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An Affirmation ~ The High Priest

Yesterday…was a super busy day for me so I did not pull my card.  I got up at a lovely slow pace then made breakfast for Keith & I (eggs, hash brown and maple sausage links).  When all was said and done and put away, dressed and so on, we headed to the dog park with Ariyana.  It started out kind of slow with just a dog or two but within a half hour or so there were more people and dogs so she was quite content.  We even walked a little around the track to get moving…now that I am feeling less sick.  Once all that was done I put things together for heading over to the family that has adopted Keith and I into it for holidays and we spent many wonderful hours chatting with various folks and enjoying the peace and company of my best friend and her fantastic family.

This morning I got up at a horribly early time with Keith.  After he headed off to work I moved my “old” monitor from the PC into the living room for the table so that I have something bigger than my tiny laptop screen.  I’ve been doing a lot of squinting and such so I am hoping this helps with the headaches.  When it comes time to do photo sizing and edits I will use the laptop to ensure the color is right since this monitor is at least 5 years old and I cannot see spending 800 (I don’t have) on a refurbished apple monitor.


I pulled my card then thought about it a bit then decided to smudge the house while I vacuumed.  The house smells and feels so much better.  I love taking the time to smudge and cleanse the house of any energies that are not conducive to the happiness of our home. Between the stuff with sickness and Seth it’s been less than joyful so it was time.

After all that is done and I am again sitting at my work space surrounded by my pieces that make my little space sacred to me, I feel better.  Onto today’s card.  Today’s Card is the High Priest.  Interesting because every card is depicted (so far) by women and the Priest card is no different.  This is a little jarring when I look at a High Priest card, I expect to see the counter to the High Priestess.  The energy depicted in this card is more feminine than I expect so there is something for me to consider there.  With that it’s a stunning card that you can see peeks of the masculine nature of the sacred card.

The affirmation is ” I am transcendent of time and space”, a bit of a lofty affirmation for today so I am going to “I transcend the boundaries before me, achieving balance and success”.    Today we are closed but I will be on and offline throughout the day working on some project stuff that I’ve been sitting on not able to work on and I will find great success in that realm today.

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Daily Affirmation – 11/27 ~ Chariot

Chariot-EverydayGoddessAffThis morning I started a little differently than normal, mainly because I slept in a bit today.  I worked until nearly 8pm last night so I was quite exhausted (after having started at about 8:30).  There was a stack of things to check in at the warehouse as tall as me nearly (5’2″ for the boxes), so YIKES.  Then there was the shipping.  I got a majority of it done but am heading over early today to get the rest done along with the checkins there and then do some cleanup.  So yah, slept in.  Got dressed and all that then sat down with my Starbucks Frapp. bottle and pulled my card.  Today’s card is the Chariot.

The affirmation gives me some pause this morning as each has done in turn this week.  “I wisely use my personal power and my power of choice to do good work in the world”  I reworded it a little but but not a lot, just so it sticks with me better this morning.  The imagery of this card is quite lovely.  In the background is a crescent moon, positioned near the woman’s head almost crown like while she sits atop a black horse.  Overhead, I originally took the bird to be an owl for wisdom appears to be a type of Raptor for far-seeing and spotting of opportunities.  In the distance is a castle (across the lake).  There is a lot of beauty in this card.

Each day we are given opportunities to do positive things in our lives and in the lives of others through our interactions.  Today is going to be another very long day for me but I will be rising to the challenge with a smile in my heart.  I will greet each person that I encounter with the same and hope the interactions are things that touch the goodness and it spreads throughout the area.  I will be aware of each decision I make today and each step will be balanced with my spirit.

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A daily affirmation – Tuesday 11-26


As I mentioned yesterday I started working on my daily practice again in the mornings.  While mornings are  a little bit all over the place for me, I still get my own spirit taken care of.

For this morning, I got up after playing with Ariyana for a few and popped breakfast in the microwave for Keith, fed the animals then sat down at my place on the table.  I lit my Yankee jar candle.  I arranged my work bits and bobs then started reading my RSS feed and while doing that, moved my card from yesterday to the bottom and pulled a new card.  Today’s card is the Star.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Star, Sun and Moon in the major arcana so looking at this card this morning was a nice beginning.  As you can see it’s a lovely card with the traditional symbolism plus the addition of the Ibis in the background.  The ibis is a bird that I loved taking pictures of in South FL and will always be a part of my past so it’s fitting to find it behind the woman in this card.

The affirmation for this card is “I am always growing with wisdom and spiritual knowledge.”  A fitting card for today as I move forward with my own practice and my circle locally.  Holidays wreck a lot of time and I don’t see this as any different so what I’ve done with the circle, for now, is opened up the house on Saturday for a few hours for any of the gals to come by and talk or work on something and we will still have rituals together when we can.  It’s very open and free flowing right now, which is necessary since well holidays are crazy for me and not really showing signs of getting “less” crazy. HA.

I’ve got a lot on my work plate right now and I am really enjoying the diversity and challenge it’s bringing me to maintain my sanity and getting everything done.  I am pretty much welcoming anyone to stop by on Saturday’s for visits throughout the holiday time since that’s the best way to spend time with me…I’ll go out and do stuff when I can as well.  Holidays are here, treat your family with the best gift…time with you.

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A daily practice – Monday

I am revisiting my roots in daily practice and peace.  In order for me to make it through this holiday season and all the changes that are lined up for life, I need to have the stability of my daily routines and spiritual path.

My miniature altar set next to my workspace.  It is filled with things that I find bring me a sense of peace, strength, energy and happiness.

My miniature altar set next to my workspace. It is filled with things that I find bring me a sense of peace, strength, energy and happiness.

I spent some time on Saturday cleaning up the table that I work at for part of my workday and resetting my “mini” altar that consists of my box that contains my shadowscape deck and some crystals, my wand and a candle.  In order for me to be at peace I need to start with my environment.

This morning I put together a rolling cart that will be kept by the table I work at.  Contained within the drawers of this cart are things such as my makeup, candles, candle holders, incense and misc. magick items that I will regularly use.  A part of this will be to make sure that I do not leave my spirit in the dust while “stuck” in mundania.

As a result of the clean up and such, I am reviving my daily affirmation card practice.  Today I pulled Justice.  “I am truthful with others and myself.  I take full responsibility for my choices.”  An interesting way to get this started as being honest with myself was how this sort of all started.

Justice - I am truthful with myself and others.  I take full responsibility for my choices and actions.

Justice – I am truthful with myself and others. I take full responsibility for my choices and actions.

The way that this practice works for me, is simple and one that I adore doing.  Each day I will pull a single card from the shuffled stack.  once that card is pulled I will take a few moments to explore the visuals of the card and then read the affirmation on it.  I’ll leave the card out for the entire day then the next morning before I pull a new card, I’ll put it face up on the bottom of the deck.  Once I reach the first face up card I’ll reshuffle and start the practice again.   There are only “Major Arcana” inspired cards so that’s less than a month of affirmations.  Generally, they have been pretty timely and right for my day.

This is just one of the many things I am working on to bring myself back to life.  After everything that has recently happened is said and done I need to pull my bootstraps up and not let it keep me down.  I’ve been down long enough now I get up and keep moving.  This week will be busy as all get out but I am still going to do this daily.  I’m already feeling much better than I was last week with the few minor changes I’ve made and the organizing and clutter clear is helping even more.

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From here it gets interesting

To say that the last month or so has been busy or stressful, would be an understatement.

Work things began heating up when Julie went out on disability for her shoulder surgery.  This changed everything with the way I work and has been super stressful for me.  I went from being able to easily handle my duties and work on projects some to being overwhelmed and it taking me longer than I am content with to get things done.  I’ve been spending half my day doing shipping and receiving plus working on making sure my normal stuff doesn’t slip through the cracks. It is starting to get super busy for holidays and I am thankful for the patience that the majority has shown during this time so far.

A few weeks into this Keith and I, had the opportunity to visit with some good friends of ours from West Palm Beach for a day.  It was fantastic, relaxing and just what the doctor ordered.  We had been stressing out a lot, in part due to my work and in part due to Seth, our eldest cat.  Seth had been sick off and on for a couple weeks and we were not able to get any real answers from the vet or the specialist yet and it was weighing on us a great deal.  Our visit started with a whale watching excursion down in Monterey Bay.  It was glorious to be on the water and the icing on the cake?  WHALES!  Not only did we see Russo’s dolphins, humpback whales but the rockstars of the whale world…ORCA.  It was so cool to be able to see all this.  It was the perfect start to the weekend and the best anniversary present imaginable.  It was Friday 11-1, and the day after our 13th anniversary.

Once we got home…well things slid downhill pretty fast for our peaceful relaxation.  Seth was getting worse and worse.  The vets could find nothing wrong with him and were beginning to think it was a tumor, likely on his brain somewhere that was affecting him with the symptoms he had.  Ultimately at 15 years old, the MRI and potential chemo/radiation treatment seemed like the worst thing to do for him.  We had a long talk with him and he let us know he was ready to go.  By Monday night, he had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

At this point queue a wicked sinus infection that had me out for several hours everyday that week and falling further behind at work than I thought I could dig my way out of.

That was two weeks ago.  This last week, I felt pretty decently and am pretty caught up on everything right now.  Of course now is the time for the Holiday Season to begin and thus begin kicking my arse.  This is not a bad thing, it’s wonderful to be busy…but projects are languishing and well that bugs me.  I’ll be glad when the silly season is over.

I’ve started making gifts for Yule for those few people that I am close to and want to make them something special and for family.  Unfortunately, the side effect of being so busy is that I am not eating as much homemade meals as I was so there is way too much salt and preservative in my diet.  I’ll work on changing this and pre-cooking on weekends.  Sometimes you need to take 3 steps back to take one solid step forward.

Now I will share with you some of my pictures from the whale watching tour…it was glorious.

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