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Saga ~ Divination, Kindness

Norse Goddess Saga, as depicted by Dylan Meconis, a cartoonist and artist.

Norse Goddess Saga, as depicted by Dylan Meconis.  Dylan is a cartoonist and artist, he can be found on Tumblr.  Click the image to be taken to his post on Saga.

I’m trying to pick up my Goddess 365 work again, starting today.  Ultimately, I’d like to get back on track with everything…including daily writing.  Today’s goddess is one that I have never worked with, named Saga.  Saga is of the Norse pantheon and an attendant to Frigg, her themes are foresight, divination, inspiration, femininity, kindness, tradition and psychic abilities.  Saga’s symbols are a cup, fishes and water.

As an attendant to Frigg, Saga is a student of the universe who is consistently instructing us about the value of keen observation.  Of interesting note she is directly connected to the astrological sign of Pisces which governs artistic expression and empathy.

Another source, cites that Saga could often be found near a waterfall and stream with her golden cups drinking the fresh water and gossiping with Odin.  Both sources credit her with connections to the arts, words and divination.

The Empress "I see and honor the sacred in all beings, including myself"

The Empress “I see and honor the sacred in all beings, including myself”

Today, tend your sacred journals to honor Saga.  Write about your path, where you see yourself going, where you have been and similar topics today.  Saga, lives in those words, guiding you to write them, to inspire you now and in the future.  Invoke any of her attributes today by simply observing.  Today I have marked to be mindful of interactions, words and the world around me.

For my affirmation card today, I’ve pulled the Empress.  This card goes along brilliantly with Saga.

“I see the sacred in all beings and myself”

In this affirmation I can see the blending of my day of observation and honoring the divine in those around me, all the while, not forgetting myself to be included.  Today will be a beautiful day filled with many realizations, joyful acknowledgements and the magick of words.  May your day be blessed!

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Pantheacon – Part 1

Mystic Sisters painting by Emily Balivet

Mystic Sisters painting by Emily Balivet

On Friday, February 14, I left my home and headed down to San Carlos to pick up my good friend Victoria.  After a pick up and load of the rental, we traveled a little further into San Jose for Pantheacon.  This was to be something extraordinarily memorable for me, you see this was the first “pcon” that I would be able to make it to.  When I lived in Florida there wasn’t time or funds for me to fly to the opposing coast for just a few days.  Last year I could not make it as we still had boxes and hadn’t been in CA long enough to even settle.

Going into the weekend I did not know what to expect.  I’ve attended various events in the past ranging from public circles, workshops, Pagan Pride and the Goddess Festival (2010 from Z Budapest) and none of them could have even remotely prepared me for what I would encounter this weekend.  Not that this was in anyway a bad thing, just something that had to be experienced in order to truly understand.

First I would like to start out by saying that everyone there helped create an energetic and safe place for pagans to gather, exchange ideas, have ritual and more together.  Victoria and I arrived early afternoon on Friday and went through the check-in process both with the hotel and the festival/conference.  After check-in we ran into some of her friends who own Xcentricities Corsets and work with them when they are in town.  We were minionized to help hold doors and such, which was fun.  The first workshop we attended was at 1:30 and for Fiber Magick.  It was definitely more thought provoking than I thought it would be.  My working with fiber is very limited as I am  not a spinner, crocheter, knitter, etc but it definitely gave me some ideas on working with fabrics, threads and even hair.  Following this we attended Pagan Theurgy surrounding ceremonial magick and the use of neo-platonic philosophy and the bits that go along with it.  Absolutely fascinating and something I am going to look more into.  That evening we attended a Ritual of Calling the Guardians from Thorn Coyle.

As the first day drew to a close we met up with Victoria’s friends (and wonderful people she generally rooms with yearly) Ben and Rebecca.  I must say that meeting these wonderful people, this family that included so many amazing people that have come together as a family was altering for me.  It is one thing to attend such a large conference and experience workshop and ritual and quite another thing to befriend some amazing people.  Ben, Rebecca, Shirley, Sandy, Kay, Dan, Ynhared, Kevin, Nathania, Tony, Richard and many more whom I may be forgetting at the moment…simply beautiful and amazing people with warm hearts, wit and many senses of humor that simply had me laughing and laughing.

The weekend came fully to life on Saturday as many more people joined the conference for workshops such as Rethinking Community for the Solitary Pagan and many others.  Saturday I needed a break in the afternoon so I napped to rid myself of a headache.  We hung out a bit more and had so much fun!  It was amazing how many more people showed up on Saturday and Sunday than had been present on Friday.  Sunday brought the ADF Ritual for Community Service and work, a non-stop chanting workshop with Margot Adler, a workshop on The Woman Magician with Brandy Williams (who also ran the Theurgy workshop we attended earlier in pcon).  Much more schmoozing and having a good time Sunday evening as everything started to wind down for the weekend.

On our last morning we attended a workshop on Pop Culture Magick then packed up said our good byes and head home.  All in all the weekend was amazing for me.  I will be writing one more post on how some of the events/workshops/rituals I attended, affected me.  This includes the effects these new friends have had on me as I  move forward in my path this lifetime.  Would I do this again?  Most definitely.

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Transformation, Growth, and Life.

It is interesting what a new year ticking over can do. We are a month and change into the new year and I have been emotionally wrung out once, had a head cold and am coming back to life again.

If this is any indication of what 2014 has in store for me, it’s easy to see that it’s going to be a year of transformation and growth.  For the time being, I have placed my Goddess 365 blogging on hold.  The training and upkeep of a very young puppy is taking up quite a bit of time and I would much rather focus on bringing up a healthy pup than well just about anything else.

Live is a wicked thing and if we aren’t careful we might miss it in the “daily grind”.  For the last nearly two months I have been inundated with daily life and grind.  Work has been busy as I, basically, reorganize the way that I do pretty much everything.  By the time the weekend comes I am exhausted.  Not just from work but from trying to raise up a good pup.  Having a young pup is a lot of work and with that a lot of things have drifted to the wayside.  I kept up with my daily blogging for a couple weeks but it’s been too hard and too much like work.

This morning, I wanted nothing more than to sleep in but when Keith gets up the pup gets up and rather than try to sleep through the whining when he leaves the room, I got up.  Today.  I  saw him off and then fed the kiddos.  Lilie still devours her food like it’s been a week since she ate and not just since dinner…or even 4 hours ago if we are talking about lunch.  We are developing new habits thanks to the pup trainer that we did not have previously and while I understand some of them I don’t like all of them.  I despise the “5 minute rule” for example.  If we are leaving the house we are not allowed to give attention to the dogs for 5 minutes before leaving and then 5 minutes after getting home.  When they calm down and start ignoring us again, after returning home, we can call them to us and give them attention.  This is in part to help establish the pack order and to teach them manners for when people come over.  Makes sense.  I don’t like it but am doing it anyway.

Once he was off, the kiddos fed and I could “do something else”, instead of going back to bed I got out the vacuum and did the floors.  Continued onto mopping the front room, kitchen area and hallway.  I am not even going to bother mopping the living room with the backyard so muddy right now.  With how much rain we’ve had over the last few days it’s going to be super sloshy and muddy.  That’s a lot of tracked in dirt and mud so I will just keep the floors vacuumed and swiffered in the living room until it’s dried out some.

After all this was done, I had some breakfast and got out my cast iron teapot and filled it up with a pairing of green teas and finalized some website work I was working on for a friend.  I’ve managed to find myself mostly centered this morning and quite a bit chilly, oddly enough.  What will today hold?  No doubt more trials than I’d like but I will greet them with a smile and work my way through them.  Eventually things have to settle into a normal routine.  I am not looking for a boring type of thing just some semblance of normalcy that I am missing these last few months.  I want to wake up with a smile on my face not dread and feeling stressed.

Tonight I will begin painting on a beautiful Goddess with Offering bowl that I made and hope has found her home.  I am painting her in specific colors for my friend Phoenix Indigo Ember.  I hope she likes what I do with her and decides to bring her home.  I also have an antler talking stick to paint.  Maybe I will grab my paint drawer and bring it out tonight and work on it.  There are a lot of little things I want to do this week before Pantheacon on Friday.  I will of course be working from there. 🙂

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