A rune a day

This morning when pulling my daily consideration rune I was contemplating the weather we have been having which is incredible thunder showers every morning. This is a blessed relief as we are SO dry its nearly frightening to think of the coming fire season.

As I jiggled the bag I enjoyed the sound of the rain falling in a heavy pour outside my sliding glass window. I pulled the Woman Rune today

womanThis is a rune for creation, nurturing and indicates gentle action.

I am not sure what today holds for me; however, I will take this as a reminder to temper myself with love and light in any and all situations I may come against today.  I will find resolution for problems through quiet peaceful actions.

Today is a rainy day, a day that the elements nurture the planet and I will nurture my spirit and life.  My body will be cared for, my family will receive affection and love from me and I will fill my spirit with cleansing light.  Good day for introspection and ritual planning. 🙂

Posted on 23 May '09 by , under Training.

One Comment to “A rune a day”

#1 Posted by Rowan (27.05.09 at 23:56 )

I’m glad you’ve been doing this because I’m going to start doing the same thing. I have been working to learn runes more so that when I read I’m not stuck with my nose in a book the whole time…lol. I’m going to also begin pulling one rune a day and posting about it. I recently bought a beautiful set of carved aventurine runes so it’s time to get to work with them I’d say!