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Every breath, a blessing

at Hann's Park under a Willow tree near the stream

at Hann’s Park under a Willow tree near the stream

It seems at times that perhaps I will be able to catch my breath and recover a little bit from the continual reeling and beating that life is offering me.  Every time I feel a little bit of relief, I seemingly get kicked again.  This has been an on-going struggle now for many months and one that is cyclical in my path.  For each step I take backwards I will take two steps forward.  The path and journey I have chosen for this lifetime is not one that is easy but of immense value to me.

Many of the things I have said and done over the years, sound the same or similar and at the very essence of them, they are similar.  The thing is, I am always growing and evolving and working on being “better”.  This is a journey that has no destination.  When I am dead, this journey will be over but not until then.  With each “thing” there is a growth period.  This period can manifest in the way of a Dark Night of the Soul or in the way of something truly celebratory.

Lately I have been working on a great many things including emerging from the  depression that has plagued me for sometime now.  Please do not misunderstand, my depression is situational, I had a series of events crop up back to back to back that really just tore me down emotionally and left me raw.  When I am feeling raw, I tend to stay in and lick my wounds.  As the healing process progresses, I become more and more like “myself” leading towards a happy me.  It’s just something that must be done and experienced for personal and spiritual growth.

Some of my greatest joys in life are spending time with family, my animals, friends and even occasionally not doing anything at all aside from reading.  I am not a true extrovert nor am I a complete introvert.  I sort of straddle the fence between the two in any given situation.

What does all this have to do with anything?  Well, to put it bluntly it’s how I live life.  I vacilitate from one color to the next and experience the full gamut that life has to offer.  Every breath I take, is a blessing.  Every pain, also a blessing.  Behind each action is something that I am striving to achieve, something I need to feel or be a part of.

This extends to every facet of my life.  My job is a blessing.  Where else will I get to work and train students from around the world in a spiritual pathway that I absolutely adore?  I contribute to the community that helped me grow to be the Priestess I am today, which will be a whole other post in of itself when I get the words right.  My home life is peaceful and in general not something overly complicated.  I consider myself blessed to love and be loved in return.

Where does that leave me?  Continuing on this quest for evolution of my own spirit and person.  I will always be growing, learning and working on being healthy.  Life is not stagnant so I will not treat it as such.  I guess this is just me having a day to babble.  May you be blessed and be loved in all you are and all you do.

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For a little while now, I have been thinking of the “lost art of handwriting”. Everyday we type, we text, we talk but how many of us still write in a paper journal, write letters?

I have always loved writing. I have so many journals started and writing a spell on paper is just something that to me is amazing.

As our thoughts unfold on paper we transfer something of ourselves onto it and suddenly that plain paper becomes something magickal. It contains your thoughts manifest for people to see, be a part of, feel or bring about change. It is an amazing thing.

For years I kept my book of shadows electronic. Over the last year I have been transcribing my book into a large wooden book. The process is magickal. I’ve been giving great consideration lately to expanding my writing to not just the occasional paper journal, my book of shadows but into letters and penpals. How awesome would it be to get letters in the mail again?! Part of that is looking for penpals and I am expanding that to Pagan Prisoners.

What do you all think of writing? How does it take place in your own path? 🙂

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Four of Wands ~ Celebrating

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Four of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Four of Wands

July 8, 2014
Shadowscapes Insight
Four of Wands

In brilliant yellows, blues and pinks this card is a celebration!  Four unicorns serve as the heralds of joy and the essence of this card.  They lead a procession of faerie as they take off from the blooming and flower filled world below.

The four of wands calls for celebration, early successes + achievements have brought in joy and hope.  Now is the time to sound the trumpet of joy.  Harmony + peace are ready for blooming.  Revel in your victory for it is hard won.  Keep the forward motion you have worked hard to attain to keep the joy lit in life.  Let go of the fears and self-imposed limitations upon yourself in order to embrace the fire of joy, peace, harmony, prosperity + life.

This is an interesting time to pull this card to me.  I’ve been struggling for so long against depression that I had almost forgotten what it was like to feel “normal” but I have had a week of feeling pretty good overall and that is amazing to me.  It has been refreshing to not feel as if I am underwater.  My altars are cleared off and clean.  They are being used daily again and I finally feel like I have shed a layer of emotion that was holding me down.  It’s lovely to feel change in such a keen way and on so many levels.

A side note is that there may indeed be celebration coming to me with some time away with my wonderful husband for a night of fun in the city.  I hope that works out, it would be lovely to do and then spend the day just relaxing and doing touristy stuff in San Fran with him.  The trumpet has sounded and I hear the clarion call of change.  Prosperity, joy, peace + harmony for the summer and into fall when I will harvest these things fully!

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Ace of Wands ~ Daily Tarot

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Ace of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Ace of Wands

7/3/2014 Shadowscapes Daily Insight
Ace of Wands

A truly vibrant + beautiful card!  Three foxes of apparent varied age surround a tall wand that has been planted in the earth.  Behind them the sun burns brightly and illuminates the crystal of the wand.  On the ground, surrounding them are fallen leaves and among the leaves and rocks are sylphs + faery.  These beautiful beings are hidden by normal daylight but in this illuminated world they are seen and watch on while enjoying the radiance of creation.  The eldest appearing fox bears the mark of the sacred spiral.

In this card, I see the Triple Goddess calling me out from the shadows of introspection and personal work.  I feel the warmth + vibrancy of life, creativity and manifestation.

This card is a beacon of light, calling forth a challenge to step forward with confidence and self-awareness.  Foxes are beings (guardians) of fire, intellect + wit.  With their sleek + fast bodies they charge forward blazing a trail behind them.   They are calling for creativity, excitement + adventure.  The message is clear, “Let the fire catch + blaze forward with creative and adventuring spirit!”

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The Hermit ~ Insight

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ The Hermit

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ The Hermit

July 2, 2014 Shadowscapes Insight
The Hermit

This is another stunning card that elicits from me many emotions and interpretations.  The hermit is a seeker that has turned his back on the noise of “life” and the city to seek solace within.  The hermit ventures into the darkness, carrying a lantern that will help find the way.

Continuing on this journey, The Hermit shows the value of solitude and introspection.  In working with the self and the shadow personal + spiritual evolution can truly begin.  This inward journey is often filled with pitfalls and painful emotions.  It is in the dark that we realize the lantern we carry, is lit from the light of our spirit and the stars. This illumination from within will never lead me down the “wrong” path and I will always find my way home.

Adding to this is the loon, who are respected and seen sacred, often finding feathers in Native headdresses.  They represent the culminated knowledge of sky, sea and forest and can access ancient wisdom with their haunting cries as they fly over the Earth.

I see many things in this reading today and acknowledge that it is through the darkness that my spirit has learned it’s way to whatever will come my way next in this path and I will be able to access the tools needed to continue my own personal + spiritual evolution.  With this work I freely share the knowledge + inspiration granted to me through the many roles in my life as wife, friend, teacher, student + crafter.  I am on the correct path for me, most definitely!

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Shadowscapes Insight ~ July 1

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Four of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law ~ Four of Cups

Shadowscapes Daily Insight
July 1, 2014 ~ Four of Cups

There is something ethereal and dreamy about this card.  An undine rests atop a rocky outcropping with her hand in the water.  She watches the ripples move away, each taking with it a dream making  a willowy reflection.  She is the sea and the sea is her.  Watching on with amused looks are sylphs carrying cups filled with her daydreams…almost in a comical fashion as if mocking her self-absorption.

This card represents introspection and comes with a caution.  If you search within for too long you may “get lost” and find that the vibrancy of life has become gray.  A reminder that while work within and on one’s self is essential, it is also important to live outside the dreams and the work in the shadow or mirror.

An interesting card to choose today as I have been delving more deeply as of late within to help find a way out of the shadows and to be more kind to myself.  Perhaps today I will spend a few moments outside in the sunshine watching the birds as they eat from the various bird feeders in my yard or take a short walk around the block.

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