A bit of daily magick

As I continue to work everyday to strengthen myself in my path and get back into working with my path everyday, I find that by doing a little magick everyday is going a long way.  I’ve done a little something everyday since Tuesday and shared it with Sacred Mists Fans on our Facebook page and with students by making it a Daily Challenge to help people LIVE the Path and not just study it.

I had personally fallen into the habit of not working daily within my path but simply going from task to task and frankly I felt the absence of spirit thoroughly.   Today I took some time to reset my altar (and will probably change it again this weekend since I am not so thrilled with it) and actually made a video for the Sacred Mists YouTube channel to share my path and joy of the path with other people.

Today’s Magick focuses heavily on Wisdom, Knowledge and Will to be open to receiving it.

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Thursday is all about wisdom and protection, classically you can see with the ruling planet Jupiter (which is great for money issues as th eruling planet of financial concerns), The magick of Jupiter will always make more of whatever you have so if you have nothing, this is not the best energy to work with. Colors for today are Purple and Royal Blue.

Today I want to grow what I have so I am going to work on wisdom through study. My altar candle is a rich purple (Witches Path from the Sacred Mists Shoppe). I’ve lit my candle on my altar and as it is nearing the end of life I am going to burn it all day. I have taken a little bit of the Power of Wiccae Oil (also from the Sacred Mists Shoppe) and dabbed some on my third eye, solar plexus, and a little on both sides of my neck. Third eye to absorb the wisdom, Solar Plexus to invoke my power and will and on the neck so that I may speak wisely today.

On small piece of Color Magick Sizzling Paper (lavender) I have written, you can use any kind of paper infusing it with purple energy or using a purple pen!

Today I draw Wisdom
Today I gain knowledge
May my course stay true
May my words & thoughts be just
(reverse side)
Blessed Be!

Fold up the paper and light it with your altar candle or a purple spell candle if that is what you have lit on your altar then drop the paper into your cauldron or fire safe dish.

Today you will learn much along your path with the strength of your Will behind you.

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