Affirmation – letting go

death-goddess-pamela-wellsIt seems to me that each day my affirmation cards are building upon one another.  It’s fascinating to watch the “story unfold” over a period of 22 days.  Today’s story begins with the Death card.  The card is very slightly different than the painting she did for Fine Art America (the artist of the deck Pamela Wells) and this suits the meaning of the card more in my opinion.

The affirmation is “I surrender my ego and no longer let fear rule my life.  I have love, faith and hope”.  This affirmation is actually pretty good and I think I will leave it as is…I know shocker there!

For many the death card is an omen, for others it indicates massive change.  In the way this card is presented with the dove above and the snake below I am viewing it a bit differently.  From the snake comes earthly wisdom and from the dove divine peace.  In the center of her chest an apple rests.  The apple symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, sustenance, fertility and the witch.  She’s bearing the marks of stigmata (albeit in the wrong place of palm instead of wrist) symbolizing the surrender that the affirmation speaks of.

Today I will let my fears drain from my body and life and I will replace them with the things that carry me through each day…hope, love, and light.   The year continues to move to the darkest time (before Solstice) and now is a good time to “let go and let god”.  I will own my fears, acknowledge them and let them go.  I will continue learning on this road, through this time of introspection and when the light begins to return I will feel my spirit lifting.

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