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Friday – Pleasure Day

I’ve decided to continue on the series of Goddess in the Office.  This includes exercises that I did when I worked in a corporate office and modified them for myself.  This book, for me was an amazing help in keeping connected with my spirit during long days, through meetings, spirit crushing entitlement and demands of a modern world.  Z. Budapest captured the essence of each day and gave me a ‘spring board’ to work from.

Friday is the end of the week and your Spirit knows this.  It’s almost time to play!!  With the anticipation looming you begin to enjoy life a little more, even in the office on Friday.

Friday is named after the Nordic Goddess, Freya.  She loves everything pleasurable, beautiful and harmonious.  What better way to end the work week with a little worship to Freya?!  Today wear you most loved clothing, things that make you feel beautiful all the way through.  Let your inner beauty shine through your skin and in everything you do!  In every situation today bring harmony, graciousness and beauty.

A little while ago I read something online that started in some city (not my own) where a random stranger will pay for the drive thru meal for the person behind them.  I call it Drive Thru Pay it Forward.  It’s no small conicidence that today, after my allergy shots, I did this for the first time.  I stopped at the Dunkin’ Donuts to get a Croissant and a Coffee for breakfast.  Normally Keith and I take turns and will pay for whomever is behind us.  We did not do this today so I decided to use the DTPiF and paid for the breakfast of the woman in the car behind me.  When I told this to the woman at the window (it’s always the same lovely cheerful woman), she was surprised to see it was not Keith behind me as she is used to our antics by now, since we do this once a week.  I cheerfully paid for the woman behind me and left.  I do not know how this affected the woman in the car, but I felt wonderful for gifting such a small thing to a random stranger.  You can nearly guarantee that this one act of kindness will be carrying her throughout her day today.  She in turn will touch someone else.  I’ve given a little beauty today.

Scent for Friday:  Venus loves roses but cedar, sandalwood, cyprus and myrtle are also her scents.  Freya loves Cypress and Vervaine

Gem for Friday: Venus loves Emerald.  Freya loves Amber, Ruby, Citrine, Jade, Malachite and Red Jasper.

Colors for Friday:

Mint Green, for calming.  Green is the favored color for nature, it heals the spirit.

Apple Green for stimulation, you may accept challenges better when wearing this green.  It helps you see new opportunities and perks your interest in the world.

Moss Green, subtle and nurturing.  It’s peaceful but not strong, it helps you maintain consistent energy.  Supportive in nature, the darker tones can convey an understated authority.

Rune Spell for getting what you really need (Z. Budapest Goddess in the Office)

“When you use the Germanic runes, you are using your right brain, because you are ‘writing weird.’ To do a rune spell you only need to contemplate what you need and combine the runes required to attain it.

For this spell you will be working with Wunjo (the rune for Joy).  Wunjo looks a lot like a P.  It is now time to receive the blessings you have desired.  You can rejoice; the force of life has carried you across the hardships, and joyous new energy and clarity are coming your way.

Make a nice big Wunjo, maybe with a green pen or marker, as you do so, visualize the blessings you eed.  Take it outside under the new moon and breathe on it, then fold it towards yourself three times.  Your breath is the breath of life, which this entity is now receiving, and in folding it towards yourself you are gathering in the harvest.

Now tear the Wunjo into tiny pieces and scatter them to the four directions, thinking about how this entity is leaving you to become one with the universe.  it will return to you the blessings that you envisioned while drawing the Wunjo.”  While you are scattering say:

“Wunjo, Wunjo, rune of joy
Gather for me the satisfaction,
Gather for me the blessings I need.
According to my word, so mote it be!

During the day make it a mental habit to tell your self “All my needs are easily met”  Take a moment to visualize your needs being filled; then let go of the problem and go back to work.  Do a separate spell for each separate need.  Do only one at a time, preferably during the new moon. ”

By doing only one at a time you are fulfilling your needs fully and with great intention and joy.

Blessings of Freya to you this fine Friday!

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Opal Aura Quartz – Access the Higher States

Opal, or Pearl, Aura Quartz is created by bonding a clear natural Quartz crystal with a precious metal infusion of  pure platinum and silver, resulting in a powerful combination which fuses the White, Blue, Violet and Silver Rays into an iridescent display of Light, much like a rainbow shining on a sunny day.

The shimmering colors that highlight Opal Aura Quartz immediately bring thoughts of the celestine spirits, or angels to mind.  There is a serene and uplifting quality about Opal Aura Quartz, something of sweetness that stimulates the spirit and lifts both mood and spirit.  If using these stones in meditation, you can easily move beyond the physical and into the inner temple.  This is a place of purification and rest, in which spirit guides are present.  With use of this stone you can easily let go of your stresses and worries through active spirit use.

In your meditative state you can continue to work with Opal (also called Angel or Pearl) Aura Quartz to help with remembrance of past incarnations, insight into your spiritual purpose.  You will find the ability to channel higher knowledge, opportunity for spirit communications, attunement to beauty among the gifts that Opal Aura Quartz can bring to your meditation or environment.

I keep a piece of Opal Aura Quartz atop my desktop cabinet which houses my many oils with several other stones resting across the top.  By keeping the Opal Aura Cluster nearby I am ever reminded that I work with spirit, I choose to bring light to my day.  If I am under a particularly stressful day I will move this stone to the center of my desk so that I can take a few moments of deep breathing exercises to return to center.

Opal Aura Quartz brings to my day a sense of serenity and light, no matter what may be happening, I can lock onto the serenity and continue through anything.  I purchased my Opal Aura Cluster at Sacred Mists Shoppe in Napa, CA

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