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Gemstone Spotlight ~ Spirit Quartz

Anyone who has ever seen any of my altars or the plethora of gemstones around my home, knows that I have a weak spot for a few gemstones. One of those is Spirit Quartz.

Spirit Quartz is an unusual variety of quartz that often has a “candle-shaped” main crystal with that main crystal covered in small terminated points that resemble a druzy-type pattern with just the tip of the main crystal not covered. It is found in Amethyst, Citrine, White Quartz and rarely in Smoky Quartz. It is also known as Cactus Quartz or Porcupine Quartz and is found only in South Africa.

SpiritQuartzThis is a stone for bringing Spirit into play with all aspects of your life, which is in part why I have a piece of this on my small “table” work top altar. It helps to align our “mundane or everyday” life with that of our higher self or Spirit. It is a stone of alignment and harmony assisting with all aspects of the body (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual) to resonate fully together to achieve balance.

The piece I have currently on my altar is a beautiful smoky Amethyst (pictured left.) Amethyst Spirit Quartz directly links the conscious mind to the Higher Self, allowing one to comprehend and verbally express knowledge and wisdom that enters into the Higher Self to the “Everyday or Conscious” self. This is a very cleansing and purifying crystal form to the auric fields and can help repair holes in our etheric bodies to balance all aspects of Self. It can assist in the opening of the crown chakra to help us receive “downloads” of spiritual information and communication from our guides.  When you add in the properties for Smoky Quartz including the protective aspects you reap the benefits of working directly with spirit, enhanced organization and protection.   It’s easy to see why I love the stone sitting on my desktop altar so  much to lend it’s energies as I work each day.

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Crazy Busy

We are definitely upon the holiday season as things are getting more and more crazy as time ticks away.  At the moment I have bags and boxes with Solstice Gifts in them ready to be wrapped then delivered.  I will not be attending the Christmas Eve celebration with my local adopted family as we have a new addition to the family by way of our new pup, Lilie and she simply needs us present for her training and growth.

I wrote the paragraph above on December 17th.  That is how crazy it’s been for me.  I haven’t had much time to really breathe and sleep.  Now that Solstice is over it’s about the time that I take stock of the year and the holiday rush and the post holiday “clean up”.  This year to me feels especially rough.  I’ve been a lot more alone than I am used to or happy with and while I have my wonderful little family, this year I am missing things like family time with parents and the like.  It was absolutely wonderful on Solstice that Jenn & Leon came over for a bit (it was Keith’s birthday) and then Xandria came for an overnight visit.  It was simply lovely and I was feeling content for all the busy-ness that life has been lately.

I scarcely know where to begin but let’s start with the crazy work schedule of the holidays.  Work, yes all the time. LOL.  Aside from this I’ve been trying to snatch bits of sanity here and there by visiting Dive into Color in Napa for ceramic painting with my friend Pam Littlebird.  Then suddenly life changed on Friday the Thirteenth of December.  That’s when Lilie came home to us.  She’s such a wonderful bundle of energy and love added to our family that it’s just amazing.  Of course having a puppy under three months old also means potty training and denning.  As a family we are all denning in the living room until she has some potty control.  I do not want accidents on our tempurpedic and the living room is closer than the bedroom.  Keith is on one of the couches and I have a mattress on the floor.  We all sleep together in the great and huge living room.  In short time she’s become an amazing part of our little pack and Ariyana just loves her to pieces.

This of course is what led us to not spend the holiday’s with our adopted family here.  I will admit that things are not quite as happy and joyful as I would prefer.  I am stressed and missing my best friend.  She’s very busy right now too and I hope that sometime soon it calms down so we can have some time.  Of course I also miss my bed. *laugh*

With Yule and Christmas both over and New Years rapidly approaching I hope to have some sanity in life and regularly posting again very soon.

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Affirmation – letting go

death-goddess-pamela-wellsIt seems to me that each day my affirmation cards are building upon one another.  It’s fascinating to watch the “story unfold” over a period of 22 days.  Today’s story begins with the Death card.  The card is very slightly different than the painting she did for Fine Art America (the artist of the deck Pamela Wells) and this suits the meaning of the card more in my opinion.

The affirmation is “I surrender my ego and no longer let fear rule my life.  I have love, faith and hope”.  This affirmation is actually pretty good and I think I will leave it as is…I know shocker there!

For many the death card is an omen, for others it indicates massive change.  In the way this card is presented with the dove above and the snake below I am viewing it a bit differently.  From the snake comes earthly wisdom and from the dove divine peace.  In the center of her chest an apple rests.  The apple symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, sustenance, fertility and the witch.  She’s bearing the marks of stigmata (albeit in the wrong place of palm instead of wrist) symbolizing the surrender that the affirmation speaks of.

Today I will let my fears drain from my body and life and I will replace them with the things that carry me through each day…hope, love, and light.   The year continues to move to the darkest time (before Solstice) and now is a good time to “let go and let god”.  I will own my fears, acknowledge them and let them go.  I will continue learning on this road, through this time of introspection and when the light begins to return I will feel my spirit lifting.

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A new family member

Lilie's Tag and Purple Collar

Lilie’s Tag and Purple Collar

Dated: Wednesday 12-11-2013; 8:48 am

There has been a lot going on lately and not all of it is good stuff, but if life were only filled with the good, how could we grow and learn from the bad?  Work is crazy busy with being “one man down” and the holidays on top of that.  As I continue to walk down the path of life, I become more in tune with the seasons and myself and my family.  We aren’t a big family, we aren’t even an average family.  It’s my wonderful husband and I plus our pets.  Our “pets” are our children and over the years we’ve seen several of them cross the Rainbow Bridge, even as recently as November of this year with Seth’s crossing.  It’s never easy to help them transition but we do what we can and move on.  We talk about our family and how wonderful it is and how peaceful our home is and often speculate what one more animal could mean to the mix we have.  In fact, we’ve been talking about getting another dog for quite some time.  Someone for Ariyana to play with and someone to share the love of our home with.

Lilie being held by the breeder.

Lilie being held by the breeder.

I don’t know how things could look any more synchronous than what occurred this week.  As I mentioned, we’ve been talking about puppies a bit lately.  In looking at puppies before work I came across a site that manages matching breeders with puppies.  At this point I want to simply say do not condemn us for choosing to go this route or for not supporting our local shelters.  We DO support the shelters in our area.  On this site things quickly lined up in a way that can only be described as perfection and synchronicity.  I came across this sweet little white lump of cuteness, an English Cream Retriever.  I was stolen by her sweet face then I looked at her name on the site and was done for.  Her name was Lily.  For those of you that know me, know that Ariyana came to us through an accidental breeding of my best friend’s dogs Oliver and Lily.  Oliver is an American Golden and Lily is an English Cream.  I looked at many other pictures but kept coming back to Lily.  I called the number and with an interview on the phone, it was done.  Our new puppy has been found and will be coming home to us this week.  In fits of excitement and joy, we went to the Dog Park with Ariyana on Tuesday.  It was cold and the wind was blowing a bit but we stayed for a while so she could have some good social time and play time.  Afterwards we went to Petco, here in Vallejo.  We looked at collars, tags, toys and such.  We brought home puppy food, puppy training pads and her collar with tag.

Fluffy and expressive Lilie, I have to wonder what caught her attention...

Fluffy and expressive Lilie, I have to wonder what caught her attention…

According to the breeder she is a sweet girl who loves to snuggle and play.  She’s begun potty training and is eating puppy food now and we are so excited we can’t stand it.  We keep talking to the family about the new sister they are going to have.  While doing the paperwork, I decided to keep the name Lilie just with a different spelling.  It was too perfect of everything lining up to not keep it.  Right now, I am waiting for the travel info to arrive so I know when she comes home and won’t post this until I know for sure but I am silly excited and want it to come now!

Dated: December 11, 2013 11:31 AM

I’ve just heard from the travel folks and she’s coming home!  YAH!!!!!  We are picking our baby girl up on Friday at 5:10pm.  Keith is going to be taking a short day on Friday so he can go with me to the airport.  The plan is to head over to the airport at about 2 or 3 to make it through the traffic of SFO.  I will pick him up in the city from work then we will head on over to the airport and begin the nail biting waiting of the arrival of the little bundle of love and cuteness and joy that is coming our way.

To say that we are excited would be a vast understatement of all the thoughts going through our heads right now.  The process has been pretty smooth so far, which I am thankful for.  The worst part was holding this until I got the call from the folks in travel to confirm times and all that good stuff for her arrival.  I will be spending some time doing puppy-proofing and I am so excited!

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Musings & Affirmation

Aff_HighPriestessTo say that this week has not been at all what I anticipated, would be an understatement.  As we move closer and closer to the holidays, it seems that more and more is heaped upon my plate for completion and doing.  I wonder, every day, if I will be able to accomplish my goals for that day and yet I still approach each day with hope and seeing the beauty in the world around me.  One of the most important things to me is a sense of peace in my life and making my mark on a given day.

Things that are very much a part of me and my life are simple and yet not at the same time.  I am a woman with a heart desiring to grow and evolve spiritually, I have a family I adore and want to take care of, I have friends that I want to see, I have work that is deeply rewarding to my spirit and life, I have challenges in each of these things that help me grow and improve.

I’ve spent some time this morning with one of my great joys of my work.  I sat down and reviewed and graded First Degree homework for the last third of the degree at Sacred Mists.  This truly is something I receive joy from.  Not only do I get to work one on one with students and their lessons but I also get to learn from these experiences and feel some of what they feel when they are doing the work.  It’s absolutely fantastic and something I don’t know I will ever be able to give up.

I  pulled my card yesterday, I just didn’t get to post it.  Yesterday was the emperor and my affirmation for that card was modified to be “I work with truth and for the highest good, I lead with love and wisdom, I am content”.  Today my card is the High Priestess.  Each of these cards has spoken to me in such an interesting way.  This card shows the Priestess robed with the colors of twilight on one side of the inner “cape” and the other side peacock feathers.  The affirmation is “I lift the veils of ignorance and darkness”, I am going to modify this one (surprise!) to be ” I lift the veils of darkness and shatter the illusions, I share wisdom and light with love and joy”.  Yes I think that will work lovely for me today.

Again there is a lot on my “plate” for work but I will get through it, all the while spreading with each interaction joy and love.

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Aff-StrengthIt’s interesting when little synchronicities show up in life.  When joking around about the state of life this morning with my good friend Judy, she was all “just use your mad magic skills to fix it, be all like bippity boppity boo and shit”, pretty funny really.  I’ve been up for hours and hours and it’s about time for some caffeine so I pulled my card and I pulled Strength.

I laughed, out loud when I saw the card.  First it’s beautiful but the timing was well, amusing and the affirmation…added to it.  On the card it reads “I wisely use my life-force energy to create and direct my good work in the world”.

I am modifying today’s affirmation, surprise, to “I wisely use my energy to create and direct good in the world around me.  I manifest in my life strength, prosperity and wisdom”  I am going all encompassing with this one as there are a great number of changes that are on the horizon looming at me and taunting me.  I had a fairly decent weekend but still found myself stressed out yesterday pretty hard over the state of work and life right now.

It’s the 2nd week of December and I’ve not set my Yule Altar, I’ve not decorated the house at all.  After Thanksgiving last  year I had decorated and took everything down at New Year.  At the rate my “bah humbug” is currently eroding into life, there will be no decorations.  It’s not that I don’t want to do it, I just can’t find the energy to devote to the process.  I don’t want to even participate in Yule right now at all.  I am participating but my personal energy is lagging on it pretty far behind everyone else right now.  Maybe this week I will use this affirmation and just get it done.

Changing the affirmation again… “I wisely use my energy to create and direct cheer and holiday tidings in the world around me.  I manifest joy, strength, prosperity and wisdom”.  Yes that should do it.

Are you lagging in the holiday cheer right now?  Let me know and let’s kick it together!

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A daily affirmation – The Empress

Tarot_Empress_by_artmagic99Yesterday…so busy I did not get a chance to pull my card at all.  The day started a little later than normal but not terribly late.  We had a lot go get done before we headed to the warehouse.  Keith & Ariyana were joining me at working from Napa yesterday.  I always enjoy it when he is able to come to work with me and work from there.  It’s just nice seeing him during the day.  It was busy and we had to be there early as I had a delivery to be present for that was arriving yesterday morning.  Got there on time, mostly, for the delivery and then proceeded to make things and get some kitting done with Robert.  All in all it was  a productive but busy day.

This morning I got up a little later than expected but not so late.  I spent some time reading this morning and working on the card inserts for the Sacred Mists Yule Exchange.  I wanted to start the shipping today so had to have some of that done. 😉  After I started doing that and got the import running and all, I pulled my card.  Today I got the Empress card.

It’s actually a pretty busy card and I see more of it than the affirmation presented offers.  The affirmation reads “I see the sacred in all beings and myself”.  A lovely affirmation to be sure but it is seemingly not quite right for the card, in my opinion.  In this card I see several creatures that represent so much as well as a bounty.  In the owl, wisdom; in the dove, peace; in the hummingbird, leadership, in the songbird, a voice; in the blackbird, a message; in the butterfly, transformation; in the snake, awakening & the shedding of the past; in the bounty, abundance.  A better affirmation for this card, to me, is “I see and hear the sacred messages around me. I welcome abundance.”

Today is going to be a super busy day and one that I will be carrying this message with me throughout.  I will listen for the messages in the world around me and I welcome abundance and prosperity to my life.  May each of you, too, find your messages and welcome abundance!

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Daily Affirmation – Judgement

judgement-goddess-pamela-wellsI managed to not sleep in this morning, there was no fighting it and no going back to sleep despite the rough night sleep I had. Up at o’dark thirty, saw Keith off to work, read a little bit then fed the animals and did litter, oh and did the dishes too.  Finally decided to make myself breakfast and here I sit with my daily for today along with a few small things to do like finish cutting and putting Color Magick Sizzling Spell Papers together for the Sacred Mists Shoppe this morning and bag up some free gifts.

Today’s card is Judgement and a card that can typically mean many things but almost in every case I get a sense of time for reflection to remove old habits which do not serve you or may even cause you harm.

The affirmation for this card is “I awaken to the timelessness of body, spirit and soul.  All illusions are shattered”, I modified this a little for my own use “I awaken all aspects of myself, illusions are dispelled and a new light enters”.  This will definitely work for me today.

I have a lot on my plate at work right now and it will simply not do to allow old habits to creep in or for the troubles of life to seep into my spirit and darken it.  I reflect on the nature of life, love and spirit allowing for my own growth to come from the light.  When you are so busy, it’s hard to remember to take time for yourself and in some ways this card reminds us that it is necessary to take time for introspection to allow for hurts to heal and to allow for a better tomorrow.

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Daily…missed, sort of

TarotHermitSo this morning everything is completely out of whack. *laugh*

I got up a little later today, which was lovely but now I am also a little behind in some things.  These are all not important things in the grand scheme of life, so I will not worry about them.  I did manage to pull my card this morning and spend some time on it, just no time to write about it.  I’ll do a little of that now.

This morning’s card was the Hermit.  In a lot of ways I disagree with this pull for today since it’s not a weekend and therefore not really a possibility for me to do.  The affirmation is “I journey to a place of solitude to deepen my understanding of self-knowledge”.  Today not happening, too busy.  The card is stunning and gave me pause to “divine” my own meaning and affirmation on it.

In it I see a woman alone in the woods below a moon and surrounded by magick.  She is seeking balance and wisdom.  My affirmation for this card, “From within I seek the wisdom of balance in life and spirit”.  This worked better for me today.  I had a really good day and got a lot done.  There is still much work to be done but I have my lists and will be able to tackle each thing while still being true to my spirit and not coming unhinged.  My spirit will balance the mundane.  yes, this works for me.  I even managed to take time this morning to make my fabulous potato soup, had lunch with Keith, AND went to the dog park with Ariyana.  Mundane and spirit were both fed and balanced today.  Must remember to keep doing this.

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A Daily Affirmation ~ The Moon

moonI got up really early today, I had planned on trying to sleep in a little when Keith got up for work today but that simply did not happen.  My mind started swirling and twirling with thoughts so I got up.

After I saw him off to work, I fed the animals early and started working on cleaning up my desk a bit.  I am going to get rid of the desk in the office since I don’t really work in there at all anymore and well it’s a bit excessive to keep it as it collects clutter.  I tossed out a bunch of stuff and started organizing things into the rolling cart that I got for my bits and bobs for crafting and Craft related things that I do not use regularly but do use enough to keep.

I had a small breakfast this morning and then got started on doing some reading and general cleaning of things, which I do every chance I get so the house is always pretty tidy.  Now it’s time to sit down and pull my card and catch up with friends from the weekend in IM. 😉

Today’s card is The Moon.  I’ve mentioned before that this is one of the few cards of the major arcana that sticks with me and has for many years.  The imagery on this card embodies both the light and shadow of the moon.  The affirmation is “I use my intuition and intelligence to guide me”, as normal I’ve changed it slightly to work better for me.  Standing over the water and still a part of it the woman stands, open to receive the information and messages of today.  to one side is a white wolf, the other a black.  These to me symbolize the shadow and the light.  Each of us carry both within and must work with our complete spirit to find balance and joy in life.  The obelisks here look more like pens to me and show me to be careful of my words as I type them today and all days as with a slight change in inflection or verbiage, I can cause hurt as easily as I can bring wisdom.

As always, it seems, I have a lot to do and less time to do it but I will make due and get it all done exactly when it needs to be done.  Here’s to another beautiful and filled week!

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