A deep well of thanks

A modified elemental pentagram with bits added, symbolizing bits of my spirit and my joys.

A modified elemental pentagram with bits added, symbolizing bits of my spirit and my joys.

I’d like to tell a little story, one of a rocky road filled with love, laughter, joy, despair and well…life.

It’s around October of 2007 when the question came to me, I don’t remember the exact verbiage but I do remember the shock that I felt.  Something like “Dierna and Saets want to have a baby, it’s top secret right now since they aren’t pregnant yet.  Dierna is not going to be able to work for a while and I was wondering if you might consider working for me”.  Wait what?  Doing Student Services and stuff really?  REALLY?  Talk it over with Keith and see what he says I can offer you this plus you’d get to work from home.  SHOCK. EXCITEMENT!

Let me explain a little about my job to that point.  I was the “Channel Manager” which is a fancy title for does a little of everything.  I handled new plan creation, plan modifications, notifications, sales database management, sales database lead entries, sales lead tracking and whatever else they decided to throw at me.  I had been quite unhappy for a little while and of course my co-workers thought I was exaggerating in how they treated me, which to say it was bad would be an understatement.  I was miserable.  I hated coming to work on a good day and detested it on a bad day.  It was not at all a healthy thing for me to continue doing.  This offer though seemed like a silver platter filled with awesome on it.

We talked it over and decided to give it a whirl.  Worst case scenario it did not work out and I’d have to find another job somewhere else.  Best case scenario…well I’m living it, not to jump too far ahead.  After discussions we decided that I would start the following March as Dierna and Saets were successful rather fast in their endeavor and she wanted to have a few months to train me but needed to get things in line and she was not in a huge hurry…well that would be perfect.

In December I tendered my resignation effective the last day of February of 2008.  By the time I started, the first week of March, Dierna was preggy and feeling it.  We’d talk about it while we were on MSN Voice and she’d teach me how to do what she did.  HOLY CRAP there was a lot to this job.  I hoped that I would be successful at it.

That year was pretty rough for me in a lot of ways because I failed A LOT.  I messed up A LOT.  But with each mistake I learned and grew so the next mistake was something different generally.  Who knew? LOL

In the, now 5, years that have passed since that decision was made I have become a stronger woman, priestess and have found that my calling in life is being fulfilled.  Though it is not in the way I visioned it years before I met Lorien or heard of Sacred Mists, this place fills my spirit fully.  For the opportunity, I am thankful.  For the patience, I am thankful.  For the continued support, I am thankful.  For the friendships, I am thankful.  From within myself I find that I have a very deep well of things I am thankful for in this life and the lessons I am learning each day.

Me on 2-27-2013 as I was working in my living room before I left for Napa for work stuff.

Me on 2-27-2013 as I was working in my living room before I left for Napa for work stuff.

I become a little closer to my spirit each day.  I become happier each day.  I no longer resent working. I  no longer detest going to work.  I look forward to each day and each challenge with renewed spirit and joy.  There are good days and bad days and yet even the bad days are still filled with challenge, joy and love for what I do.

I hope to be doing this for the rest of my days, however long that may be.

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One Comment to “A deep well of thanks”

#1 Posted by Raushanna (06.03.13 at 12:00 )

Failed a lot?  They are never failures when you make them lessons.  From my vantage point, you were and are still able to do that.  I am honored to walk beside you on this Path; you are an awesome inspiration and you will always be both a sister and a mentor to me.
Hugs and love!