guarded the gates of Mt. Olympus to ensure that all who passed had good-intentioned hearts.  Offerings to Irene were always bloodless, in honor of her amicable energy.
Peace is something that we can all use a little more of and it begins in our own hearts, homes and backyards.  Ms. Telesco offers a simple charm for welcoming the harmony and peace into your heart and hearth.  On a piece of white paper draw a peace sign, folded three times saying “Order – never cease, Justice – release, let there be peace”.  Place this somewhere safe in your home so Irene’s gentle warmth can fill your words and actions all year.  Today wear white as a reminder to approach each situation with peace in your heart and to practice mindfulness in your actions and words.

My card for today is the Devil with the affirmation “Facing my inner demons brings me closer to my authentic Self”.  I think with today’s focus on Irene this can be re-worded a bit to continue the theme.  “I face my inner demons with mindfulness, I learn and grow more peaceful and harmonic with my highest good”

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Perception & Awareness

Working within the 365 Goddess book has been interesting thus far and today’s Goddess is Jana.  Her theme’s are Lunar Energy and Perception with her symbols being the Moon, Silver or shiny items.  Jana is a Roman goddess, whose name means “luminous sky,” as we continue working in Goddess energy this year we are extending our insight and awareness and move ahead.  She is strongly associated with Juno & Diana.  Her traditional offerings include wine, incense and barley.

To get her attention and assistance today wear a piece of silver jewelry (or silver-toned) or silver colored clothing.  Ms. Telesco offers this working in her book:

For increased discernment to guide your actions in the months ahead, go outside with a silver-toned coin.  Hold this coin to the moon, saying:

Jana, through the darkness and through the day,
Light my path and guide my way.

Carry this token with you, touch it, recite the incantation anytime you feel your judgement wavering.

moonI pulled, fascinatingly the Moon card for my affirmation card today which reads “I use my intuition & intelligence to guide me at all times”.  Today, as the moon waxes to full I will invoke lunar energies throughout the day.  It’s overcast here today so the sky is filled with gray.  I am wearing light gray pants today for my silver clothing and will wear a silver necklace or ring as well.  My goals for today’s working will be simple and hopefully felt across through to my friends.  Tonight into the fire a gray piece of paper will be tossed.  I will write and weave in a web format (I’ve found that working with spells in this way is most fascinating and will have to write about it later) a blessing of peace and healing by the light of the moon with a weaving of awareness to events and blessings in our every day lives.  The wording will be figured into the web itself.  Once it’s completed I will visualize with a cone of Arabian Jasmine Incense burning then throw the paper into the fireplace.

To further facilitate the energies that Jana offers, I will work with my intuition throughout the day and weave peaceful lunar energies into every keystroke and phone call.  May you find the blessings of Jana in your day and the light of the moon comforting.

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A goddess of birth called to a childfree ~ Eieithyia

Depiction Eileithyia aiding in the birth of Athena

Depiction Eileithyia aiding in the birth of Athena

Today’s Goddess is going to be a bit of a challenge for me.  Today we work with Eieithyia, who is a Goddess of Birth.    Her symbols are birth, children, creativity and fertility with symbols of a torch and white flowers.

According to some myth, she was the midwife of the gods and even birthed EOS, the creative force behind all things.  When her hands were closed, birth was delayed.  When she opened her body, a child arrived effortlessly.

As a childfree woman this is going to take a bit of creativity (ha!  see what I did there) to work with her.  Historically I have never been able to really connect much with the energy of a Goddess of Birth, mother energy and mother goddesses sure but specific to birth has always been difficult for me.  In order to work with her and welcome her energies, I am going to reach for her creativity and birthing of a new idea or goal.  The goal I have in mind, will remain mine alone but will be worked into a bit of magick today.  I have some white lotus incense and some white mums that I can use for the spell work.Tarot_Lovers_Affirmationsfortheeverdaygoddess

My affirmation card for today is the Lovers.  The affirmation is “I see the Divine in myself reflected in another”.  Decidedly this affirmation does not work for me so I shall re-write it.  “I am connected through the Divine to those around me and honor them through sharing my light and love” .  Not my best affirmation but it gets across what I am hoping for today.

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Weaving with Arachne

Arachne from Manga Soul Eater by Ephirel on Deviant Art

Arachne from Manga Soul Eater by Ephirel on Deviant Art

Oh how the spiders taunt me.  For those of you who do not know, I am terrified of spiders.  Not only that but you know I can get a full day’s cardio in seconds if I walk through a spider web…you know what I mean that arm waving and dancing that happens when you walk into a web unknowingly.  When we moved into the house we are currently renting I noticed the abundance of spiders in the yard and on the lattice work above where our patio chairs rest and well was alarmed.  They are simple house spiders and I believe some orb weavers or whatever; however, I am still terrified.  I sat outside one day and one landed on my chair.  I looked at it and said aloud, “Listen, get off my leg, stay off my person, my chair and out of the house and you can live.  The moment you enter the house or get on my body it’s war and you will die”.  This of course was a big deal for me and something I never thought I’d agree to.  I’ve maintained this bargain for the last year.  I’ve even let one spider that was in the house, live.

Arachne’s themes are weaving and destiny…her symbols the web, spinning wheel and needle.  She is the Greek spider goddess, inspiring positive changes in your destiny for the new year.  Myth tells us that Arachne challenged Athena to a weaving contest and won.  In anger, Athena destroyed the girl’s tapestry.  Grief-stricken, she took her destiny into her own hands and turned herself into a spider where she continues to use her weaving talents to spin the patterns & lives of mortals.  Of course this is only one version of the myth surrounding the tapestry.  January 7 marks Saint Distaff’s Day in Europe which is a made up fictional patroness of weaving to mark the resumption of normal life after the holidays.  Instead of honoring this fictional character, today I work with Arachne to help us take our fate into our own hands.


This is rather appropriate that Ms. Telesco chose this Goddess for today as I begin truly working with this book and calling the Goddess energy into my life more.  It is suggested that you wear something woven today.  Appropriately enough, I was given a beautiful woven scarf from my good friend Leona for Yule and I will wear that today in honor of Arachne.  I don’t have any clothing that needs repaired or anything of that sort so in addition to the scarf I will be weaving some magick.  I will draw on a piece of gray color magick sizzling spell paper a web.  Each line of the web will carry my intention of growth, strength, prosperity, spirit, success.  I will appeal to Arachne to help guide me as I take my destiny into my own hands for this year then I will burn my paper carrying the intention to the universe for manifestation.

Today for my Affirmation card I have pulled the High Priest.  Again another appropriately lined up affirmation card with the Goddess of today.  The affirmation for this card is “I am transcendent of time and space.”    In my paper journal I wrote this a little differently this morning but the more I consider and write the more I feel the words should be changed yet again.  “A being of light and love, my spirit transcends time and space.  I weave my love and light in each word and action.  I create an expanded path woven into the strands of my life.”  Yes I think that works nicely.

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Inviting Kore

A Greek sculpture of Kore approximately 500 BC.

A Greek sculpture of Kore approximately 500 BC.

The themes of Kore is that of youthful energy, luck and cycles according to Patricia Telesco in the book 365 Goddess: A daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the Goddess.  Her symbols are coins, flower buds, the pomegranate, the number seven and corn.

Kore is an aspect of Persephone before her marriage to Hades and motivates good fortune as well as an affinity to the Earth’s cycles.  She is often depicted as a young maiden with fresh and clear skin, long hair, and a peplos.  She is the embodiment of the Maiden of the triune Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone).  She is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, renowned for her beauty.  In the myth of Persephone and Hades, he is taken by her beauty and abducts her to the underworld where she ultimately ate a seed of the pomegranate (a fruit of the underworld) and cannot be returned to the world of the “living” full time as she is now a part of the underworld.

It is believed that this myth, as told is a personification of the vegetative cycles where in Spring life shoots forth from the underworld through the Earth and blooms and blossoms into the fruits and vegetation to sustain life then retreats back to the underworld in the fall and winter, following the cycle of Persephone’s return to her husband Hades in the underworld.

My new leather journal cover and today's affirmation card

My new leather journal cover and today’s affirmation card

Today is the Festival of Kore in Greece, where traditionally images of Kore are carried around the temple seven times for victory, protection and good fortune.  As this seems a bit excessive, in addition to my daily affirmation card I will be honoring Kore by visualizing the blessing of the Maiden upon my home seven times throughout the day filling my home with energy colored in my mind’s eye as those of the dawn to bring luck, prosperity and the energy of spring.  Another thing I will be doing will be incorporating corn into our meal and after my shower this evening, I will be using my pomegranate lotion.  The intention here is to invite Kore into my day completely and in all ways from energy, to sustenance and beauty.

Yesterday I was able to spend time with my friend and circle-mate Pam Littlebird.  We exchanged Yule gifts and sat about chatting and catching up now that the “crazy season” is over for everyone.  One of the gifts she got for me is a lovely hand-tooled and embellished leather journal cover that has the three graces on it.  The timing is of course rather perfect and I shall be using it for writing my thoughts down as I work through this project as well.

My affirmation card for today is Judgement.  The original affirmation re-written to incorporate it into the theme of today is now “I awaken all aspects of my life

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Goddess 365

Dryad Design's "Venus" inspired by the Willendorf figurine.

Dryad Design’s “Venus” inspired by the Willendorf figurine.

As a part of a new daily practice, my good friend and soul sister Dierna and I, will be doing together Goddess 365.  We will be starting a week late, naturally.  This will be in part due to the holidays and she’s sick and well I’ve just not had time or made time to get started.

So what exactly is Goddess 365?  It’s a daily practice to bring divine inspiration and guidance into your life.  The book 365 Goddess: A Daily Guide To the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess, is written by Patricia Telesco.  I have my copy on Kindle and kindle app on my laptop.  The book is laid out in an easy manner to provide the reader with themes, symbols and how to honor the particular Goddess on that day.  Ms. Telesco encourages readers to peek ahead and adapt the contents so that they will work for you.  She writes in the helpful hints: “As you undertake each activity, recognize that you already have the Goddess’s potential inside you.  The exercises only augment and activate that potential.  So, even if you do not have the exact components suggest, you have the most important ingredient for successful magick — you.”

In the layout, as mentioned, there is a Goddess for every day set as a sample construct for keeping the year filled with Goddess energy.  Dierna and I, will begin this yearly journey by starting on January 6th.  I have looked ahead to see what we will be starting with and it is Kore.  Somehow this seemed very appropriate to me for us to begin with her.  I have not yet decided if the Goddess 365 writing will be separate from the Affirmations but somehow I believe I will be tying them together each morning as this feels right for me.  If Dierna starts a blog for her writing during this process I will of course link to it so you can see our differing approaches as we walk down this pathway together.

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Time in the Woods…

The setting sun at the campground in Big Sur.

The setting sun at the campground in Big Sur.

This weekend I “got away” from it all by visiting Big Sur with my good friend Leona.  As I mentioned before, I’ve not had any time to spend with her for going on 5 or 6 years now.  The reason for the long absence from spending time together had a lot to do with location.  She moved to California long before I did and work has been crazy since my move so we both kind of put our foots down and made time to get away.

It was a girls “camping” weekend.  We rented a lovely cabin at Big Sur Campground, which I highly recommend them.  The people are super amazingly nice and the location is stunning…even on a completely sold out weekend it was quiet and beautiful.

We checked in late on Friday, unpacked and started settling in as we set our altar.  This evening proved to be one of incredible magick and revelations for me.  This was the night that a God came calling and wanting to talk to me.  For anyone that

Our small altar in the cabin, half set by Leona and half by me.

Our small altar in the cabin, half set by Leona and half by me.

has known me for any stretch of time and knows of my spiritual path, you are aware that Gods never wish to speak to me or work with me so years and years ago I gave up trying.  For one to show up and want to work with me, well it took me off guard.  Because of my personality traits and many other reasons they stopped wanting to work with me a decade or so ago.  At first I was confused until I found someone who actually would talk to me long enough to tell me why.  I understood and stopped fighting it.  Well now they are back and wanting to work with me again.   At first I was taken aback but realized that I have become a little unbalanced and the balance in all things are coming to be due and need to be addressed.  All in all it was an amazing evening with unexpected channeling.

River in the campground we stayed at...a beautiful time to be in nature.

River in the campground we stayed at…a beautiful time to be in nature.

Saturday we got up late and we snacked on fruit leather before getting the day started with a trip to the river.  We walked up and down the river a little bit and in general communed with nature and the local fae.  After collecting some river water, we headed to the camp store to get more firewood and then hit the cabin for brunch.  I made homemade sausage gravy with biscuits.  It was extremely tasty and a recipe I will happily continue to use.  After food we got things out to make pouches.  We cut and began hand-sewing our pouches.  Mine was a smaller pouch for gemstones that go in my box of tarot cards and hers was a Crane Bag for her Druidry stuff. It was several hours of sacred crafting then time for our early Mabon rituals together.  She did a lovely ADF ritual and I followed with some spell work of thanks for Mabon and a seed that is to be planted now and harvested by Solstice.  Mine was different than originally planned thanks to the channeling of the  night before. 😉  Dinner was my great grandmother’s recipe for Chicken and Dumplings with lots more chatting and reading.  The fire was going in the wood burning stove and quite lovely for us.

webs in the trees

webs in the trees

We got up Sunday and puttered around, we were granted a late check-out so we did not have to rush, thankfully.  We slowly packed up then had some brunch of chili and biscuits that Leona made then continued cleaning up and packing.  Traffic out of Big Sur was a bit much but it only took two hours to get to San Carlos then 15 minutes over to Redwood City to meet Keith and Ariyana at Jenn’s, Jenn made us a yummy dinner and we sat around catching up and watching some of Bitchin’ Kitchen, which amused me.  Home late and up late today but I feel more connected, balance being addressed and my connection to both my spirit and to my friends restored.  Yes I feel pretty good.

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