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Animal Magick – Working with Dragonfly

DragonflyI’m continuing the thread of sharing a bit about my personal power animals and the journey’s to discover them.  I previously mentioned that I worked with Marisol for many years  in her capacity as Shaman and guide for journey.  When I first began working with animal energies I had no idea that my attraction to certain animals was an indicator of having them as a power animal.  I have loved dragonflies for many years and they have allowed me to get extremely close to them for messages and for pictures over the years. The picture to the left is a prime example of that closeness.  I was using a 18-50mm lens on my Nikon D70.

When I first began the journey of course I was worried that I would find nothing at the lower world.  I understand that this is a fairly common thing along with the “I imagined the whole thing”.  During my first journey I met my primary power animals which are Dragonfly, White Peacock and Black Panther.  Surprisingly the black panther made itself known during the journey first.  He’s a cool cat but we will talk about him tomorrow or Friday.  Today I wanted to talk about Dragonfly.

Dragonfly is all about transformation and adaptability.  It carries the  wisdom of  working within the always present change in life while finding a lightness of spirit and joy in life.  Dragonfly ultimately “ruled” by two elements in water and air.  Nymphs begin life in water and ultimately take flight.  They breed and live where water is found.

When dragonfly shows up, it is a sign that change is coming or it is time to adapt and change something in your life.  As dragonfly is a constant companion for me, I am always aware of the balance I receive when near the water and the sea air.  There is joy to be had here that I cannot find anywhere else.  In the breeze I find that trials are whisked away, in the water I find myself cleansed and able to work with the emotions and things set before me.

Do you feel stuck in life, does the joy of those around you seem to slip through your hands?  If you are needing change, call upon the dragonfly to help facilitate transformation within your life.  The connection to the natural world through dragonfly is quite amazing.  Today I am calling forth my dragonfly with this mini-spell.

*light a candle of choice – I am using a blue spell candle
Ripples of water moving gently from the breeze,
Calling forth dragonfly
Three by Three
Joyous growth be at ease
Calling forth dragonfly
Three by Three
Transformative light holding the keys
Calling forth dragonfly
So Mote It Be.

Once the candle extinguishes itself I will make an offering in my backyard to bring forward the changes I am manifesting in my life.

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Animal Magick + Finding your Power Animal

Newdegate Cave - Tasmania Australia

Newdegate Cave – Tasmania Australia

Last week I started writing a little about animal magick and power animals.  In working with animal energies there are a couple of ways to do it.  When I began walking this aspect of my personal path, I decided to begin by working with a shaman to learn the ways of the Shamanic Journey.  The purpose of the Journey, in this case, is to descend into the lower world (there are three worlds lower, middle and upper).  I will talk a little about each world in just a moment.  Once you arrive in the lower world you are looking for a “sign” or the arrival of your primary power animal.  This is the totem or power animal that chose to be with you since your birth in this life.   This is a time of meeting.  There of course can be many more of these as you get to know the energies of this animal and what lessons they wish to teach you.

A little bit about the three worlds that you can visit during a Shamanic Journey and what they correspond to is in order.  Let’s start with the Lower world.  The lower world is your subconscious mind, where your inner child rules and has access to the mysteries surrounding your power animals.  The middle world is the conscious mind where you can work with the energies of the waking world via magick and journey.  The upper world is the divine mind, our connection to the universe, ascended masters and teachers as well as the Akashic Records.  This is of course a summarized bit of information on these three worlds.  If you are looking for a start into journeying I recommend Michael Harner’s Way of the Shaman.

In the manner that I journey, I do so to simple drummed music.  I am a fan of Michael Harner’s Shamanic Journey Drumming.  This is a link to the drumming CD that I use (I have it burned into MP3 and use my iPhone for immersion.  Journeying does not generally take a really long time and I try to limit it to the 20 minute session.  The music has a recall where the beat changes to recall you back to reality.

Before you begin, sit quietly to ground and center yourself.  State your intention to meet your power animal.  Once you are ready begin the music then visualize yourself near the entrance of a cave.  The cave is your entrance into the lower world where the spirits of power animals are discovered and where we work within the subconscious mind.  Visualize your progress down the entrance of the cave.  Descend down into the earth.  What you see will be just for you and just your journey so the surroundings of the cave and the descent will be strictly yours.  You may find yourself ending up in an underground meadow that looks like the world above, a forest or other fantastic landscapes.  You may wander around once you “arrive in the lower world” for a little while.  You may see several animals and creatures about.  The general thought on finding your power animal is seeing the same animal three times.  If you do then ask it if it is your power animal or totem.  Don’t be discouraged if you do not find an answer the first time in the lower world but try again later that day or the next day.  You will find your power animal.

Sometimes they are not trusting at first because we, as adults, have forgotten our connection to them and how to work with them.  Be patient with them and they will in turn be patient with you as you rekindle this long lost relationship. 🙂 Over the course of the next few days I will talk a little bit about each of my primary power animals, their energies and how I honor and work with them.

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Power Animals, Animal Magick + the Sparrow’s Song

Fluffy little chipping sparrow that was seen on my feeder 10/28  He's been visiting for several days now and always makes sure to share eye contact with me.

Fluffy little chipping sparrow that was seen on my feeder 10/28 He’s been visiting for several days now and always makes sure to share eye contact with me.

There is something to be said for having an accountability partner in writing.  It is keeping me “honest” with writing everyday and working out subjects together can be quite awesome. 🙂  Do you want to see her writings too?  Be sure to visit her on her Witches Diary.  If you like, we’d love to have you join us!

Our next subject is totems and power animals.  For the next several days we will be discussing our power animals or totems and the energies they bring into our lives.  To get the ball rolling on this I think I’d like to share a little about them as it was taught to me.  For many years I worked with a shaman in S. FL, her name is Marisol and she’s by far one of the coolest ladies I had the pleasure of working with when I lived in Florida still.  She not only taught me how to access all three spirit worlds that are viewed in Native spirituality but how to work within them and part of that is the meeting of Power Animals.

People tend to use Power Animal and Totem interchangeably and truly there is no “real” difference only depending upon the region/tribe you learned in from what I have been taught.  Marisol was and is a great teacher and having her teach me was a huge blessing.  There are two essential categories for power animals.  One is your lifelong power animal, an animal that has been with you from birth and will remain with you throughout your entire life.  The other is a lesson power animal.  They have something very specific that is for a period of time only that they work with you on.

Today I want to talk about a lesson power animal for me.  The sparrow.  Recently the bird feeder, outside my large windows in the living room, have been host to several types of sparrow.  They grace the area with beautiful song.  When sparrow enters your life it is to help you remember your own self-worth and that no matter what your size (or situation) you can overcome it as the sparrow overcomes those much larger than itself often!  In addition to this the song of the sparrow helps us awaken and balance our heart and throat chakras enabling us to sing our own song of self-worth and dignity.

This gives me several things to think about today.  I thank the sparrow for his gift of song and this blessing and will be working with that energy today.  What animals are trying to get your attention today?

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