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A New Direction

For quite sometime I have been talking about transformation, challenges and trials that I have been going through in life, in my path and well with everything.  When I began walking on my path I was significantly healthier, thinner and naive.  Over the years I have gained and lost health, weight and innocence.  This is the way of the world.  Our experiences shape who we become and who we are.  Life is not about the destination but about the journey itself.  Each and every challenge, has become a lesson.  Each joy a memory and light to my spirit.

It goes without saying that life is filled with challenges it is how we look at these challenges and how we learn from them that separates each of us and connects us with the cord of light and experience.

I started this post sometime ago and lost track of what I was working on and what I wanted to say.  Much has been happening within my life lately and it’s rather succinct along the lines of transformation and personal evolution.  It’s amazing really what can happen and can be processed by the human spirit.

Just this weekend past we had (what I conisder) to be a disaster in my home when there were roots in our sewage pipes causing all kinds of nasty backups inside.  Queue calling insurance, water extraction and plumbers.  Now we wait on the insurance numbers to come back and finish the process of fixing the damage.  My point in mentioning this is that while I feel extremely stressed out over everything that happened (not to mention computer problems), I am steadily working through what happened and trying to not dwell in the mess that resulted and focus on each task instead of looking at the big picture.  By looking at the big picture in some instances I find that I lose myself and do not know quite where to start with everything.

Positives that have happened because of this, the room downstairs that used to be my craft room will be cleaned, obtain new flooring and void of all personal effects.  Anything in there will be given to friends, donated or tossed to the curb.  A cleansing process emerged from this.  I do not feel relaxed I feel rushed about with so much to do; however, I am as of today, taking stock of the small pleasures in my life and the connections to my spirit and Deity that keep me strong.

This new direction of my life continues to evolve my spirit and in doing so making my life simpler.  The need for so much STUFF is going away.  I can find fulfillment in having an altar that reflects my personality (surrounded by candles, crystals and seasonal adornments)  My tools have been simplified again.  I return to Tarot and will again embark on the journey that the fool has started to lead me on many times in the past.  I am an intuitive reader.  I do not follow tradition in this very well. (laugh).

My journey changes and while I do not know exactly where it is taking me, I hope you will join me in this and transform your life as I begin transforming mine.  A great many changes are coming.

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Where the rubber hits the road

For sometime now I have had more than one blog post started and unfinished.  They sit taunting me in the drafts.  Everytime I sit down to write, something happens and well I cannot get it done.

Oddly enough the same thing started to happen with this post, but thankfully I am able to get back to this one within a week of the original attempt.

It seems, lately, that life is increasingly complicated in some manner and extremely tiring emotionally speaking.  I’ve been in this major transition mode and it seems to be stuck at the almost there mark.  Every time I try to push through it, I get spun backwards a little bit.

For approximately the last year I have been working on becoming healthier.  It’s a difficult thing to do and frequently I’ve had set backs.  No big deal I push through and keep on moving.  I feel much better than I did when I began the journey to health.  I did not publicize this when I began because I was doing it for me and me alone.  As I worked thorugh the set backs, I realized that perhaps I should share some of my triumphs with other people.  This was a good thing to do.  It not only allowed me to share my progress but to encourage others who were struggling with the same things to join me and together we are stronger than we are alone.

It’s a small thing to make changes in your own life.  It’s a larger thing to share them with other people and sometimes those who you do not know in a way other than online.

Each small change that I make seems to grip the road a little more and there is less wheel spinning.  This is not to say that there is *no* spinning because there is most definitely some spinning and resistance.  Even with the recent house drama/trauma I still feel as if the hard work that I have been undergoing lately will come to a fruitful harvest this year.

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The Value of Self-Appreciation

This is my horoscope for today and it has given me some things to consider…First the horoscope then my thoughts.

You could receive compliments from people close to you today, which may make you feel that your efforts are appreciated. Having your work acknowledged might be an important way for you to retain your motivation, since you likely feel that your work has value when others recognize it. Learning how to accept other people’s praise humbly today could help you understand that everything you do has worth and that you do not need the validation of others to make you feel appreciated. Once you become aware of the fact that confirmation about your work should come from within, you might find it easier to receive accolades from a place of detachment, meaning that your sense of self is not reliant upon other people’s feeling about you. This may make it easier to accept the merits of your own gifts as opposed to requiring approval from others.

Recognizing that our work has significance allows us to receive praise for what it is worth and not for what it gives us. Compliments are a means for others to tell us how they feel about what we do. While their appreciation is beneficial, it is not something that defines us. Feeling truly cherished means that we give ourselves the love and acceptance that we need first and foremost. It is only then that we will be able to graciously and sincerely receive it from others. By appreciating yourself first, you will find greater value in the compliments you receive today

How oddly appropriate that this came up today.  A long time ago I detached myself from the need for praise.  I know my self-worth and am quite nicely anchored in myself.  I KNOW I am a good person, a hard worker, a beautiful spirit.  I do not require acceptance and accolades and often I undermine them  before they even get them all the way out.  Something I will have to give thought to is to allow compliments to come to me and not negate them by not accepting them.  A good lesson to be remembered most definitely.

Compliments are not only meant to bolster our own confidence (whether needed or not) but to remind us that others find our value and appreciate us.  So with that remember that YOU are awesome and deserving of that praise.

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Pure & Simple Love

I’ve been doing a whole lot of thinking this week and really enjoying the challenges and magick Morgaine and I have been sharing with you.

Today I really wanted to do something truly simple that can be done at anytime. Sitting here this morning listening as the rain hits the soaked ground and pavement outside my townhome helped me come to the conclusion that today’s magick will be based in simplicity and something you *can* do everyday and never tire of it.

Last week I posted about Urban Animal Magick and that was an amazing day for me with a lot of things coming up and whizzing into my life. It was a simple thing that we could do everyday but today…even more simple and filled with spirit.

Ready for it?

I’m talking about family, friends, strangers, people! The picture here is my Mom when we were at the Shreve OH Swamps in May.  It was a spur of the moment drive that really made my day and I think Mom & Dad’s too.  We were outside looking at awesome wildlife and scenery just enjoying each other’s company.



Everyday we have a choice on how we wish to live our day and be with our family. Everyday I choose love.


It’s a rainy day today. I know that I cannot take time today to play with my pup Ariyana the way I would like to. Rather than have her bored and unhappy she went to Doggie Daycamp. She loves it there and in turn they love her.  She gets to spend the day inside playing with all her canine and human friends and doing what she loves best…being the center of attention and a bundle of joyful play.  She is a true blessing to everyone she comes in contact with.  She just loves everyone and smiles all the time.



Last October I spent a week with a few people, some of which I was meeting for the first time. I shared my “home away from home” with folks and feel like I made some connections through the love shared. This is my friend Dreagon and I. I don’t get to talk to her nearly as much as I’d love to but she is always in my heart.  It was also an extra wonderful trip because I got to meet my favorite Pixie’s husband Dan and Carolyn who I also miss chatting with on a regular basis.


My points here are simple. No matter the circumstances, no matter what kind of day you are having if you allow your inner love and light to shine you can and will make connections that you will carry on your spirit. You may not even be aware of them but they are there. See that cashier that is frowning and grumpy? Be polite, smile and give her a little perk. She will carry that and remember that YOU were the nice person that gave enough of yourself to turn her day around. The person behind you in the drive through? If you can pay for their meal at lunch today. I guarantee they will return the favor to someone else.

You’ve created a chain reaction of joy and smiles that no matter what will carry someone through their day.

What will you do today to bring joy to the world around you?

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