A grid for transitioning from imbalance

I sat down yesterday and considered what I wanted for my crystal grid now through Full Moon.  I finally decided and then set out to get it set, programmed and activated.

To begin it is set upon a slice of Septarian. Septarian is a fascinating stone, combining all the metaphysical properties of the minerals that make it up, making it extremely powerful. It is said to aid communication with Mother Earth as well as to help in overall healing and health. Atop the septarian rests six red lemurian seed crystals.

Crystal Grid for healing, health, clarity and vibrancy.

Crystal Grid for healing, health, clarity and vibrancy.

Lemurian seed crystals embody the soft and loving energies of the cosmic realms, this helps us increase our vibration helping to rise above perceived isolation and loneliness. This stone reminds us that we are never truly alone and reinforce our connection to the divine. Here I am merging mind and spirit with body as the lemurian rests upon the septarian slice. Between each lemurian rests a different stone starting at the south direction with the small citrine cluster. Citrine is perfect for mental clarity, creativity and manifestation. This is a stone that will assist in maintaining my direction when obstacles drift into my path. As we add to the existing stones it reinforces that though there may be blockages or challenges towards a balance of spirit, mind and body, we will be able to move through with a little work. Moving towards the southwest spot is an almandine garnet. Almandine garnet helps us find joy in the physical world in feeling supported and loved. This can help us release anxiety, worry, fears and panic. It can teach us to develop trust in the universal concept of abundance. In the northwest space I have a double terminated herkimer quartz with a baby bridge that also serves as a record keeper. Double terminated quartz allows the energy to flow in both directions to and from the focus. The baby that acts as a bridge will help to “bridge” the gab between physical, spiritual and emotional healing. This is to be considered the medial-stone that will speak and fill the weak spots with creativity, health and light. The fact that this is on a herkimer further adds to this healing energy and facilitates a shift energetically to bring this about. I am going to skip to the north west stone which I have a lovely tumbled Lapis Lazuli. This is often called the stone of the Queen. It will help move the consciousness beyond the mundane to help you identify habits, patterns and lessons that have been difficult in seeing for yourself. In the south west I have clear quartz that is also a bridge. Here I am connecting the two sides of the grid together with the bridges on opposite sides showing that the mundane and the spiritual can merge together in beautiful harmony for healing and health of emotion, spirit and physical bodies together. In the center is a titanium quartz elestial. This is a truly amazing piece in both energy and color. Let’s start with the elestial formation that shows many small tiny and mostly flat termination surrounding the main point atop. This is used for cleansing, healing and reawakening. What an incredible formation this is, which is then coated with titanium and a few other metals to give it the metallic rainbow colors that it reflects. This helps in interactions with others where we may be projecting ourselves onto others. We can see this now and work to heal that. It gives us this opportunity to see ourselves more clearly. This is an energizing stone that not only will help enliven but it will help dispel sorrow and added in for a little physical healing of the immune system. Let’s round back to where we have in the north space to see the placed apolphylite tip. This tip further brings light to the aura and body. Here we are bringing renewed vision to continue with spiritual work when you have been feeling discouraged. This is the activation stone for this grid and was placed last upon the septarian. Surrounding the grid plate are additional support stones. At the cardinal directions are double terminated cherry quartz or cinnabar in quartz points which will bring in hope and revitalization of the spirit through release of tension, depression and anxiety. There are two more red lemurian stones at north west and south east. At south west I placed a candle quartz piece which I have programmed for increased confidence, clarity and tranquility. In the north east I have a red hematoid bridge quartz. Again from the opposite directions we are connecting the remainder of the grid. In this stone we have the properties of both clear quartz and hematite. A stone of light and healing for both physical and spiritual. Programmed to help with focus, clarity of emotions and balancing of the three subtle bodies (spiritual, emotional and physical).

If you look at the whole of all that information you can see the way each stone connects and builds upon the other. Creating and working with crystal grids is a fascinating and amazing thing. I am going to work with my wonderful best friend and boss to bring crystal grids to Sacred Mists Shoppe to help get more light workers using them because they can really pack an energetic punch! Continuing on the path to health and balance, the previous grid and this one build upon one another energetically. With these things, I feel more in touch and in tune than I had previously and that is an amazing thing!

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