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A raindrop balances on a Bougainvillea Bonsai.  A lovely reflection of life.

A raindrop balances on a Bougainvillea Bonsai. A lovely reflection of life.

Things have been very hard and interesting for me in a lot of ways lately. I’ve been eerily silent, which I don’t care for and really need to find time in my day to make it a point to write something a little!

It’s approaching that time of the year with what I call “the Silly Season” when people go shopping crazy in an attempt to show people they love them by buying them gifts. Don’t misunderstand my words please, I love this season as much as everyone else but I view it a little differently in some ways. I participate in gifting, but gifting from the heart not the pocketbook for the most expensive or outlandish things. Is it useful? Do they like it? Will they use it? Yes, Yes, and Yes, done deal. Can I make it? Will they like it? Yes, Yes, fantastic it’s done. I love showering those I love with gifts but my gifts are often more modest of time and love or something they can use and not just take up space. 

This year will be very trying for me in one new way. My work day is now split up. I spend less time doing the things I normally do and spend half my day doing shipping and receiving which means no time for projects such as forum improvement, website development and updates and lesson updates. It’s ok since it’s short term while the shipping gal is out for surgery on her shoulder, so if I am more sporadic than normal in being present please forgive me. 

My Mom when we were a the Shreve Swamps in OH a couple years ago.  Beautiful day.

My Mom when we were a the Shreve Swamps in OH a couple years ago. Beautiful day.

On the parental unit front, Dad had his CT recently for checking on his cancer and he is 98% cancer free! *dance* 3 months and they check again. He’s also now nearly 10 months smoke free. Now if only Mom could drop those last 3 cigarettes a day I’d be uber happy but I will take what steps I can. Dad has a compression fracture in his back that is complicated with the fact he’s been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Vey so much for one man to handle. He’s understandably grouchy but I try to make him laugh whenever I can.

On the “me” front, I’ve recently walked a 5K here in Vallejo, which I talked about here. With everything that happened just before and since the 5k a mere two weeks ago, I find that I am walking more on weekends and having much more pain in my back from wearing hiking shoes…need new shoes. Also need to go shopping for clothing that fits. *sigh* I hate shopping.

I’ve been grading the last third of First Degree since August. I have a good rhythm for it and am seeing all my grading (third degree too) going much better and faster with my new system. I absolutely adore grading and reviewing homework for our wonderful students here. It’s simply divine in nature and joyful to be able to provide feedback to a student helping them to grow as I grow right there with them. A wonderful loop of love and devotion to this beautiful path.

Guess that is enough of an update for now, I’ve rambled on and on and on. 

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