5K walk…

Me at home before the walk.  It was ridiculously early.

Me at home before the walk. It was ridiculously early.

This past Saturday, I did something I have never done before.  I walked a 5K.  ColorVibe came to Vallejo and I decided to get off my duff and do something.  Proceeds from registration benefit local food banks, which is most excellent.  I am severely out of shape and I really don’t care.

The thing about me doing this is that I am working on making more positive life decisions towards my health.  It’s about feeling better, being more active and being around people that can lift me up instead of tearing me down at every turn.

My goal for this “run” was ninety minutes making each mile (a 5K is 3.1 miles) about 29 minutes.  My fastest mile ever was 25 minutes last winter so it’s not outside the realm of possibility for me to make that time.  Even with me setting this goal, most people were running, jogging so I knew I’d be the last one to finish.  At first the thought of finishing last really upset me but at the end I discovered that it did not.

As I walked with my 3 supporters, I would stop to stretch my back and calves out, really wishing I had not forgotten my bottle of water on the kitchen counter since the water station was placed after the halfway point.  There were several times I considered taking a short cut off the track to get to the other side but I persevered.  One of my biggest shortcomings is that I am absolutely my worst critic and that I had to stop every half mile or so tore me down inside.  Towards the end, after we had acquired some water, it was a little more frequent as I really needed to drink that water.  Dehydration was setting into my muscles and well it’s not fun.

We had past the last color station and were on the “home stretch”.  Stop, Drink, Walk. Rinse & Repeat twice on the home stretch.  A truck load of volunteers drove by hooting us on.  The “negative nelly” in my head had to be beaten down  because she decided to take their genuine encouragement to be condescending as I was finishing last.  Truth be told the “negative nelly” in my head has a big mouth and I am enjoying beating her up she’s got to stop pushing me down into my comfort zone of non-movement.  Moving is hard when you are fat.  It’s doubly hard when you have knee issues and let’s add the back issues I have and then well triply hard.  Bottom line.  I GOT UP AND MOVED.

I finished!  Covered in dyed cornstarch and still smiling...I sat in the grass and drank some water.

I finished! Covered in dyed cornstarch and still smiling…I sat in the grass and drank some water.

Not only did I move but I conquered my fears, my negative nelly and…I FINISHED THAT ‘RACE’.  Sure enough last one across the line but I DID IT.  My time?  one hundred minutes.  TEN MINUTES SLOWER.  So my miles were 32 minute miles instead of 29.  But you know what?  I DID IT.

Even beyond that?  I don’t want to stop moving.  I am going to get back into walking every weekend.  I am going to start dancing with Dance Central 3 again too.  It hurts but pain goes away.  Health is a hard fought battle.

A while ago I started tracking my steps with a fit bit.  I just swapped out the old one for a new one called a Zip.  I have a goal of 2000 steps every day.  It’s not a lot but when you work at home and have no real need to walk anywhere it can be challenging.  A lot of days I come close to it.  Some days I leave that number in the dust.  This walk…I left it so far in the dust I can’t even tell you.  I came close to 12000 steps.  My total for that day was 4.86 miles.  Even after I finished my 3.1 I did not sit around idly.  I did stuff around the house, I went to the dog park and kept moving.

Yesterday, I am not going to lie, was punishment for not stopping, well not really but it sure did feel like it. *laugh*  My legs were sore, my knees ached and my blisters were even hurting me.  I only made it 1700 steps yesterday.  Not idle but dang it was hard.  Every step was a badge of honor and pain.  I made it through and today the pain is less.  Today?  I have to clean the house up since I did not do that at all so here come my steps for today.  Still a little pained but I will make it and continue to make it.

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