Aces up ~ An interesting reading

This morning I shuffled absentmindedly for much longer than I normally do and not really thinking about anything in particular just shuffling and letting my mind wander over what I needed to get done today and what I wish to accomplish in the short term.  I finally settled down and pulled a card.

Ace of Pent, Ace of Cup and Queen of Swords...interesting

Ace of Pent, Ace of Cup and Queen of Swords…interesting

The card was the Ace of Pentacles, again today.  Interesting.  Since I pulled this card a second day in a row I wanted some clarification so two more cards pulled.  Ace of Cups followed by Queen of Swords, I will look at them separately and then the reading as a whole.

Ace of Pentacles: Confirmation of the planting of the seed in the earth and now we work the fields to bring life to the dreams planted.

Ace of Cups: In the Ace of cups you see the stillness of what is being stirred very slightly with the emotions of compassion, love with the tiniest drop of potential.  In this still water you can look deeply into the depths and follow your intuition and to drink deeply of the truth within.

Queen of Swords: In the Queen you see truth, knowledge and balance.  Her sword has been shaped into a crescent moon with which she can easily slice through lies to reach the truth of any matter.  Time to discard the past, come out from hiding and seek your truth.

Very interesting all around for today.  There is an amazing amount of balance and mingling of cards for the message received.  I am definitely on the right path with what I see within and happening around me.  I will keep to my path and tend to my garden of self.  My health will continue to improve, my spirit will soar and my leadership tested and affirmed.  The hardest part of what I have undergone in the last several years seems to be paying off for which I am very grateful.  It has not always been easy.  I’ve lost friends, some of which I accept the reason for the loss was me and not being true to myself or them and being a shoddy leader while struggling up the current.  I don’t know if those friendships can ever be repaired, if they can they will be.  If they can’t I am sorry for being a wretch of a friend and I wish you well always.

The next stage of my life is upon me and in a few short months I shall turn the clock to 40.  I look forward to this as I hit a huge milestone in my own life.  I intend to celebrate it with family and friends.  I intend to live my life to the fullest everyday and hope you will join me.


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