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Arrived and Safe

Well I have arrived in the land of “Fruits and Nuts” safely.

My plane was delayed leaving so I was late coming in.  there was a pretty nasty storm that delayed the plan getting to the ramp/gate so we left about a half hour or more late.  I was reading so I did not really notice much.  With it being so late we did not make it to the house till kinda late then getting me settled in my room took a few then did some math that it had been 13 hours since I’d eaten…not good, off to Denny’s we went…

I think I fell over in a fit of exhaustion at about 5am and up after about 3 or 4 hours of sleep.

It’s been just over a week and I seem to be settling into a sleeping routine finally and relaxing down to feel at home.

Tonight I think I will take a few minutes to set up my bedside altar and start my nighttime routine for meditation again.

One of the things missing from my day is my spiritual connection that I had at home with my desktop altar.  I am in the process of fixing that since I feel comfy now and a part of the family which is pretty cool.

The days here seem to be different than they did at home.  Almost longer and brighter.  The weather is WAY different with the windows in the house open during most days.  The connection to nature seems to be more intense because I get so much more fresh air.  I feel the breeze blowing through the house and hear it rustle the trees.  The sun is bright but not uncomfortably hot (though I continue to stay outside of the direct sun exposure due to fair skin).

There is something serene about hearing the sound of the birds singing, dogs in the distance barking and the rustling trees.  The breeze is an extension of my own awareness of self and environment and I am loving having the ability to have open windows.

There is much to do today so I will be going for now but will try to write again soon.

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