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A garden of joy

Life is a never ending amazing journey and one that I have been doing a whole lot of reflection on. ¬†Of course this seems pretty normal and natural given the absolute craziness and massive amounts of change and transformation my life has undergone, this year alone. ūüėČ

A brief history of things that are important to me:

  • Living with love & feeling loved
  • Being near my friends
  • Being close to my family
  • Living in a place that encourages my growth
  • Taking care of my fur-kids needs and giving them a good life
  • Ensuring my friends and family know they are loved
  • Having access to the sea
  • Seeing mountains
  • Experiencing new things
  • Finding health

At some point I have done all of these things and still feel these things are important to my own happiness. ¬†I grew up near the sea and have always had ocean near me. ¬†Starting from a young age the Atlantic Ocean & Gulf of Mexico were very important as I accessed them both often, living in the Keys as a child and young adult. ¬†The sea calms me, grounds me, balances me and aids in the facilitation of peacefulness of spirit. ¬†It’s always¬†soothed¬†me. ¬†When I am too stressed I would go to the beach and simply be.

When I was still young, I followed my heart to Ohio then to Tennessee.  I did not care for Ohio much but Tennessee, ah sweet Tennessee how beautiful you were to me.  Smoky Mountains.  There is something so beautiful about mountains that just captivates the child in me and says be free and explore.  I remember spending nights on Bluff Mountain in Sevier County with my partner at the time listening to the sounds of nature while we camped.  Simply stunning to look at the stars and be at peace.

After leaving Tennessee I went home, to the sea, Florida called me back to return my spirit to me after trials away from the ocean. ¬†Slowly I was restored and eventually found true beauty within the mangroves while “mucking” at night and hiking where we should not have been. ¬†A glimpse of myself came back to me and I lived again.

Moving away from the mangroves was easy, I still had access to the sea and was deeply in love with life and my partner. Years pass and we find a way and manifest a move to the West Coast of the US. ¬†California! ¬†I’ve dreamt of this for years. ¬†Now I have access to that which kindles the child and calms the spirit. ¬†I am not far from the water and the mountains surround me again.

I have found my garden of eden and it’s wrapped in beauty, sunrises and sunsets, mountains, a bay and waterways and beautiful people.

Each day I greet the day the same. I rise (slowly because let’s face it I am not a morning person and never really will be fully a morning person), I take care of the animals needs, have my breakfast juice then take my wonderful husband to the Ferry Terminal where he will take a boat ride across the San Fran. Bay to go to work in the city.


People are out and about starting their day much the same way but I wonder if they notice the beauty of the world around them here.  My breath is taken away every morning on my ride home as I crest over the hill that is near Downtown Vallejo.  I see the sun peeking up over the mountains as oranges begin to fill the sky.  The clouds this morning were simply beautiful and filled me with awe as I looked around me and saw it.  I heard the birds talking and singing to start their day.  Life was blossoming to start the day and I was a part of it.  My mood lightened, my heart filled with love, today I began with the feeling of harvesting.

Today, you see is the 2nd Harvest, also called Mabon. ¬†Within me I felt the harvesting starting of joy, creativity, love, peace and prosperity. ¬†The transformation of life began and continues. ¬†What an amazing life we get to lead on this beautiful planet. ¬†Stand firm for your beliefs, love with ALL your heart and soul, be the change in your world, and most importantly be kind to yourself and others. ¬†My heart is overflowing with joy and love…I share that with you this Mabon and shall stop babbling so that you can simply enjoy the silence and begin the reaping of your hard work.

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home is where the heart is

Ariyana Watches from her Yard

For quite sometime now we have been super busy with our family move.  One month ago we arrived at our new home in Vallejo and began the re-assembly of our lives.

To say that we’ve been busy would be the understatement of the decade.

After nearly two years of intense spiritual workings and magick we secured a new home in our chosen state and truly felt like we were moving forward. ¬†The journey to get here has been rocky and at times quite difficult. ¬†I won’t even try to go into the costs involved with a cross-country move of this magnitude and way we did it.

For one week, we lived in a 38 foot RV with four cats, one dog and three humans (myself included).  It was highly stressful, fun and a once in a lifetime thing that I am super blessed to have experienced.

Living Room from the Hallway

“They” say that home is where the heart is. ¬†My heart is here. ¬†The unpacking has been on-going a little every day. ¬†I thought I had gotten rid of all the things I did not need or want, I was wrong. ¬†I am finding things that fit into that category that I will need to do something with soon.

Rebuilding a home from nearly nothing has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I was given in this. ¬†I truly have an amazing little family here in Vallejo with our “furkids” and my awesome husband. ¬†The adjustment stage is still in full swing but I could not be much happier all around as things start to settle.

Our main living areas are all set up (except for the need of fireplace screens to keep the cats out) and I find them to be quite comfortable to sit in.  We still do not own a TV, which is fine since we do not watch it anyway.  Our entertainment during the week consists of spending time at the dog park with the pup and reading our Kindles or a book.

The daily routine is starting to really settle and be cemented. ¬†Sure the day starts really really early, sure it’s a LONG day filled with lots of things to do but I am happy. ¬†The happiest, in fact, that I’ve been in years. ¬† Was this move a trial? ¬†Oh, absolutely it was. ¬†Was this move worth all the blood, sweat and tears? ¬†Without a doubt.

Yard from under the lattice

I am closer to friends I care about, I am closer to my job, I am closer to fulfilling my health goals.

So where am I going with all of this?  Sometimes you have to take a risk, one that leaves you floundering and uncertain.  Sometimes you have to entrust your well-being and life to another.  Sometimes you need to step off the ledge and just know that you will not fall or be crushed because someone has your back.  Someone is watching out for you, someone will catch you if you fall.

Take those risks, try something new and most importantly if you are not happy with your life, remember YOU HAVE THE POWER to change it!

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Lift Up

Something has been bothering me for a few days now.  As a Priestess it is my job to help those who come to me, when there is not a personality conflict or that of conflict of interest.  While it is a duty, it is also a calling for me.  This is something I feel very passionately about.  I do not always do this well or perfectly, in fact I make a LOT of mistakes along the way BUT I try to learn from my mistakes so that I can be a better person and Priestess of my path.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that there are essentially a few variations of people but they seem to fit into a couple of categories, inside my head at least. ¬†One group is the group of doom-sayers, nay-sayers and general negative type people, who no matter what it’s never right, good or enough. ¬†The other group are the inspirations, they look at every bad thing and find the silver lining, they find the lesson to learn and grow from it. ¬†I strive to be one of the latter types of people myself.

Somedays it’s really hard to be a happy person who MAY inspire someone else with your actions, compassion and joy when you are repeatedly smacked down time and time again for not being enough. ¬†Here’s the 411 for you.

No one is perfect. ¬†Don’t elevate someone upon a pedestal, you never know if they are afraid of heights. ¬†It is ok (and I encourage this) for you to be proud and to look up to someone who has achieved something you strive for or someone who has done something amazing. ¬†Don’t worship them though. ¬†Don’t venerate them to the point that they become infallible in your mind or to a place they cannot possibly achieve the perfection that you project upon them.

Everyone, without exception, makes mistakes.  We are all spirits on a path of human existence and learning.  It is vital that we all remember that when you place someone upon a pedestal, they will eventually fall down off that pedestal in your eyes and the damage will be irreparable.

I am a good person. ¬†I have a lot of love in my heart. ¬†I feel joy. ¬†I feel love. ¬†I feel sadness. ¬†I feel anger. ¬†I feel let down. ¬†I feel fear. ¬†I don’t always do the right thing, I don’t always acknowledge things. ¬†Sometimes I am slow to react or act.

When you place someone on high, you are going to lose a friend eventually when they fall down in your eyes. ¬†Keep everyone even…we are all learning, we are all growing together.

I don’t know I’m babbling and today having a hard time getting my thoughts out on this but the remember to just be real with yourself and others, you won’t regret that.

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