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A Day Without Rain

I’ve had an interesting sort of ride in life lately.  There is so much that is changing and evolving that sometimes it is very hard to keep up with it all.  In the midst of the chaos of ridding myself of unneeded STUFF I am finding small joys in things I used to know and used to do again.  I have found my crafting items and begun putting small kits together that are lovingly made and blessed.  I am reading voraciously now that I have no TV.  I am grading homework much faster.  I am simply enjoying the gifts of being a Priestess and my life.  It’s amazing when we find the things we left behind.  We see them fresh and with a new perspective.  We find never ending joy in the simple things in life and enjoy them with great potential for the magick that each holds within.

Magick?  Yes!  Everything I touch is laced with helpful energies.  It is laced with love, joy, communication and blessings.  Energies flow from my hands seemingly to never be quenched.  This is my coming hunger for life.  I can feel it edging in waiting.  I am not sure exactly what it is waiting for but I feel it…just on the edges of awareness that something HUGE is coming my way and it’s going to shake my foundation.  Once the shaking ceases I will be at the next step of my growth and evolution as a woman and Priestess.  The alchemy of it all is staggering to think about.

For now, I will ponder what comes, I will live in the moment and enjoy each with a light heart.

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Terrific Tuesday

Continuing on the days of the week magick as adapted from Goddess in the Office by Z. Budapest, we will pick up again with Tuesday.

Tuesday is all about Will, Ego and Humor.  If you look at the work week in one way, it truly begins on Tuesday.  Monday we get caught up from the weekend and lay the ground work for the week and how we want to spend our work time, we make our will known.

Tuesday, the second day of the work week was named after the Northern God, Tyr.  He is the spirit of justice.  Tyr’s nature is discipline and integrity and he is a spiritual warrior.

Romans assigned the planet Mars to Tuesday.  Mars and it’s association with the Greek God Aries (Roman Mars) ties directly into governance of courage, aggression, confrontation, sex drive, boldness and military leadership.  It is also associated with chemists, engineers, police, construction workers, butchers, dentists and metal workers.  This is a day to get a lot done!

Tuesday’s Scent is Honeysuckle which is sacred to the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wealth, communication and power.  It combines quite well with the Mars energy of Tuesday.  Honeysuckle is a powerfully feminine scent that feeds the Wild Woman within with messages of fulfillment.  In the office this scent will establish an atmosphere of well being, wealth and prosperity.  It will also increase your psychic awareness and potentially empathy so be gentle today as you are wide open with honeysuckle being used.

There are many gemstones that can help out in the office.  The applications can be seen in worry stones, prayer/affirmation beads, and other similar items.  Let’s take a look at Clear Quartz for today, the vibrations of quarts can be used for everything from healing, to relaxation to energy boosts.  I keep quartz on my desk in a small point that I can draw on throughout the day as needed.  If you need to be more subversive with your stones, you can hide them in a drawer, cabinet, behind a door, under your desk.  You know it’s there and can draw on it with a simple thought no matter if other people see this or not.  If you find you need it for calming place it in your drawer and open your drawer as needed to relax your mind.

When dressing for success on Tuesday let’s look at your colors.  Red is a great color associated with Mars showing vitality, strength, desirability and life.  Because Red is such a powerful color I use it in moderation as accents.  Black is the color of authority and mystery.  When wearing black you are saying to the world that you are wise, trustworthy and spiritual.  You carry definitive opinions.  Dark Blue is a color of protection.  It will help prevent fatigue, help you remain focused, relaxed and feel more authoritative.  If you are looking to show your strength, power and vitality, wear black slacks with a red shirt and black jacket.  To show authority wear a dark blue suit (pants and jacket or skirt and jacket or just pants/skirt) accented with lavender to add a splash of peace and calm to the focus of the blue.

Spells for Tuesday should focus on Will and Justice, the office is always full of trouble.  A good way to apply your will to set things along the right road is to harmonize and purify the vibrations of the office.

At home, in a small dish, soak in some spring water, some lemon verbena (fresh or dried will do fine).  If you are unable to get the herb put a pinch of sea salt into the water.  Lemon verbena is chosen as it is an herb that breaks of harmful energies.  Sea salt as a close second is a wonderful purifier.  Hold your hand over the water containing either herb or salt and recite (feel free to modify):

Water and Herbs cleaning and clearing.  Washing away discord from the office.  Let all who quarrel make up, let the stalls in project and work be released and revived.  Joy and Life infused in our work, in the name of the Goddess, So Mote It Be!

Come to work early the next day before anyone is there and scatter the blessed water around the office by dipping a sprig of greenery (pine or a marigold from the garden work wonderfully) and using it as a sprinkler.  Leave and come back so others can see you arrive as normally.  When doing this wear a little sandalwood oil to give you a purifying boost when you return.

If you need to do this and are unable to do the above, an alternate is to make a cup of hot peppermint tea with a wedge of lemon in it.  You can walk around the office greeting people with your mug in hand letting the mist of the tea act as your purifier.

Other spells you can do on Tuesday involve more specifics such as protection of your belongings, recovering stolen goods, job protection and fighting sexual harassment.

These are just a few things you can do on a Tuesday to exert and increase your will and the need for justice in the office.  Do you have a spell you need for today?  Let me know and I will be glad to help you with one.

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Reflections of days past

There comes a time, I believe, that everyone must take a step back and take stock of their life and what is going on around them.  I do this pretty much every winter.  I look at where I am, where I have come from, what I have learned and where I want to go.

It comes with only marginal surprise that I began 2012 with a purging of my household “stuff”.  The last year was actually trying in every way one could think and I think I am emerging from this dark night with a new direction for my life and one that I am excited to be undertaking.

I have long dreamed of moving to the west coast (ever since my first visit in 2000 when work took me to Napa, Concord and Bodega Bay).   There is no denying the lure that California placed on me in my subsequent visits.  Lake Tahoe for vacation with a good friend, San Diego and Oceanside with some of my Coven-mates and finally back to Napa in 2010 for the opening of the physical location of the Sacred Mists Shoppe.  I’ve been in Napa several times since then and at no time have I ever thought that I would not live there one day.  In the depths of my soul I felt it and yearned for it.

Life is lining up to my dreams and this year we will finally make the trek West.  As life lines up, I begin to purge my home of things I do not any longer need.  In doing this I am given the opportunity for reminiscing and for realizing my journey.  Over the years decisions have been made, lessons have been taught, fought and ultimately learned.  Each of these reflect not only in the memories but in the “things” that I have gathered, stored, collected and kept.

A mug from a sales conference, memory of my former boss, paintings that enriched my days as I worked on them.  The memories flood back to happier times, times of deep sorrow and times that simply cannot exist anywhere outside my memory.  It’s nice to visit them and then send them along so that they remain a memory but not something I need to see often.

I’ve moved on in many ways from the person I was a dozen years ago.  I no longer hold so much anger, peace fills my spirit more often than not and I find joy in the company of friends not in the company of things.  Throughout this cleaning and purging process the glimpses of my former self shine as the lessons that each holds within it.  It’s enjoyable to visit those lessons again and see how far I’ve come and how far I still have to go.  This is a monumental move that is frightening and exhilarating at the same time.  Excitement fills me as the days pass and I step closer to my goal of moving.  I expect I will be blogging throughout the process and the lessons that I revisit each week.  Yes this sounds good.

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