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Living a Spiritual Life

One of the greatest joys of my chosen path is the diversity in which I am afforded for practice.  I am a Goddess worshiping Wiccan of the Sacred Mists Tradition.

For me, it is important that my life has meaning and that I use the gifts I was born with to help others as well as the area around me.  This means I live spiritually and with my heart.  It’s not always been easy and it won’t always be easy; however, this is the life I have chosen and will take the ups as well as the downs that come along with it.

Each day I greet the same, often in a grumbly way when the alarm first goes off.  I’m not much of a morning person but I am morphing into one out of the necessities of this life.  After the furry family is fed I will take my wonderful husband to the Ferry Terminal so that he can begin his trek into the wonderful city of San Francisco for work.  Once I am home I begin my day in earnest.

I start off by getting myself some breakfast then brushing my teeth, you know normal morning stuff!  Once I finish that I will either play with the dog or work on my crafting projects that need to be taken care of.  When it’s time to get to the desk I will clear off some space, set down my drink for the morning and focus.  I focus with my altar candle for the day’s energy.  I will light the candle with intentions of joy and laughter for the day and to be filled with peace no matter what situations arise.

As I do this first step I begin to infuse my surroundings with the peace that I want to hold onto.  No better way to keep the peace that I want for my day than to spread it around my space and with every finger stroke on my keyboard.  By this time I am truly centered and ready to tackle anything that comes at me.

Once I have finished with my initial focus for the day I turn to my strength, peace, healing and joy altar.  These are elements hat so many people need every day regardless of a situation.  This is where I send those energies next.  On this altar are pieces and reminders of friends, family, brothers and sisters.  The candle is a huge 3×6 when I first get it ready.  On the top I inscribe “peace, strength, healing, joy”, down the sides I inscribe the names of people who have asked or given me permission to send these energies to them.  Pictures, gemstones and stuffies represent some permanent residents of this altar.  I will light this candle everyday and let it burn for 3-4 hours (sometimes longer).  At each lighting I will anoint the top portion and send to the candle via Reiki the energies for the day.

Once all this is done I will start opening my work applications and web-pages to really get down to business.  Throughout the day I may light a cone of my favorite Amber Sun Incense or take a moment to send a little extra energy to someone who has crossed my mind.

As I work, I smile often and do my best to bring joy to those I have contact with and to myself.  What I do is not glamorous work, but I believe in it deeply.  Working for Sacred Mists and Sacred Mists Shoppe allows me to help people who come to us for training, who come to us for their supplies or gifts.  I don’t always do a good job, but I always learn from my mistakes and apply them to whatever I am doing so that I can personally continue to grow and serve the community that I so love.

What does it mean to live a spiritual life?  It means being honest to myself, my path, my community and to continually grow with my community.  I endeavor to be genuine in communications as my desire to be of the greatest assistance is heartfelt.  I love my work and my growth.  I have come a long way in the 10 years I have been with Sacred Mists, as a student and will continue to grow with our students.  I am a Sacred Mists Tradition High Priestess, I learn and grow with our students, I share my path with those who wish to be a part of it, I advocate causes I believe in and most importantly I am a spiritual soul having a human experience.

I guess I have babbled on and on enough and probably repeated myself a few times over. 🙂

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Moving Forward & Life Changes

In the middle of July, my lovely little family packed up a POD with the help of some super fantastic friends.  Judy, Brett, Jason, Tanya, Jeremy; I am looking at you and without your help it would not have been as quick of a packing job as it was.  As the living room and all other rooms emptied out into the POD the house began to lose shape and feeling of it being home.  In this picture it’s a mostly empty living room with a cat missing her couch but does not feel like a place I belonged any more (and in truth it hadn’t for a long time).  It was really happening I was leaving Florida for good.  This was something I thought would never happen and it finally did and I could not have been any more terrified or giddy with excitement.

After the house was emptied we had a few boxes and things that would go with us in the RV we were renting to drive us across the country.  We had to drive to Orlando to get the RV and thankfully it was a weekend our friends Jason and Tanya were driving up so we hitched a ride with them to pick it up.  We sat through the how-to video, signed some paperwork and then went out to look at what would be our home for a week on the road.

We got a good giggle when we saw it.   I mean how much more perfect could it possibly be, it has an adorable Golden Retriever painted on the door looking out?!  Awesome.  We toured the inside with Jason and Tottie then they took off for their fun weekend and we got down to business.  We both drove it on the way back to Delray Beach and realized it was not so hard as we thought just really being aware of what was around you.  When we got in, we had some errands to run to outfit the RV for the cats and dog and dinner to attend to and all that grand stuff so we were off and running in my car.  It was also the last time I would be driving my beautiful black Toyota Corrolla S.  I love that car and am sad to have given it up but we really do not need two cars anymore.

After errands were run we started the task of loading things up.  That was a buttload of work for sure.  Lots of up and down the stairs, in and out and at some point my knees just could not take it anymore so I started unpacking inside the RV.  Charlie came over and helped carry stuff out with Keith and by the time it was all said and done we were all quite sweaty and stinky.

The RV loaded and ready to go early the next morning we called it a night, thanked Charlie and went inside for our last showers in this house.  The animals were a titch freaked out since everything was gone, we showered, grabbed our last few personal belongings and headed down to Davie.  We plugged in at Keith’s parents place and slept there for the night, the dog slept inside the house with them, while we slept in the RV with the cats.  It was a surreal experience but we needed to get up really early to get some breakfast and get rolling for the day with Jennifer, who was traveling with us for the week.  We picked her up at o’dark thirty and hit the road for real.  Our goal was simple, get out of FL the first day.  The day was August 4th and we were leaving Florida in our tracks, our adventure had begun.

As we traveled across the country pictures and notes were posted to our Facebook Page, where friends and family could stay up to date with our travels and silly adventures along the way.

The trip was long and hard in some places, the three of us persevered on and by Wednesday, August 8; we were pulling into our new home (after a trip to Napa to borrow a car for the day).  We were all pretty tired, we had unloaded the RV and had two twin mattresses for three people to sleep on (on the floor).  Yes a long day indeed.  Jennifer changed her flight to the next day so she could get home to her hubby Leon, who was missing her terribly I’m sure.  We settled in for the night and got a few winks of sleep before taking her to the airport early the next morning.  Thankfully traffic was not bad for that trip into the airport and we managed it without any problems.

After dropping off the RV and starting to unpack the POD, that had arrived.  We filled the largest POD with all our ‘stuff’ and in looking at it, it seemed like there was a lot there but as we unloaded we realized we were going to need a whole lot of stuff we left behind.  The most important thing to us was finding a way to get the bed and such out of there so we could get some real sleep. LOL  We managed it and got some help from Robert & Lorien for the last couple big items (the couch and chaise) to finish putting the living room together.

The next several weeks we set out every weekend to get things we needed for the house to make it a home and now, four months later I can say that we did a pretty good job of making this home.  We’ve settled into some lovely new routines and our home is warm and welcoming and not something we dread entering everytime we leave.

This was the biggest change we could have possibly ever made in our lives and I am extremely glad for this one.  In the last four months other changes have begun and seem to be settling into routine as well.  All these changes leave me tired and achy some days but infinitely happier.

We are spending more time outside, with each other and not hiding from the world.  Our weeks are full and quite busy with the commute for Keith taking him out of the house at 6:30a and not coming home till about 6:30p each day.  With these long weekdays, I try to do the cleaning during the week, I’ve started caring for the crazies during the week without his help and caring for all the other household things as well.  I have a couple hours in the mornings to kill afterall before I begin work. *wink*  Today I’ve spent my morning time re-typing this entry so I am glad I did the floors and dishes yesterday. *laugh*

It’s especially lovely to be close to my best girlfriend, Lorien.  For years we have had to deal with only seeing each other on my work trips out to CA for the store stuff and being able to have sudden trips to Napa to do something is delightful.  Just last weekend it was a sudden, hey come over and we can go to the Garden Center to look at the roses for the garden!  Off to Napa I went and it was a great time!

All in all this was the best thing for our health and happiness we could have done.  Each weekend we have started doing a “hike” through parts of Hann’s Park, here in Vallejo.  On one day we will go for difficulty so that I am physically pushing myself harder to heal my knees and other ailments from being heavy and an injury from many years ago.  The other day, on weekends, we will go for distance.  Both days I take a walking staff with me, appropriated from Keith since he does not use it for Renn. Faires anymore.  It’s helping me with my balance on the difficult days and on the distance days I use it for strength training and extra cardio.

Exploring our new home has been great fun and the laughter comes so much easier now than it has in years.  I look forward to continuing my journey to health and some level of fitness and years of great laughter with my wonderful partner and best friend in this life.  From here it keeps getting better and I am so lucky to be able to be here, right now in the perfect area of beauty and love.


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