A daily affirmation – The Empress

Tarot_Empress_by_artmagic99Yesterday…so busy I did not get a chance to pull my card at all.  The day started a little later than normal but not terribly late.  We had a lot go get done before we headed to the warehouse.  Keith & Ariyana were joining me at working from Napa yesterday.  I always enjoy it when he is able to come to work with me and work from there.  It’s just nice seeing him during the day.  It was busy and we had to be there early as I had a delivery to be present for that was arriving yesterday morning.  Got there on time, mostly, for the delivery and then proceeded to make things and get some kitting done with Robert.  All in all it was  a productive but busy day.

This morning I got up a little later than expected but not so late.  I spent some time reading this morning and working on the card inserts for the Sacred Mists Yule Exchange.  I wanted to start the shipping today so had to have some of that done. 😉  After I started doing that and got the import running and all, I pulled my card.  Today I got the Empress card.

It’s actually a pretty busy card and I see more of it than the affirmation presented offers.  The affirmation reads “I see the sacred in all beings and myself”.  A lovely affirmation to be sure but it is seemingly not quite right for the card, in my opinion.  In this card I see several creatures that represent so much as well as a bounty.  In the owl, wisdom; in the dove, peace; in the hummingbird, leadership, in the songbird, a voice; in the blackbird, a message; in the butterfly, transformation; in the snake, awakening & the shedding of the past; in the bounty, abundance.  A better affirmation for this card, to me, is “I see and hear the sacred messages around me. I welcome abundance.”

Today is going to be a super busy day and one that I will be carrying this message with me throughout.  I will listen for the messages in the world around me and I welcome abundance and prosperity to my life.  May each of you, too, find your messages and welcome abundance!

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