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A Weekend Away, At Home

This weekend past I had the amazing opportunity to have a sister of spirit and soul visit me in my home for the first time. It was to be a short weekend visit where I would take Monday off to do something and then take her to the airport etc.

To say the weekend was a whirlwind of activity is absolutely an understatement. Saturday started late as her first flights filled up fast (she flies standby). Finally arriving at almost 6pm, my husband and I picked up Raushanna at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, then picking up the pup at his parents house and heading to the house. Once we arrived home, we piled in and arranged things around then hit our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner (yum).

Sunday was a pretty awesome day, we had brunch with some of my local friends at the Sundy House (where the picture above was taken), then back to the house. The hubs was not feeling well so he laid down. Raush and I sat around talking and talking and talking for hours. Ordered Chinese and then turned in early since I was super tired. (Early being 10pm – LOL).

Monday we had a few hours to hang out and visit at Flamingo Gardens before we had to drop her back off at the airport. It was a really good time.

Every time that I get any time at all with my dear sister of heart, it is fantastic. We become invigorated, we do magick and grow together. It is hard to put to words what happens so effortlessly and as if it were always there to happen. Our spirits are in sync and react so well together.

The Gardens were stunning, as always and rich with the joy of spring and magick in the air.  Each aged and wizened tree held such spirit that it could be tangibly felt and learned from.

Joy lifts me up, delight and trust hold me high.

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A Week of Empowerment

Right now the cosmos are gearing up for another Mercury Retrograde (starting on the 12th). Knowing that communications and such are going to go haywire, I feel that it is a good time to work on my own confidence and empowerment so that even when things go wonky I will be rooted firmly in myself to work through the toughest of challenges that Mercury may present to me.

Tuesday 3-6:

Burning this week on my altar is a Goddess Drop Candle from the Sacred Mists Shoppe.  It is a dark burgundy and perfect for empowerment.   I will burn my candle for two hours each day this week.  Rosy Pink and Marigold Orange Color Magick Sizzling Spell Papers will be used throughout the workings of this week.

Marigold Sizzling Spell Paper,write an affirmation.   You may use the one below I have written or write one of your own.

CONFIDENCE (on one side)
Light within, Shine throughout.
Blight within, I cast you out. 
Strength and Calm, Filling my life,
Head held high, Blessed Be!

Today I have folded mine into a football shape and written my name on it.  After it is lit with my empowerment candle I reflect on strength and confidence.  I look within and find my core and anchor to it.  As my candle burns for the two hours today I will know that I am valued and can hold my head high.

Wednesday 3-7:
Rosy Pink Color Magick Sizzling Spell Paper.  On it I will write an affirmation (again you may use mine or write your own).

 Beauty is a state of mind,
Love is a state of heart.
Beauty, a wonderful find,
Love within, never apart.
I love, I am loved.
I cherish, I am cherished. 

This is all about love and self-love.  With my candle lit I will reflect on the simple act of love and loving.  I know that I cannot be loved unless I love and that includes loving myself.  Today I will be gentle for the mistakes I will make.

I will work in perfect love and trust thinking of others as each task is completed.

Thursday 3-8:

 Marigold Color Magick Sizzling Spell Paper.  We are going to work on claiming our power today by using a chant I wrote previously and will write on my paper.

I trust myself
I think for myself
I act for myself
I speak for myself
I am myself.

Every action I take today will be done with confidence and knowledge that my actions will affect those around me and those that touch upon them.  I recognize my place in the world around me and claim my actions, my power and my part!

Friday 3-9
This is our last day in our empowering work for the week and we will use Rosy Color Magick Sizzling Spell Paper to write our affirmation on today.

Beautiful Day rich with power,
Blessed Night filled with wonder.
Confidence rising by the hour,
Love and Beauty never to be torn asunder. 
I walk in trust and love,
Soaring high through the clouds,
I walk in trust and love. 

Today we bring it all together heads held high in confidence and empowerment.  We own our actions, we own our interactions we are all empowered to be the change we want in the world and to grow!

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