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Changes in heart and life

For two and a half months I left home.  I left home to be a part of a new home and an event that would forever change my life.

This time away from home shaped me in ways that I could not have predicted or even believed if I had been told.  What was this trip I am speaking of?  To those who are new to my writing, I visited the Sacred Mists Covenstead for two and a half months helping the wonderful Lady Raven Moonshadow open the first physical location of the Sacred Mists Shoppe.

When I tell you that the work ahead of us was unimaginable that’s an understatement really.  It seemed impossible when I arrived on 7/2 that we would be able to accomplish all that lay before us.  When the product from the old warehouse finally arrived, our spirits were dashed because of the shape it arrived to us in after being delayed in the trek across country.  I have never in my life seen such utter disregard for how another person’s property was treated except perhaps by thieves or vandals.  The state of many of our inventory, rendered it ‘ugly’ at best and at worst a complete loss.  We began the repurchasing and eventual re-picking of customer orders from boxes.

Learning new systems provided us a great deal of difficulty and errors as a new team was trained to do what we had not done in house for several years.  We are still working through the horrible backlog and clearing things out as quickly as we can and I am pushing myself daily to meet the expectations of our customers.   This is neither here nor there at the moment.

We worked very long days and we worked everyday without exception.  We met our deadline and opened to a beautiful splash on August 27th.   It was absolutely amazing to see it all come together as everyone worked long days and nights to meet a deadline.  The teamwork involved was without a doubt there and every person wanted success!

Once we were open we were able to see where things really stood with shipping and began the arduous work of clearing out and contacting customers and working hard to keep our customers happy.  In some cases we were able to do so, in others not so much.  There is a limit and we learned ours.

Time was approaching and only one thing remained to be done.  We had our talks, we finished my work and the last thing was…my initiation.  Over the course of many late night dinners Lady Raven and I would talk of the Coven, of my path, my dedication, my Great Work, my journey.  I have a very strong sense of dedication to MY PATH.  My path lies along side her path.  I am called to SERVE Sacred Mists, the students within her and failure is not an option.  My CALL is so loud and strong to my heart, it brings me tears of joy and happiness to feel a part of something that is so beautiful and to be a part of so many paths.

On September 8th, the day before I left for the Goddess Festival in the Santa Cruz Mountains, organized by Z. Budapest and Susan B. Anthony Coven #1, this was the night that would push my direction even further.  The work I had done in the store, was very affirming, very spiritual and well a lot of hard work to boot.  The work I do for the Circle, School and Coven, is intensely spiritual, hard work, and LIFE AFFIRMING.  Both pieces came together in harmony and joy while I was there.

My initiation was intensely personal and private.  I sat in a circle of Crystals, Light and shimmering energy with Lady Raven and laid my heart and spirit before her.  My path bound to hers.  My spirit sister made sister.  What I can share with you of my initiation is this.   While intensely personal it was also about the Coven and Circle.  To become a High Priestess of a Tradition means you OWN it in your heart and you will always do what is best for the Coven.  It means you feel things that affect the Coven intensely in your heart and truly your heart joins with the Heart of the Coven, with Lady Raven and with me for anyone who follows me.

If you feel called to serve as I do…it’s not an easy path to walk.  To get through the tangles, snarls and brambles that life will throw in the way is truly difficult.  There will be times that you wish to “chuck it all in” and walk away.  If you are called, those thoughts quickly are banished and you struggle forward through each mistake you make.  Through each failure and fall, you get up, you brush yourself off and you learn to forge on and incorporate that lesson in your path.

Let me tell you brothers and sisters, that’s not an easy thing to do.  I’ve made some whopper mistakes, some falls that I thought would break me.  By working within my path and my faith I was able to move forward and become a better person.

Since my trip, I feel more intensely.  I hear more sweetly.  I speak more gently and with more compassion.  Each feeling, each sound, each word is meant truly from my heart.

Since Lilyth Avexyn left her home on July 2nd, she grew into a different spirit (the spirit was there, just waiting for the time to emerge through Lilyth).  On September 8, 2010 I became that Spirit.  I took on a responsibility and role I have wanted for a very long time to a path I am absolutely called to.

I became Lady Lilyth Amicia Moonshadow.

About my name.  Over the years (and many of you remember the plethora I will speak of), I have had many different names, trying out what suited me and what might work for me.  Eventually I became Lilyth and had a variation of middle names.  I had never taken on a surname.  I was Lilyth Avexyn for among the shortest.  Avexyn was a placeholder for a name I knew that began with an A but did not see yet.   That name was given to me on 9/8/2010 and it was Amicia.  Amicia envelopes a gentle spirit who carries innocence and experience both tempered with joy, love and the wisdom needed to serve.  I decided to take Moonshadow on as my surname to honor my High Priestess Lady Raven and let it be known that I am proud of Her, my Coven, my Path and walk it with grace.   Oh don’t get me wrong I will still fall flat on my face but I will always pick myself up.

I will share my journey with you along the way and hope you will share yours with me.

Brightest Blessings,
-Lady Lilyth

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Where the path evolves

For the last two and a half months I have been away from home.  I have been missing my family, yet I have enlarged my family and become more aware that family truly that which we have chosen for ourselves.  The family which we choose starts before we are born and we come to find them throughout our lives as we need them.  Hang onto your family for they will always be family and be there to help you through life with joy, sadness, heartbreak and laughter.

I am sitting scrunched in a lower bunk of a bunk bed at the Goddess Festival charging my batteries from my laptop and realizing that I have truly grown a great deal.

Eight and one half years ago I embarked on a leg of my life’s journey that would lead me to fulfill a longstanding calling.  I felt called, truly called to the Goddess.  I wanted to serve in the path of the Priesthood within Wicca and I wanted to find a place to call my spiritual home.  It was eight and one half years ago that I found that place I call home.  That place was Sacred Mists.

I started this post about two weeks ago.  Time has been flying past me between attending the Goddess Festival, then flying home then leaving to go to Ohio for a Memorial for my Grandma, I have not been able to finish my thoughts and feelings on all that has gone down in the last little while.  Anyway I digress.

When I started Sacred Mists it felt amazing and wonderful to find a community that not only taught but helped me grow.  I had looked into and even joined another school but the community aspect was severely lacking.  I jumped in head first and found that most of the basics that were covered I was well versed in already as I had come from a local coven and years of Solitary Study.  In order to make the most of the lessons that were presented I researched additional aspects, I found more to do and to give to my homework and studies.  I began quickly to want to take an active role in leadership and began facilitating study groups (which at that point were non-existent) and then applied to join the Student Council.

A great many things have happened over my eight and a half years at Sacred Mists.  Things that shook me to my very core, things that made me angry, sad, hopeful and content.  Each thing had an important lesson attached to it that was just for me to take me to the level my spirit demanded of me.  Some of these things were extremely hard to swallow and work through.  There were many times that I considered walking away and not being a Priestess.

To be a Priestess is something you must feel in the very core of your being.  The road is not easy, it will never be easy and it will bring you the greatest spiritual rewards of doing something greater and more beautiful than serving yourself.  For me it is about serving others, helping them find their path, teaching them and being involved at a very spiritual and meaningful level.

Walking away was not an option when I got right down to it.  I could no sooner walk away from my life than I could stop being a Priestess.  Just when you think you have a handle on what you need, you are thrown a new lesson and a new loop in the path you are walking.  It’s been an amazing journey and I look forward to the many years I will serve my community as a High Priestess.

On September 8th I took the next step into my journey and was elevated as a High Priestess of Sacred Mists.  The initiation ritual that I went through with my High Priestess was absolutely amazing, personal and tearful.  I pledged myself to the Coven, the Tradition and my path.  My sacred vow is something that I will walk with always and never forget or walk away from.  Just because the road gets difficult and tries you from every angle does not mean the road will not again become smooth.  I will serve my community and the community beyond it as best I can.  I will always be honest and loving.  I will aid those who seek me out to the best of my abilities and beyond.

My name is Lady Lilyth Amicia Moonshadow, this is my path, my calling and my heart.  I will write again soon of my elevation, the process I have undergone both before during and after.

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