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Lilie's Tag and Purple Collar

Lilie’s Tag and Purple Collar

Dated: Wednesday 12-11-2013; 8:48 am

There has been a lot going on lately and not all of it is good stuff, but if life were only filled with the good, how could we grow and learn from the bad?  Work is crazy busy with being “one man down” and the holidays on top of that.  As I continue to walk down the path of life, I become more in tune with the seasons and myself and my family.  We aren’t a big family, we aren’t even an average family.  It’s my wonderful husband and I plus our pets.  Our “pets” are our children and over the years we’ve seen several of them cross the Rainbow Bridge, even as recently as November of this year with Seth’s crossing.  It’s never easy to help them transition but we do what we can and move on.  We talk about our family and how wonderful it is and how peaceful our home is and often speculate what one more animal could mean to the mix we have.  In fact, we’ve been talking about getting another dog for quite some time.  Someone for Ariyana to play with and someone to share the love of our home with.

Lilie being held by the breeder.

Lilie being held by the breeder.

I don’t know how things could look any more synchronous than what occurred this week.  As I mentioned, we’ve been talking about puppies a bit lately.  In looking at puppies before work I came across a site that manages matching breeders with puppies.  At this point I want to simply say do not condemn us for choosing to go this route or for not supporting our local shelters.  We DO support the shelters in our area.  On this site things quickly lined up in a way that can only be described as perfection and synchronicity.  I came across this sweet little white lump of cuteness, an English Cream Retriever.  I was stolen by her sweet face then I looked at her name on the site and was done for.  Her name was Lily.  For those of you that know me, know that Ariyana came to us through an accidental breeding of my best friend’s dogs Oliver and Lily.  Oliver is an American Golden and Lily is an English Cream.  I looked at many other pictures but kept coming back to Lily.  I called the number and with an interview on the phone, it was done.  Our new puppy has been found and will be coming home to us this week.  In fits of excitement and joy, we went to the Dog Park with Ariyana on Tuesday.  It was cold and the wind was blowing a bit but we stayed for a while so she could have some good social time and play time.  Afterwards we went to Petco, here in Vallejo.  We looked at collars, tags, toys and such.  We brought home puppy food, puppy training pads and her collar with tag.

Fluffy and expressive Lilie, I have to wonder what caught her attention...

Fluffy and expressive Lilie, I have to wonder what caught her attention…

According to the breeder she is a sweet girl who loves to snuggle and play.  She’s begun potty training and is eating puppy food now and we are so excited we can’t stand it.  We keep talking to the family about the new sister they are going to have.  While doing the paperwork, I decided to keep the name Lilie just with a different spelling.  It was too perfect of everything lining up to not keep it.  Right now, I am waiting for the travel info to arrive so I know when she comes home and won’t post this until I know for sure but I am silly excited and want it to come now!

Dated: December 11, 2013 11:31 AM

I’ve just heard from the travel folks and she’s coming home!  YAH!!!!!  We are picking our baby girl up on Friday at 5:10pm.  Keith is going to be taking a short day on Friday so he can go with me to the airport.  The plan is to head over to the airport at about 2 or 3 to make it through the traffic of SFO.  I will pick him up in the city from work then we will head on over to the airport and begin the nail biting waiting of the arrival of the little bundle of love and cuteness and joy that is coming our way.

To say that we are excited would be a vast understatement of all the thoughts going through our heads right now.  The process has been pretty smooth so far, which I am thankful for.  The worst part was holding this until I got the call from the folks in travel to confirm times and all that good stuff for her arrival.  I will be spending some time doing puppy-proofing and I am so excited!

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