A daily affirmation – Tuesday 11-26


As I mentioned yesterday I started working on my daily practice again in the mornings.  While mornings are  a little bit all over the place for me, I still get my own spirit taken care of.

For this morning, I got up after playing with Ariyana for a few and popped breakfast in the microwave for Keith, fed the animals then sat down at my place on the table.  I lit my Yankee jar candle.  I arranged my work bits and bobs then started reading my RSS feed and while doing that, moved my card from yesterday to the bottom and pulled a new card.  Today’s card is the Star.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Star, Sun and Moon in the major arcana so looking at this card this morning was a nice beginning.  As you can see it’s a lovely card with the traditional symbolism plus the addition of the Ibis in the background.  The ibis is a bird that I loved taking pictures of in South FL and will always be a part of my past so it’s fitting to find it behind the woman in this card.

The affirmation for this card is “I am always growing with wisdom and spiritual knowledge.”  A fitting card for today as I move forward with my own practice and my circle locally.  Holidays wreck a lot of time and I don’t see this as any different so what I’ve done with the circle, for now, is opened up the house on Saturday for a few hours for any of the gals to come by and talk or work on something and we will still have rituals together when we can.  It’s very open and free flowing right now, which is necessary since well holidays are crazy for me and not really showing signs of getting “less” crazy. HA.

I’ve got a lot on my work plate right now and I am really enjoying the diversity and challenge it’s bringing me to maintain my sanity and getting everything done.  I am pretty much welcoming anyone to stop by on Saturday’s for visits throughout the holiday time since that’s the best way to spend time with me…I’ll go out and do stuff when I can as well.  Holidays are here, treat your family with the best gift…time with you.

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