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Labradorite – Temple of the Stars

I have a long standing love affair with Labradorite.  It moves me.  It assists me through transitions.

Labradorite is a type of feldspar that crystallizes in the form of masses, grains and ‘tab’ crystals.  The colors of labradorite range from white, yellow, and grey with an amazing spectrum of colors that radiate from within from peachock blue, coppery red or golden rays.

Within labradorite you get not only the properties of feldspar but also protection of your aura, helps to keep the aura clear and balanced.  It assists in aligning the subtle bodies and enhances the connection between the physical and ethereal realms.

The energy facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellection thought that you can implement instructions which you may have been provied.  It assists you in traversing changes, attracting strength and perseverence.  It has been called the matriarch of the subconscious mind, providing instructions to those who use it in meditation on how to implement the inner messages received in the physical world.

Labradorite unites the self with the understanding required to both realize and achieve your destiny in this life, relieving insecurity and apprehension, all while enhancing faith and reliance on yourself.

My personal labradorite wand and window ‘egg’ piece pictured are two of my favorite stones.  The wand is fantastic for meditation.  I find that Labradorite connects me to the deeper mysteries associated with the crone or dark moon.  When I need to look within myself for answers, I use this wand in meditation.

When I want to infuse myself with the attributes of a gemstone, I would normally make an elixir with the stone.  You cannot directly do this with labradorite due to it’s chemical make up (containing aluminum and magnesium, which would make drinking the water toxic) however you can still make an elixir by placing the water in a glass or bottle of your choice and then placing the stone next to, underneath or above the bottle (with it being capped or protected from the water directly touching the stone/s).  I prefer to re-use a water bottle with cap and then can place it in the moonlight with my labradorite stones beneath and around it.  I re-use a water bottle so that it can be laid on it’s side. 🙂

Over the years I have found great peace working with labradorite and encourage everyone to learn more about this beautiful, magnificent stone.



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