A Journey

Today my day started a little differently than normal.  My husband got up early and headed to work early.  His brain must have started thinking about the project he is working on.  I stayed in bed a little while then got up and started getting ready. 

Recently I purchased some Witches Runes from Sacred Mists Shoppe.  I’ve been saving for the runes I wanted along with a few other really nicely done hand-poured candles a new Goddess Statue and a Himalayan Salt Lamp.  Anyway the runes I picked are the Premium Witches Runes in Obsidian

I’ve never used Witches Runes before.  These stones are absolutely gorgeous.  They are LARGE flat stones that are hand carved and painted.  Truly Stunning.  They arrived this week well packaged and protected with a little card of meanings.  I will be taking the Extension Course at Sacred Mists that is offered for free with my tuition to become better acquainted with them.

To try and start working with them.  I put them all in the lovely little velvet pouch they came with and gently stirred them around by massaging and shaking the bag.  I pulled out the Triquetra

triquetraAccording to one website this is a Romance Rune and is ruled by the conflicting energies of Venus and Mars, therefore this stone carries a great deal of weight in any reading, since it has to do with reconciling opposites.  What an interesting rune to pull today.  The last two weeks I have been struggling with dealing with my own growth versus others and finding a way to balance the spiritual with the mundane more than I have been.  Perhaps this is my clue to find that balance at last.

My next step with this will be to work small rituals into each day in appreciation of the Divine, spend time studying and not fretting over ‘relaxing or downtime’  I can do only my best and it shall have to be just that.  I will move forward continuing to do my best all the while striving to grow and learn more so that my best continually gets better.  Hmm…A lesson and Growth! 

I will pull a rune everyday and try to remember to blog about it and what comes to mind when I work through the rune.

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