An Affirmation ~ The High Priest

Yesterday…was a super busy day for me so I did not pull my card.  I got up at a lovely slow pace then made breakfast for Keith & I (eggs, hash brown and maple sausage links).  When all was said and done and put away, dressed and so on, we headed to the dog park with Ariyana.  It started out kind of slow with just a dog or two but within a half hour or so there were more people and dogs so she was quite content.  We even walked a little around the track to get moving…now that I am feeling less sick.  Once all that was done I put things together for heading over to the family that has adopted Keith and I into it for holidays and we spent many wonderful hours chatting with various folks and enjoying the peace and company of my best friend and her fantastic family.

This morning I got up at a horribly early time with Keith.  After he headed off to work I moved my “old” monitor from the PC into the living room for the table so that I have something bigger than my tiny laptop screen.  I’ve been doing a lot of squinting and such so I am hoping this helps with the headaches.  When it comes time to do photo sizing and edits I will use the laptop to ensure the color is right since this monitor is at least 5 years old and I cannot see spending 800 (I don’t have) on a refurbished apple monitor.


I pulled my card then thought about it a bit then decided to smudge the house while I vacuumed.  The house smells and feels so much better.  I love taking the time to smudge and cleanse the house of any energies that are not conducive to the happiness of our home. Between the stuff with sickness and Seth it’s been less than joyful so it was time.

After all that is done and I am again sitting at my work space surrounded by my pieces that make my little space sacred to me, I feel better.  Onto today’s card.  Today’s Card is the High Priest.  Interesting because every card is depicted (so far) by women and the Priest card is no different.  This is a little jarring when I look at a High Priest card, I expect to see the counter to the High Priestess.  The energy depicted in this card is more feminine than I expect so there is something for me to consider there.  With that it’s a stunning card that you can see peeks of the masculine nature of the sacred card.

The affirmation is ” I am transcendent of time and space”, a bit of a lofty affirmation for today so I am going to “I transcend the boundaries before me, achieving balance and success”.    Today we are closed but I will be on and offline throughout the day working on some project stuff that I’ve been sitting on not able to work on and I will find great success in that realm today.

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3 Comments to “An Affirmation ~ The High Priest”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (29.11.13 at 12:40 )

Enjoy your quiet day, my sister.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I will say that I am grateful to have you in my life, walking the Path with me, a bit in front and showing the way.  You look back often, and I love that!!

#2 Posted by Phoenix Angelis (29.11.13 at 22:55 )

I’ve just recently begun folowing your blog. And I find I am drawn to the idea of Daily Affirmations. May I ask how you go about pulling your cards? And the name of your Tarot Deck? The images are just lovely…

Blessed be, Phoenix Angelis

#3 Posted by LilythAmiciaMinnig (01.12.13 at 21:21 )

Phoenix Angelis Hello there!  welcome to my little corner of the cyber world!  I am so pleased to meet you. 🙂
The deck I use for these affirmations is based on the Major Arcana of the Tarot and is called “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess”, I ordered it from the shop I work at, you can find the deck here:
What I am doing is shuffling the deck once then I will pull a card from the top each day.  I will take a few moments to look at all the imagery of the card, and read the affirmation on the card and then translate it for my day.  At the beginning of the following day I will take the card and place it on the bottom of the deck (image up) and pull the next card. rinse. repeat.  Once I reach the first card that has an image up I will re-shuffle the deck and start the process over again.
I might be adding in a daily reading from my favorite tarot decks too in the near future. 
Blessings to you and I am truly thankful for your comments and for you joining me here. 🙂