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Thursday – The rule of the Heart

When I worked in corporate america, I kept one book at my desk that was personal.  Z. Budapest’s The Goddess in the Office.  I honor my roots and training and today share a bit about Thursday from this wonderful book.

A Goddess for Thursday – Kwan Yin

Known as The Goddess of Mercy, Gentle Protectoress, Bodhisattva of Compassion, even the savior of seamen and fishermen, she holds many titles. The spelling of her name varies, but it is not so much the arrangement of letters as it is the effect that her spoken name produces on those with a Buddhist background, similar to a reaction in the West when one is speaking of the Virgin Mary. In both cases, it invokes the feeling of compassion and unconditional love.**Excerpt from Who is Kwan Yin? website**

Scent for Thursday: Patchouli.  I know so many of us absolutely despise patchouli due to it’s past associations or maybe you just don’t like the scent.  Many ‘incenses’ with patchouli are ladden with synthetic fragrance adding to the dislike of this scent.  A true patchouli is a mental energizer which smells of a deep mossy forest.

Stone for Thursday: Rose Quartz.  The stone of the self-mending heart is rose quartz.  For the days when you are most sensitive or have been hurt emotionally, keep a big piece of rose quartz at hand to hold onto.  Rose quartz nearby will help maintain patience in your spirit and help keep you calm.

Color for Thursday: Mauve, Lavender, Purple.

Mauve is a shade that is almost purple but is deeply infused with the color pink.  It helps us trust our feelings, calms confusions and stimulates intuition.

Lavender is one of the ultimate colors for relaxation, wear it and everyone around you will feel relaxed, cool, calm and collected.  Use this is you are in a high-stress situation.  Also great to wear around children, it stimulates intellectual thought and enhances inner beauty.

Purple, the royal color of hard work, fame and fortune.  We look and feel regal in this color, garnering more respect.  Spirituality and power are also associated with this color.

Pink Mist Visualization:

When entering your workplace, imagine a huge pink bubble in which the computers and the people are working.  When someone enters your office, pink mist them with your heart power and watch them react with a friendlier attitude.  If you can, keep a piece of rose quartz on your desk.  Whenever you need a boost of calming energy, take it into your hands and focus on the calm of the stone, bringing it to your heart.  This will help the pink mist in your workspace last longer and continue to be potent throughout the day with little refreshers for everyone you come in contact with.  Radiate love and calm!

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Never Give Up, Never Surrender

There are a great many things in life that I simply do not understand.  I’ve come to a place in my life where understanding is simply not required for all situations.  I can continue to walk my path with my head held high.  I know I make mistakes, I know I fall on my face sometimes.  And yes sometimes I take on too much, things will fall through the cracks.  I will get everything picked up and have everything running smoothly but you’d be lucky to find me interacting.  I get so busy with keeping things running in the backend that my frontend is forgotten all about.

One of the things that I have learned over the years is that I must go with the ebb and flow of my life.  There are periods of much activity in the forefront or public and periods of activity behind the scenes.  Rarely are the two periods ever in any kind of balance.  It’s either rain or shine it seems.

At some point recently I decided that it was time to begin working on changing that.  To begin working both in the rain and the shine so to speak.  I want to maintain a presence in the front and in the back.  This is going to be one of my biggest personal challenges to myself in a while.  I have to schedule time to sit and be present in forums, attend chats, visit with friends, while at the same time getting my work done, attending to my home, my family and other duties. Hmm…this should be interesting to see how it all works out.  I want to make it a habit.  Something that I can do well and continue to improve upon.  This is the emotional aspect of my healthy improvements I’ve been making for sometime.  Physically I am working on stamina, endurance and overall health.  Weight loss is a ‘bonus’ in this adventure.  My spiritual and emotional sides must also be nurtured though this.

Can’t, Don’t, Quit, Walk away…are words and concepts that are foreign to me.  I continue on no matter what.  I will make mistakes.  I will fall on my face during this.  I will also learn and improve as I go along.  This should be enlightening, terrifying and wonderful.

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Gemstone of the Week, Amethyst.

I thought I would start off a revitalization of an old weekly posting with my own ‘old favorite’ stone, Amethyst.  There is perhaps only one room in my entire home that does not have Amethyst in it.  Amethyst is a variety of quartz that varies from the palest lavender to the deepest darkest purple.  I’ve seen some Amethyst so dark that it appears to be black.  Throughout my home you will find specimens of amethyst ranging from lilac to deep purple.

Know as a “stone of spirituality and contentment”, Amethyst facilitates the transmutation of lower energies into higher frequencies which are associated with the spiritual and ethereal levels.  It balances the energies of the intellectual, emotional and physical bodies.  It provides a clear connection between Earth and the other worlds, as such it is an excellent stone for meditation as it will bridge the worlds as well as open your crown chakra.

By wearing amethyst it encourages flexibility in decisions, helps with temperment control by way of being a soothing and calming influence.  It is said that it can help business affairs to prosper.

If you direct love into the structure of amethyst, the energy is increased to the stone and returned to the area around the amethyst.

Physically Amethyst has been used in the treatment of hearing disorders, to strengthen the skeletal system, to reinforce posture, to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.  It’s also been known since historic times to encourage and support sobriety.

Because of Amethyst’s qualities for soothing or sedative energies, it can be used for not only mediation but for the alleviation of grief and healing.   As a gift to those grieving amethyst can bring spiritual and emotional peace.  Over the years, I have used Amethyst to heal mind, body and spirit through various methods.

In meditation, an Amethyst wand has been my constant companion for many years.  Amethyst has always kept me calm, cool, collected and able to tap into my spirit.  If you want to infuse yourself with calm, make and drink water infused with Amethyst.

To make Amethyst Water, below a full moon place a pitcher of fresh spring water (or filtered tap water).  In the pitcher place a piece of amethyst or three.  If you have smaller tumbled Amethyst, I recommend three pieces for a gallon of water.  Place the pitcher in a window that can receive the light of the moon (or outside if it is safe to do so).  Let the water soak up the energies of both the full moon and the amethyst.   Enjoy your energized water!

I like making this on full moon to get more ‘bang’ for the work.  Amethyst not only gets a recharge by the moon but the water gets a double helping of energy for you!

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Dedication & Joy

I’ve realized this year is a very busy and transformational year for me. I’ve accepted personal losses, I’ve grooved to the beat of my own drummer, I have accomplished great things. I visited Napa for work, I’m going to Seattle for the first time for David’s wedding in less than a month. Plans are in place for my next trip to Napa in September. October yields the girls visiting for WGW 2011.

Throughout everything that I’ve seen and done this year (and it’s nearly at the half way point – OMG where did the year go), I’ve discovered one undeniable truth.  My life is filled with spirit.

I walk a path that brings peace and joy to my life.  With the ups and downs that life often throws at you.  Sickness, health, business, family.  These things wrap around the fabric of our realities, enveloping us with with familiarity and challenge.

We can all choose our journey, what we wish to do with our lives, how we wish to act and react to things that come our way.  I try to live my life with a degree of humbleness so that while I know my own worth I am not filled with egocentric ideas and requirements for people to feel specific ways about me.  Love me or hate me, it’s your choice and it will not affect my self worth.

In the grand scheme of life, I am but a small dust mote that floats around trying to learn, grow and evolve into whatever is the next step of my life.  While I cannot know what direction I am heading, what the results of my efforts will be, one thing I do know is that for me personally I will grow with each step, I will become.  At the end of each day I am greeted with the memories of each action I have done that day as well as the lesson that I have learned.  This daily reflection gives me a sense of peace.  I fill my heart with the joy of learning.

Long ago I dedicated myself to the path of the Old Ways.  I have grown and worked with my spirit.  I have made huge mistakes, I have fallen on my face.  The consistent reaction is that I get back up each time.  I learn from each mistake.  This is not an easy path for me to walk on.  It calls for me to be personally responsible for my actions.  This is sometimes really not very easy at all.  Facing the shadow aspect is terrifying and quite difficult at best. 😉

At the end of the day, I can say that I have done the best I could.  I have given it my all, dedicated my life and day to something that is beautiful and brings joy to myself and to others in some fashion.  I guess that means that for me, I am finding my way in the dark to some degree.  Even in the dark joy remains.

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