About Me

I am a real live perfectly beautiful woman, and just because I may be larger than the mostly anorexic female population in Hollywood, it doesn’t make me any less desirable or gorgeous because I like food. …I must take back all the millions of insults that I hurl at myself without knowing it. I would never, ever say any of the horrible things I say to myself about myself to anyone else, not even someone I hated, because there is no one I could possibly hate that much. We must stop fighting the war against ourselves before we can truly start to love ourselves. We are not “chubby,” we are perfect. We are beautiful. We are so very very beautiful. ~ Margret Cho

I love this quote and endeavor to be all that I can be every day.  I am a witch.  I am a Wiccan.  I am a woman.

This is about me and my journey.  If you want to ask and question, feel free.  I am open to discuss most anything.  And by Open to discuss anything I will discuss anything but will not be goaded into an argument.

My personal path is one that I have a strong calling to.  It is one of devotion and service to the Goddess.  I’ve been told I have potential.  I prefer to think of it not as potential but opportunities for further growth.  I have a code of personal ethics which stems from the teachings of my parents growing up, from my teachers in Massage School (I am a former Therapist) and from the Wiccan Rede itself and my interpretation of it.

Above all, Do what you will harming none is very important to me.  I do not lie (I have been told I am a horrible liar), I look out for the best of all involved whenever I can, I participate in community both online and off.  I teach, I learn.  I sometimes will fall on my face but always will learn from my mistakes and move on as a better person from having learned it.

I am a Third Degree Initiate at Sacred Mists and completed with my elevation to High Priestess of the Tradition in September of 2010.  I write when I can, I speak my truth and I live my path fully engaged.  Welcome to my journey and my part of the world.