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In a very short two days I will be hopping on a plane and heading to the Pacific Coast.  The last time I was in California I was there for a retreat weekend with some very good friends and it has been 3 years since that trip.  There is something truly beautiful about the Pacific…

In three years time I have seen much growth in myself that I can scarcely recognize the person in the mirror.  In this last trip I visited with some Coven Sisters, we had ritual together, we journeyed together and we had some amazing fun together.  The women involved carved such an amazing place in my heart and spirit that this weekend stands out amongst many as a perfect and beautiful weekend of spirit.  I was timid, I was shy.  In ritual I spoke softly, my musical instrument spoke volumes of me but yet there was a bit of shyness in my actions.  I did not allow the boldness of spirit to float fully forward out of fear. I let my confidence wag behind me instead of full on in my face and heart.

In this trip, I do not see this being the case.  Yes I am very nervous, I will be staying at my Covenstead for over two months.  This is a huge thing for me personally as well as spiritually.  I am not afraid to show who I am, Lady Raven already knows who I am, I have studied under her for 8 years now as well as worked for her for 2 years and change.  I am nervous because in this time, this visit, I will receive my next initiation as a 3rd Degree Priestess of Sacred Mists.  I am so honored to have made it this far through my hard work, perseverance and strength of will through everything that life has thrown at me over the years, it’s amazing to have come out on the other side knowing that you can indeed handle whatever life throws at you.

As I started to say then got side-tracked.  I am not the same person as I was on my last trip to the Pacific.  I am not afraid to speak up, I am not afraid to be present in ritual with other people around me.  At some point we all go through a period of shyness when we are coming out of our shells and becoming more comfortable in our own skin and emotions.

No matter who you are, no matter what you look like, you are here for a purpose.  That purpose is something you can figure out.  You can share your light with those you love, those who you choose to allow in your life.  Make a difference.  Be yourself, I know I will always be.

OK so I got a little side-tracked and babbled…it happens, especially when I have so much on my mind.

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A Daily Ritual

When I do not start my day off with ritual behavior, it tends to be “off”.

This is my desktop altar.  I keep an altar on my desk pretty much always, it grounds me, it keeps me connected and allows me to work from a place of spirit.

Since I work for Sacred Mists, it is vital that I work with compassion, balance and a desire to help provide a safe, inviting and balanced experience with us.  In order to do this my day is very ritual like.

Each morning, I wake up and do the normal morning routines (brush teeth, get dressed, etc.)  When I get downstairs I sit at my desk and boot it up.  Then I may or may not have breakfast right away but the cats get fed and I see my hubby off for the day.

Once *my* day is ready to start I will load up all the programs and sites I need for the day then choose a candle (sometimes it’s a pillar like the one above that will last me a week or at minimum several days).  The candle in this picture is an Energy Boost Tarot Tools Candle.  While I do not practice Tarot all day there is a lot to be said for invoking the magick behind the cards.  This candle gives me a boost in energy both physical and spiritual that I find to be quite lovely (and it smells FANTASTIC).  If a new candle is being lit, I will trim the wick, anoint it (though not always), bless it, place it in the candle chalice then light it with a wooden match.  Once lit I will use the match to light either a stick of incense and place in my incense cauldron or the charcoal tablet which I will burn herbal incense on.  Today’s incense is Kyphi Temple Resin blend which is in the little silver bowl to be added on as needed until the tablet burns out.  Once all is lit, I will pick up my little bell and tone it three times three.  That is I will ring it three times in a set of three.  This clears the vibrations of the room and adds a bit of sacred sound to the mix.  Now I have invited all my senses to the day and can begin from a centered place.

May your day be blessed and peaceful, filled with laughter and joy.

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Time…that thing we all crave more of.

It seems that there is much to do and little time to do it.

In a little under 3 weeks now, I will be taking off to California for two and a half months.  I have to prepare several boxes to ship out that will contain my clothing, toiletries and incidentals.  I have to send an order out that will be my teas while I am there.  With me on the plane will be the laptop, my camera and that’s pretty much it.  I am making my way through my lists of things to do and get done before I leave.  Two major things left, eye doctor and find a primary care.  I made appointments with potentials for both yesterday for next week so we will see how they go.

Work is progressing at a dizzying pace and I am finding my stress levels climbing pretty high once again.  My downtimes are nearly non-existent except later at night and half the time I just want to sleep but can’t as even my downtime is creeping into must do x,y,z time.

Even throughout this, I am finding myself growing and becoming better.  I’ve seen several opportunities where my interactions have become more like counseling students on their lessons, getting them going under the new format.

I’ve rediscovered my knack for being able to find loving and caring words in every situation, no matter how uncomfortable I may be with said situation, this facilitates growth not only in myself but others, I believe.

When I started this paragraph yesterday this was how I felt…Today I am struggling a wee bit with ‘negative’ attitudes of folks.  Normally, I can handle this fairly easy with my clear channel so that their attitudes and emotions touch me but do not *stick* with me.  Today I am feeling them stick.  This is even after grounding, centering and taking a de-stress period this afternoon.  Somewhere I am off my own balance and I need to resolve this.

Today is a little better, a little easier and a bit lighter of heart.  There are times that I sink back into old habits and the storm clouds of depression, doubt and negative self-speak come rushing back.  I think this is in part because I have so much going on that in order for me to maintain even a small part of my balance I have to take respites during the day and sometimes stay up later so that I can unwind fully to allow sleep to overtake me.

The good news in this is that I can and have identified the patterns that I enter when I am slipping into old ways and by identifying them I can work on correcting them.  Over the last several days I have not been doing my daily ritual of sitting at my desk quietly for a moment then lighting my altar candle and incense and having a quiet moment or 3 to start my day off right.  When I do not do this, things go haywire.

I will post my daily ritual for the start of the day later today but for now I must get back to work, there really are not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done…*snort*

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So much…change

I scarcely know where to even start.  It’s been a little bit since I have made time to sit down and write and I am not entirely certain I have time now but I absolutely need to take the time to do so.

In order for growth to happen it must be done through change tempered with love, patience and the willingness to let water fall where it may and still not be parched.

Where to begin?  They say the beginning is a good place but there is too much so I shall start with the First Degree, which is almost like a beginning.

My journey with Wicca as a chosen religion began anew more than 15 years ago when I moved back to Florida after living in Ohio and Tennessee.  I rediscovered it and began devouring as many books as I could afford at the time.  I met some new friends at my jobs and began learning a whole lot about things I had long since forgotten and did not know had a name.

When I moved from the Keys to West Palm I met some fantastic people and was invited to join their Coven, which was eclectic and truly wonderful.  My learning grew a hundred fold and within no time at all I was a key member of the Coven and if it would have had a name it would have been called the Coven Council but we were a little more informal. 😉  This coven eventually broke up after the death of our High Priest and I struck out on my own again as a Solitary.  I continued devouring books and practicing my faith and path.  Fast forward to 2002.

I encountered a website called Crystal Waterfall for an online Wiccan College.  This intrigued me.  I signed up.  It was in the process of breaking up and taken over by a tradition called Sacred Mists. I signed up with them at the very beginning of their online existence.  I have never looked back from that decision.  It was the smartest thing I had ever done for myself and my path.  I began the school as a first degree dedicant and student.  The lessons were not fresh as I had read a lot at this point; however, I worked through them and pushed myself to learn more from them.  I finished the First Degree and Moved to the Second and later into the Third.  This brings you to present as I am currently still in the Third Degree.

The lessons I spoke of for the First Degree, as I said were not new to me but I learned a great deal through my own desire and ability to push myself further.  It is now June of 2011, four years ago we began to create new first degree curriculum which would be the next evolution of the coursework to rise and meet to the demand of students as the world becomes more and more progressive.

Those lessons which began 4 beautiful years ago have been rolled out to the new students with an option for students to switch over to them or gain access if they so wish; however, it is not mandatory.  The feedback thus far has been extremely promising and positive.  I feel the new lessons are truly fantastic and absolutely the content is not available anywhere else.   These lessons were written JUST for Sacred Mists BY Sacred Mists students, administration, and leadership.  In a nutshell they are beautiful and fantastic.

For several months I have been working on corrections, formatting, watermarking and locking them down into PDFs.  They released one week ago today.  The response was overwhelming with both positive and negative feedback.  This is to be expected, you can’t please everyone all the time.

The timing on this is fantastic as I leave to Napa in 3 weeks for work and ultimately for my Initiation as a 3rd Degree Priestess of Sacred Mists.  At this time there is one component that I will finish while I am in California then I am completed.  I completed the coursework in the original format and not the newer online format.  It’s interesting to me to see where I am going to end up and if I will be ready to be considered a High Priestess of Sacred Mists.

In my heart, I feel that yes this will happen.  For the first time, I feel ready to be given that responsibility of path and community.  It’s not a froofy title.  It’s not something to impress folks.  It is a dedication of path and community.

Where will this lead me?  I don’t know yet but I am ready for the challenges that lay before me.  Change is ever a constant in life and I am ready for all the changes that are coming my way.

The next step after my Initiation will be to continue working on the new 2nd Degree curriculum and roll that out by year’s end.  How truly exciting it all is.

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