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Tarot Insight – Nov 7

I am still working on making this a routine.  Clearly it’s not daily yet but I am getting there slowly but surely.

Today for my insight I pulled the Three of Pentacles.  Interesting that I pulled this card today.  Things in my life have been very hectic bordering on crazy.  I am burning out quickly as the candle burns at both ends and little wax remains.  I need to rejuvenate badly and just can’t seem to make the time to get to it.  There is always something more important that needs doing.

Working together, building a chain over overlapping crescents and stars, they reach for the sky through  a stone wall.

This card is one of teamwork, functioning together in unity.  Realization that sometimes the support of others is required to achieve a goal.  Reminding me today that not everything NEEDS to be done alone.

For quite sometime I have worked alone, only to allow things to fall through the cracks or not be completed as good as I could do them or have in the past done them.  By working solo sometimes it is not for the highest good of everyone involved but a rather selfish endeavor to keep so much close to me so that I am not a failure, thus becoming the embodiment of that which I fear.  Late last week I accepted that I do need some help that one person cannot simply do everything I do and do it well.  Help has arrived and will allow me to have but a few hours a week where I can have relief that nothing has fallen through the cracks and that all is as it should be.

Rather synchronistic to where I am currently in my path and life right now.  Merry times must surely be ahead as the trek up this hill has been rather potent and the Dark Night cannot last forever.

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Tarot Insight for Nov. 4

I am continuing on my quest to learn and work more with my Shadowscape Tarot Deck through daily single card insights into my life.

Today I pulled the Ten of Pentacles.

The tens are about completion, it’s coming full circle and enjoying the fruits of labor.

With all the cards in the Shadowscapes deck it seems they are bedecked with stained glass and beautiful watercolors.  In this card you see a mossy green dragon with a woman within it’s curled tail.  She is adorned in beautiful  and luxurious clothing and jewelry.  She holds a peach lightly in her lap and arms.  The peach in China, has long been a symbol of immortality and good fortune.

A traditionalist, you set the standards and play the roles that have led to your current position in life.  Awareness has blossomed that it is not random chance that has brought me to where I am now.  In everything surrounding me there is a pattern, purpose ad vision.

This is the second card pulled this week and it seems to build on the last card pulled, which was The Wheel.  On an upswing, the work that I have been doing will seem to pay off in the near future.  This is a reminder that while the times have been lean and the work hard.  Staying true to my path will lead me to security and lasting benefits in this life.

It is giving me a great deal of things to think about with regards to my journey and how I can continue to improve and grow.  I have been pushed to my limits and beyond and am beginning to see the light on the other side.  This most recent trek has been extremely painful for me on all levels.

With perseverance and sense of service I will continue to move forward and I will grow.  This journey is not always easy, but I will serve and continue to do my best in this service.  I hope that even one person benefits from my service to the Goddess.

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Daily Tarot Insights

Once again I begin to work with my tarot cards on a daily basis.  I am going to continue this every day until it becomes a habit and beyond that.

My deck of choice for Insights is the Shadowscape Tarot and one that I have mentioned somewhere as being the first deck I’ve been able to work with intuitively in a very long time.  I do not read the books that come with decks I do not often go with a truly traditional way to read.  How this will work is simple.  Every morning I will shuffle and pull a single card, looking for a daily insight or message.

This morning’s card is The Wheel of Fortune and quite honestly this is a truly stunning card, as are most of the cards in this deck.  The wheel of fortune is about destiny, your path and life. Weaved within the stained glass of the Wheel are Celtic knots which show no beginning and no end.  Like all stories or lives there is neither a start nor a finish as it is the journey that is important.  The wheel rests upon a bed of beautiful flowers with lotus reaching towards it.  Surrounding it you find various members of the Fae and a small world separate to itself.

The weaving of life’s journey is found within the knots of the wheel.  As it turns and moves throughout life you are gifted with insights into life, cycles and patterns are connecting to the world around you.  No matter what point you are in the wheel, the one thing guaranteed is change as you cycle through your life.  If you find yourself at a low point, being crushed by the events of life, take a step back and realize that there will be an upswing coming.

This is a rather fitting card for me as I have been going through a great deal and truly questioning how I would make it through the brambles and thorns that I have been dealing with in my life.  A not so subtle reminder that with all trials come lessons and growth.  Time to water those roots that have been stomped on to let them spread out and truly grow!

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A time away

Samhain always brings special gifts along with it and this year was no exception.  i learned a great few things and have seen the potential in the next year.  The wheel has turned, my life has turned and towards the dark I continue to walk.  I am mindful of the quiet times that must come.

Late this past Friday, I returned home after having been gone for 6 days on ‘vacation’ at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Kidani Village.   Every year, I take one week (generally 9 days) and visit Orlando for some much needed down time and visiting with dear friends.  This year was no exception to the travel.

The trip is a celebration of many things, one of which is my anniversary of wedded wonderful life with Keith.  In addition to this I invite a couple of friends down to join us for some witchy fun to go along with it.

I am a go with the flow kind of girl and witch in general so to plan things out and this includes rituals, 100% of the time it just goes against the grain of my spirit.  I work very well ‘on the spot’ generally and sometimes get caught with my panties around my ankles when out in public by being called on when not expecting it. LOL

This year’s trip was a bit different than normal and had a little more downtime than last year for me (which was 0 last year).  Those who are close to me know that I’ve been running on empty for a while now just trying to keep up with work, family, and life in general.  It’s been a very busy year for me without a doubt.  It has left me often wondering how much can one person grow, transform and serve.  Only to find out there is much more for me to learn and grow with.

Recently I pledged to become, once again, more active in the community at Sacred Mists and as well with my friends locally.  I’m not sure how I am going to pull off everything I want to do but I am determined to do it and not burn out in the process.  In order to accomplish my goals, both personal and professional, I am going to need to enlist assistance and guidance from my friends.  I am going to need to schedule my time and still allow for myself to have some spontaneity.

This is going to be a wild ride over the next couple months where the wrap up of 2011 comes into play with my goals and life.  With the help I will enlist, with passion and with joy in my heart I can continue to make my dreams come to pass.

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