Blazing trails…

I am of the opinion that when spirit moves you, listen.  Follow where it moves you.  Recently a very dear friend of mine lost her husband.  That statement is so inadequate for this type of thing.  It’s absolute pain, it’s despair, it’s torture to lose your mate, to lose someone you love so completely.

Some lichen/moss like growth on some downed branches

Some lichen/moss like growth on some downed branches at Whitehorse County Park

Xandria, I have known as a student, a sister, a friend.  First only through common connections as we are both students at Sacred Mists, then meeting her right after my elevation when she and her mom (the fabulous Zylvia) came to visit the Sacred Mists Shoppe for the first time shortly after it’s opening.  To say that I’ve always adored them would be an accurate thing but incomplete.

When Xandria’s husband died very recently, I was moved to go visit.  This was in part as it is the first time I am close enough to do this without an airplane involved (a mere six hour drive) and it was the type of thing that I felt MUST be done and exactly when it needed to be done.  The when was this past weekend.  My wonderful husband and sweet pup packed up a rental car and drove Saturday morning to reach Oregon in the early afternoon.  It was a beautiful drive if not surreal in some places, right out of a Dean Koontz novel with creepy foggy things and formations and loss of signal and all that. 😉

Once we were checked in to the hotel I did a quick clean up and then we headed to Xandria’s.  We got to meet her awesome pup’s and just sat around chatting for a while.   Alastaria came by with her son Dakota, who is just awesome, and there was more gabbing.  After a bit we decided to adjourn for clean up and dinner.  We were going to go to Shari’s but they were “booked” so we went to Applebee’s where we met up with Zyliva and her husband and Alastaria’s husband joined us as well.  It was a good time all around of chatting, some sci-fi geeking.

Back in the room Ariyana was so happy to see Xandria again and to meet the two new joiners. 🙂  Lots more chatting and eventually we adjourned for sleep.  I don’t really remember falling asleep but woke up some hours later as the dog was woofing at noises and the like.

Whitehorse County Park at the Rogue River.

Whitehorse County Park at the Rogue River.

Showered, checked out we went driving waiting for folks to get up.  We stumbled upon Whitehorse County Park and went walking.  Once Xandria arrived we walked some more with lots of chatting while we did it.  It was very overcast but so beautiful out.  Just being outside in nature with people I love is so balancing and invigorating to the spirit.  We talked a lot about a lot of different things and generally just enjoyed the cold weather and cloudy day.

Lunch was at Sonic in town, not the healthiest of lunches but it was exactly what we needed to fill our bellies after about 2.5 or 3 miles of walking that morning on a basically empty tank. 😉

Parting ways with friends is always a hard thing and this was no different.  I wanted to wrap the moment up and hold onto it where the support was there for a lovely woman and the love would hold her close.  It’s hard in times like this to adequately describe the emotions felt and really even to wrap your head around it.

I think the visit was good and we left pieces of our love and support behind, I hope that she finds those bits and they help her get through what simply must be the toughest thing anyone can go through, the death of someone so very close to your heart.  She’s an amazing woman and filled with so much strength and goodness in general.  In my heart I know she will make it through it, the cost is high right now and I really don’t know how she does it.  I’d probably fall into a ball and not function at all.

Ariyana trekking through the snow on the way to her ball!

Ariyana trekking through the snow on the way to her ball!

After all was said and done we had a side adventure where we introduced Ariyana to snow at one of the national forest parks on the way to Crater Lake (which we could not get to).  We had stopped at a closed road that had not been plowed in the park, that led to a campground so we could have a few minutes of playtime.  It was fascinating to her to see all the white puffy snow and pack.  She eventually found a spot and fell down into it, startled but not afraid she crawled up out of it and got her ball.  She seemed to really enjoy the moments in the snow and it’s something we want to do again sometime with her.

It was beautiful to see and be a part of such a wonderful weekend.  I will carry the memories and emotions from this weekend for a long time to come.

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#1 Posted by LoganA (19.03.13 at 01:00 )

I know what it is to loose someone very near and dear to my heart.. I can just say I see them in all we used to do played , music, so many memories.  Nature helps take the pain and leaves a sense of calmness, Remember the good times that you shared and as you focus on the good the bad will slip away.