A Mile in my Shoes, Journey though Sacred Mists

Conversations with me tend to be one of only a few ways.

1)Boring as all hell
2)Amusing and Filled with Childlike Delight
3)Extremely Profound and OMG lightbulb moments.

I just had one of those Lightbulb moments when having a discussion about my 3rd Degree Path with my Mentor & Teacher Lady Raven Moonshadow.

We were discussing the path of the 3rd Degree Student and the goals.  Specifically my Calling and goals of being where I am came into the conversation.

What are my goals?  What IS my Calling?  I am a beloved Child of the Goddess, I take my strengths and hope from working with Her.  With her support and guidance I navigate through my challenges with peace in my heart under the mentor ship of Lady Raven.  One day I will lead public rituals on Esbats and Feasts on Sabbats locally.  I will have made connections to local Pagans, Wiccans and Heathens who walk the ways of Olde and will teach, organize and facilitate many beautiful things.

In order to do this I must walk many miles through many treacherous paths which will lead me to this goal.  These paths are no all fun and games, they are not easy.  They REQUIRE of me to give of myself 110%, they require that I undergo trials that will stretch my perceptions, my abilities and my strengths.  They will show my weaknesses and allow me to strengthen them.

Walking through Shadow or under Storm clouds is not fearful.  I do not fear what lies on the otherside of these trials because I know the Sun lies there in wait for me to emerge strengthened.

One day I will complete my 3rd Degree studies, I will walk into local shops, rent space and gather those who are of similar minds so that I can lead them in Ritual with my head held high.  I will teach a class.  I will guide those who are lost and confused out of their shadow realm.  I will do this with the guidance of the Goddess.  I will do this because I will have been trained to do this by Lady Raven.  I will feel the Grace of the Goddess fill my very being.  Yes I have moments where I will slip.  These always will exist.  Yet I will grow and learn from these things.  I will walk forward with the knowledge that I Serve the Goddess and her People.  It is their will that brings me home.  It is their will and desire that shall wear the tread on my shoes.  For this I will continue to be.  I will continue to learn.  I will continue to lose tread on my shoes until there is nothing left of them.  When the shoes are worn and I remain, I will get new shoes and continue my Path and Journey.

This is my calling.  This is my Path.  This is my Journey.

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One Comment to “A Mile in my Shoes, Journey though Sacred Mists”

#1 Posted by Kimmie (21.07.09 at 09:42 )

Hey sweetie. Just wanted to let you know that I did, in fact, come to check out your blog. It will take me a while to read it, but I do want to give it my undivided attention. *hugs*

Oh, and I wanted to let you know that I love you to pieces. Have I told you that lately?

…oh, I just did? Good. 🙂