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Blazing trails…

I am of the opinion that when spirit moves you, listen.  Follow where it moves you.  Recently a very dear friend of mine lost her husband.  That statement is so inadequate for this type of thing.  It’s absolute pain, it’s despair, it’s torture to lose your mate, to lose someone you love so completely.

Some lichen/moss like growth on some downed branches

Some lichen/moss like growth on some downed branches at Whitehorse County Park

Xandria, I have known as a student, a sister, a friend.  First only through common connections as we are both students at Sacred Mists, then meeting her right after my elevation when she and her mom (the fabulous Zylvia) came to visit the Sacred Mists Shoppe for the first time shortly after it’s opening.  To say that I’ve always adored them would be an accurate thing but incomplete.

When Xandria’s husband died very recently, I was moved to go visit.  This was in part as it is the first time I am close enough to do this without an airplane involved (a mere six hour drive) and it was the type of thing that I felt MUST be done and exactly when it needed to be done.  The when was this past weekend.  My wonderful husband and sweet pup packed up a rental car and drove Saturday morning to reach Oregon in the early afternoon.  It was a beautiful drive if not surreal in some places, right out of a Dean Koontz novel with creepy foggy things and formations and loss of signal and all that. 😉

Once we were checked in to the hotel I did a quick clean up and then we headed to Xandria’s.  We got to meet her awesome pup’s and just sat around chatting for a while.   Alastaria came by with her son Dakota, who is just awesome, and there was more gabbing.  After a bit we decided to adjourn for clean up and dinner.  We were going to go to Shari’s but they were “booked” so we went to Applebee’s where we met up with Zyliva and her husband and Alastaria’s husband joined us as well.  It was a good time all around of chatting, some sci-fi geeking.

Back in the room Ariyana was so happy to see Xandria again and to meet the two new joiners. 🙂  Lots more chatting and eventually we adjourned for sleep.  I don’t really remember falling asleep but woke up some hours later as the dog was woofing at noises and the like.

Whitehorse County Park at the Rogue River.

Whitehorse County Park at the Rogue River.

Showered, checked out we went driving waiting for folks to get up.  We stumbled upon Whitehorse County Park and went walking.  Once Xandria arrived we walked some more with lots of chatting while we did it.  It was very overcast but so beautiful out.  Just being outside in nature with people I love is so balancing and invigorating to the spirit.  We talked a lot about a lot of different things and generally just enjoyed the cold weather and cloudy day.

Lunch was at Sonic in town, not the healthiest of lunches but it was exactly what we needed to fill our bellies after about 2.5 or 3 miles of walking that morning on a basically empty tank. 😉

Parting ways with friends is always a hard thing and this was no different.  I wanted to wrap the moment up and hold onto it where the support was there for a lovely woman and the love would hold her close.  It’s hard in times like this to adequately describe the emotions felt and really even to wrap your head around it.

I think the visit was good and we left pieces of our love and support behind, I hope that she finds those bits and they help her get through what simply must be the toughest thing anyone can go through, the death of someone so very close to your heart.  She’s an amazing woman and filled with so much strength and goodness in general.  In my heart I know she will make it through it, the cost is high right now and I really don’t know how she does it.  I’d probably fall into a ball and not function at all.

Ariyana trekking through the snow on the way to her ball!

Ariyana trekking through the snow on the way to her ball!

After all was said and done we had a side adventure where we introduced Ariyana to snow at one of the national forest parks on the way to Crater Lake (which we could not get to).  We had stopped at a closed road that had not been plowed in the park, that led to a campground so we could have a few minutes of playtime.  It was fascinating to her to see all the white puffy snow and pack.  She eventually found a spot and fell down into it, startled but not afraid she crawled up out of it and got her ball.  She seemed to really enjoy the moments in the snow and it’s something we want to do again sometime with her.

It was beautiful to see and be a part of such a wonderful weekend.  I will carry the memories and emotions from this weekend for a long time to come.

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Gemstone Spotlight: Selenite ~ Light Bringer

A Selenite Tower looms in the background where my broken Light Bringer Athame rests in the front with a Gilded Spring Candle burning.

A Selenite Tower looms in the background where my broken Light Bringer Athame rests in the front with a Gilded Spring Candle burning.

The word Selenite comes from the Greek “Selenites”, meaning “moon stone” or “moon rock”, with the root word “Selene” meaning “Moon”, and for good reason – the mineral Selenite is the near transparent and colorless crystal form of Gypsum that exudes a pearly luster which glows and can very much resemble the moon.  The Greek Goddess of the Moon is named Selene,  Selenite contains feminine energy and is often used to connect and commune with the Divine, most specifically the goddess energy or that of the feminine divine.

Selenite opens, quickly, the third eye and crown chakra with an intensity that if  you point a selenite wand to your third eye, the energy it sends can feel like a gust of wind going through your forehead and out the crown.  Now that’s an impressive image to cleanse out, open and activate the upper chakras removing those cobwebs.  In my own practice I use selenite to cleanse my aura.  To do this I will hold a piece of selenite wand (I have a broken Light Bringer Athame from the SM Shoppe – the style we had break easily so we discontinued them until we find a better cut for these beautiful pieces) in my right hand, which is my projecting hand, and leave my left empty.  Standing, I will slowly “smudge” my energy (about 4 or 5 inches away from my body) by using my right hand to weave through the energy.  I will do this three times to ensure that I have removed all the ‘dirt’ from my energy.

Selenite can lift your awareness to higher planes, which will help facilitate meeting with your spirit guides and to receive communication from them.

An affirmation you could use when working with selenite could be “My higher self moves together with my waking self, I am awakened to receive clear messages and am one with the light”.


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Sleepless Night

It’s interesting to me that I have been awake now for a couple of hours.  I was awakened by noises in the bedroom and by the sheets touching me.  Now I realize this sounds strange.  It happens to me from time to time though.  I will wake up without any real reason and my skin will be ultra-sensitive and my hearing sharpened.  I have not figured out what causes it.  Tonight I took an extra benadryl and well it’s finally starting to calm down after a couple of hours. I could not focus on anything really so I futzed around with my blog design and came up with a couple of new ones.

This week has been rather interesting thus far.  Tuesday it was upset stomach of doom, that still is lingering with me.  I can’t figure out what the cause of it really is so I am being gentle with what I am eating and so far so good, no repeat episodes.  Wednesday the upset lingered then followed up with the skin and hearing sensitivity.  It’s making getting through this week rather interesting all around for me.

As we continue down the path of health and peace at home, we watched our first movie on our new TV.  We, of course, are using the X-Box for a dvd player and well it was an interesting experience.  We’ve not owned a TV for several years now and I am not about to watch TV on cable (bleah) but an occassional movie after work seems reasonable.  We decided to watch Serenity tonight for the millionth time.  What a difference this new tv is.  The textures were more crisp, colors more vivid it was amazing and was complete immersion.  To test a theory we got a True Blood s1 disc out and popped it in, half way through Serenity.  To find the same immersion that we saw in Serenity.

So now it’s morning and I managed to get a little sleep between the above and this part of my post.  I am still feeling a bit on the unwell side but I will manage to make it through the day and still rock out to getting everything done that is on my list today PLUS get moving on the new course we are going to offer by Courtney Weber on Spellcrafting.  Very EXCITING new class.  For now I think I am going to just read some homework and make my notes for a bit then get to work maybe a little early.

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Unwell with no cause

A South Florida sun from a couple years ago.  I like the view of the Sun better in CA definitely. ;)

A South Florida sun from a couple years ago. I like the view of the Sun better in CA definitely. 😉

This morning I am sitting at my desk wondering about a great many things; however at the front is the feeling of disharmony that I am experiencing within my body. Yesterday afternoon while eating my lunch, I had a violent reaction to my food. I *never* get sick but this was violent and loud.

To say that I was not happy with this development was an understatement. I cancelled my Dance Central exercise for last night and nursed some clear liquids after I managed to keep dinner down last night.

This morning I am still feeling a general malaise so I am taking some dayquil to help with that. Thankfully it’s also a Day Camp day for the awesome pup so she can get lots of playtime in and I can get the rest of my work done and maybe even some grading.

I really can’t figure out what is causing the way I feel today but I’ll take it easy with the foods I eat and activity in general and hope it clears up in short order as I really cannot afford to get sick right now.

I have two lessons on my plate right now to get done. I figured out a way to get them on the iPad and will make notes in my little notebook then send them off by the end of the week to their respective peoples.


In the darkness the light shines. I am working on my outlines and such for the local circle/hive coven that I am starting and that’s looking pretty good. I might make it by Imbolc!

Off to get some reading done and notes worked on for these lessons to grade. Have a great day y’all!

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Choosing Health

This is me, my husband and in-laws in 2008.

This is me, my husband and in-laws in 2008. Click the image to see the “full size”

For a while now I have been working on improving my health and overall wellness.  It’s not an easy thing; however, it is something that I feel is vital for myself on many fronts.  Without a healthy body, the mind and spirit are not healthy is truly one of the foremost reasons   Combine that with I do not wish to vacate this body any earlier than I absolutely have to.  I love my friends and family and wish to spend as much time as possible with them.  That time, is precious and good health is preferable.

When I say for a while, I mean for a LONG time of back and forth.  I have traditionally gotten on and off the wagon repeatedly over the years.  When I worked at Verio, I had access to a top notch gym daily and used it.  I was much healthier for a long time and then sometime, I guess around 2006 or 2007 I started to become quite miserable at work and things went down hill for me health-wise from there.  I stopped caring, I stopped going to the gym.  When I left Verio, I was infinitely happier but no healthier and I continued gaining weight at an alarming rate.  Well it would have been alarming had I given even two bits for myself at the time.

Sometime around 2010 I started caring again a little and started walking a little bit.  My knees are fairly well shot after a fall around 2008 or 2009 so short distances was all I could manage.  In 2011, towards the end of the year, I stopped caring again and the weight started to come back.  Mid 2012 I decided I’d had enough and was done with roller coastering with my weight and health.  I started walking regularly with the dog.  I started riding my bike…then I moved across the country.  If I thought I was serious before, I think I was kidding myself.

I've lost some weight and am starting to have shape again other than blob.

I’ve lost some weight and am starting to have shape again other than blob.

Once we reached California I saw the world through new eyes and was this world different from the one I was used to.  Yes people like me are more accepted but I was really unhealthy.  WE all started walking together on weekends.  First slowly by walking laps at the dog park.  Each lap was a quarter mile.  At first I could only do one lap.  Next we graduated to Hann’s Park which had some lovely elevation.   That was where the challenges really started for me.  I started pushing myself so hard that the next day I’d be lucky if I could walk and there was always knee pain.

We’ve been living in Vallejo for 5 months.  I’ve lost about 2 sizes and can walk much further now.  We still walk every weekend, and we’ve added in working out with the Kinect twice a week now with optional weekends.  The Kinect is only a week and a half old in our house and I can see and feel a difference.   Dance Central is my game of choice.  It’s fun, I look ridiculous  it’s music.  I get a full body workout with some intense cardio.  It’s FUN!

I don’t really know where this journey is going to take me for sure but there is a huge difference in how I look and feel, even only 5 months later.  My confidence has returned, my smile is effortless, I laugh more and I feel the blessings that this life has allowed for me.  I’ve been gifted an amazing chance to turn my health around so that I *can* live longer, so that I *can* do things that are fun with my friends.  I’m not about to even waste this chance with being totally lazy.

I have days where I hurt a lot still but I push through with some advil and keep at it.  I COULD say that I hurt too much to go for a walk.  I COULD say that I hurt to much tonight to play Dance Central when we finish with dinner since my knees are cranky from the cold that rolled through last night.  I will simply tell you, dear friends, what I WILL do.

Tonight I will make chow mien for dinner that will have vegetables in it to balance it.  I will dance with my honey with great laughter and joy.  I will not care that I look foolish.  I will not care that I hurt today.  I will live in the moment with joy in my heart.  I will embarrass myself, I will dance like no one is watching and if someone happens to see me in some bizarre chance…well I just don’t care.

I don’t care that you may think I am fat and look redonkulous.  I don’t care that you have rhythm and I don’t.  Above all, I simply care that I got off the couch and away from the computer to do something.  The rest does not matter.  I got up.  I did something for my health.


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Gemstone Spotlight ~ Quartz

Some of my clear quartz sitting on my altar tile charging during the day.

Some of my clear quartz sitting on my altar tile charging during the day.

Quartz is a gemstone everyone knows about and many people will have many types of quartz.  I intend to talk about the general uses of quartz without going into what each formation of quartz can be used for.  The formations of quartz, will be talked about separately.

Quartz can transform mechanical energy into elector magnetic energy (and vice versa), which makes it useful in devices such as microphones, crystal radios, watches, etc.

Clear Quartz is sometimes called Rock Crystal and is generally the most often thought of stone when the term Quartz is used.  The name comes from the Greek word for “Ice” and some of the ancients believed that Quartz crystal was water frozen so hard that it would never thaw.

The Japanese called clear Quartz “the perfect jewel” and viewed it as a symbol for infinite space, purity and perseverance.  Indigenous cultures in North America and Burma have believed clear quartz to be living entities and presented them with food as ritual offerings.  Crystal balls, brought back by the Crusaders were said to possess magickal powers.  In Scotland and Ireland, spheres of rock crystal were long used to cure diseases in cattle.  In South and Central America, the past cultures had quartz shaped into the human skull and these objects were venerated as powerful religious objects, the dwellings of deceased ancestors or gods.

Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile stones available.  Three of it’s most used and key attributes are energy amplification, programmability and memory.  Unlike other stones, which carry certain relatively fixed properties, clear quartz can be “programmed” by focused intention to help achieve a goal or purpose.

A stone of Light, it can bring heightened spiritual awareness to whoever uses, carries or wears clear quartz.  It provides a clear pathway for higher vibrational frequencies to be transmitted.  Sleeping with clear quartz can enhance the vividness of dreams.  Quartz can encourage clarity, enhance communication with guides, amplify psychic abilities and stimulate all chakra’s.

Because of the versatility of this stone any affirmation can be written depending on how you are using Quartz.  An example might be:

“My thoughts are concise, I speak clearly and my will becomes manifest”

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An interesting trio

Ace of Wands, Two of Pentacles, The Emperor ~ Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Ace of Wands, Two of Pentacles, The Emperor ~ Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

I got up much earlier than normal this morning thanks to an alarm snafu on my part, so I have managed to get a few things done early today and that means time for a reading this morning instead of later today.

I’ve taken to doing a different type of shuffling of my deck since I’ve been “in love” with the wands suit now for a bit so cut it a couple times in different variations and then smooth shuffling.  It seems that no matter what I do to shuffle I end up with a wands card so I am going to roll with it for as long as they wish to grace me. 🙂  Wands afterall often deal with career and work oriented messages and those are coming through loud and to the front with all the changes at work lately anyway.

Ace of Wands ~ Again we take a look at this beautiful and foxy card.  It’s the possibility of creativity and excitement, a challenge to step up with courage and confidence.  Time to plant the wand, my desire and will, and watch it manifest.  Inspiration will come easily and while this is also a fire card, with fire being unpredictable, wield the flame of inspiration and creativity with purpose and the blaze that is trailed will be one of success.

Two of Pentacles ~Standing on one leg you see him delicately balancing all that is before him while on a rocky terrace.  Below the platform he stands on a chameleon is curled into the symbol for balance, the Yin/Yang.  Here you see some of the struggles that may come from the creative fire of the Ace of Wands.  It is a balancing act to keep everything in motion while still being flexible and adapting to changes as they come  quickly and easily.  Meeting these challenges as they tumble towards me with confidence and will and the balancing act will pay off, I must be aware of my work load and not take on too much.  Time to remember that I can share my load with other people through good communication and training.

The Emperor ~ Fascinating!  Creating order form chaos.  Showing Authority, leadership, strength and establishing order in my world.  The carvings in the card symbolize domain and dominion of said domain.   The Emperor is ruler of life and the wild, he has touched the chaos and brought it within to give it order and light.

When I look at these cards together I see a path being set before me that speaks of leadership, of creating and sharing.  YES!  This fits into what I plan for this year nicely.  I will stay on the path and put together the circle and hive coven for the area.  I have the creativity and will to help birth it and make it work.  I do not have to do it alone and can bring something new and beautiful to the area.  Time to sit down and start planning!

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And back to Wands we go ~ Page of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Page of Wands ~ Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

I am delayed today on getting my post together for my reading.  I pulled my card this morning like normal but did not have quite enough time to put this together and the Gemstone Spotlight so I opted for Gemstone and figured on doing this later…

Like old friends I have pulled another card from the Wands suit.  It seems like an old friend that I keep finding unexpectedly in the super market where we catch up and later go to get some coffee.  Today I pulled the Page of Wands.  Depicted in vibrant oranges the princess uses her wand to play her violin.  She plays with confidence and joy knowing her message is being sent through the melodies she weaves.

The Page of Wands is creative and passionate, she is charasmatic and outspoken, she is direct with her opinions.  She may be a teacher with a strong desire to share her knowledge with all those she comes to meet.  Within her is the spark of initiative inventiveness and may dare you to look deeper within yourself to find your own spark.

Here I am being told that while I have the desire, the spark and the initiative, I must be willing to follow up the desire WITH the initiative and actions.  I have discovered the song of my heart and spirit and now I must play it, I must live it and above all I must not ever silence it again.  I may have to push myself to the very edges of my comfort zone, step over that line of comfort and delve into the truly scary to obtain the desires I hold currently.  I will be able to do it, I must push myself to make it happen.  YES.  I can do this.  I WILL DO THIS!

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Gemstone Spotlight ~ Amethyst

Several of the Amethysts that are always on my personal altar, currently being "charged" on my altar tile.

Several of the Amethysts that are always on my personal altar, currently being “charged” on my altar tile.

Ah, amethyst how I love thee like so many have for thousands of years.  Long viewed as a stone of royalty it has been set into crowns, scepters and even rings for bishops.  It is said to even have been the ninth stone in the breastplate of the High Priest of Israel and one of the ten stones upon which the names of the tribes of Israel were engraved.

Amethyst’s name is derived from the Greek word meaning “not drunken” and an ancient Greek myth, which explains it.  “The God, Bacchus, angry because of an insult, decreed that the first person he met would be eaten by his tigers.  The unfortunate person happened to be Amethyst on her way to worship at the shrine of Diana.  When the tigers sprang, Diana transformed the girl into a clear, transparent crystal.  In remorse, Bacchus poured the juice of his grapes over the stone as an offering, thus giving the gem it’s beautiful color. ”  The Greeks believed that Amethyst would calm anger, relieve frustrated passion and prevent intoxication.

Used in metaphysical practice, Amethyst is often called for healing, meditation and psychic abilities.  Amethyst’s ability to activate the higher mind is key in gaining clarity of mind and thought.  Through this clarity you can comprehend more clearly the dynamics of your life experiences and overcome (thus healing) the traumas of life and spirit.  Amethyst further can assist in emotion based decisions through the clarity previously mentioned.

With the clarity and peace that Amethyst can bring a practitioner, it is no wonder that it is often used for Healing and in Healing Practices.

A couple of affirmations for Amethyst:

  • “I am purified and uplifted through my connection to the divine”
  • “With clarity and purified spirit, I release and offer healing to myself and those I care for

Some of my favorite Amethyst pieces I have gotten from Sacred Mists Shoppe in Napa.

Amethyst Pyramid, Amethyst Wand, Amethyst Crystal Ball, Amethyst Druzy Cluster

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Aces up ~ An interesting reading

This morning I shuffled absentmindedly for much longer than I normally do and not really thinking about anything in particular just shuffling and letting my mind wander over what I needed to get done today and what I wish to accomplish in the short term.  I finally settled down and pulled a card.

Ace of Pent, Ace of Cup and Queen of Swords...interesting

Ace of Pent, Ace of Cup and Queen of Swords…interesting

The card was the Ace of Pentacles, again today.  Interesting.  Since I pulled this card a second day in a row I wanted some clarification so two more cards pulled.  Ace of Cups followed by Queen of Swords, I will look at them separately and then the reading as a whole.

Ace of Pentacles: Confirmation of the planting of the seed in the earth and now we work the fields to bring life to the dreams planted.

Ace of Cups: In the Ace of cups you see the stillness of what is being stirred very slightly with the emotions of compassion, love with the tiniest drop of potential.  In this still water you can look deeply into the depths and follow your intuition and to drink deeply of the truth within.

Queen of Swords: In the Queen you see truth, knowledge and balance.  Her sword has been shaped into a crescent moon with which she can easily slice through lies to reach the truth of any matter.  Time to discard the past, come out from hiding and seek your truth.

Very interesting all around for today.  There is an amazing amount of balance and mingling of cards for the message received.  I am definitely on the right path with what I see within and happening around me.  I will keep to my path and tend to my garden of self.  My health will continue to improve, my spirit will soar and my leadership tested and affirmed.  The hardest part of what I have undergone in the last several years seems to be paying off for which I am very grateful.  It has not always been easy.  I’ve lost friends, some of which I accept the reason for the loss was me and not being true to myself or them and being a shoddy leader while struggling up the current.  I don’t know if those friendships can ever be repaired, if they can they will be.  If they can’t I am sorry for being a wretch of a friend and I wish you well always.

The next stage of my life is upon me and in a few short months I shall turn the clock to 40.  I look forward to this as I hit a huge milestone in my own life.  I intend to celebrate it with family and friends.  I intend to live my life to the fullest everyday and hope you will join me.


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